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Zhu Dacong put on the cloak, stood under the eaves, and looked at the sky.

He marveled at the beauty of fate.

It was merely a stroll, but he met her again.

It can be seen that he and Tan Lingyin were destined, no wonder he liked her as soon as he saw her.


What he said to Tan Lingyin before was not a lie.

Because before coming to Tongling, he really thought she was dead and he had felt very sad and guilty about it.

His purpose in coming to Tongling County was not to find her, but truly to travel around. 


However, since the first time he had been in the county government office, he accidentally heard that the head commissioner was a woman.

He asked a few more questions out of curiosity, and the more he heard it, the more suspicious he became.

After going out, he sent someone to inquire secretly, and finally determined that this Tan Lingyin was most probably his ‘dead’ fiancee.


Truly preposterous! When Zhu Dacong received the news, he was absolutely livid.

The ‘deceased’ he felt guilty for actually was alive and well! She ran away from their marriage just because she looked down on him! And now the person lived a particularly nourishing life.


He had been played like a fool.


Zhu Dacong was also someone not to be reckoned with.

At that moment, he thought of many ways to get revenge.

There were too many choices, and it was difficult for him to choose.

He simply stayed in Tongling County and slowly tortured that person.


However, the moment he saw her, all his resentment turned into surprise.


Zhu Dacong didn't believe in love at first sight before, but at that moment, he believed it.

Her appearance seemed to be specially made to his taste.

Especially her pair of eyes, clean and limpid, with a compelling aura.

When she glanced at him, his heart suddenly trembled.


How could he have the heart to torture such a person He couldn't even hate her.


Disappointment quickly followed after being amazed.

This woman should have belonged to him, but now she was standing in front of him, as a stranger.


But it doesn't matter, what’s his was his…



What was ‘adapt to their fancy’ It meant to give the person everything they liked.


And what did Tan Lingyin like Food and money.


How Tang Tianyuan hoped that she was a frivolous woman and liked beautiful men.

This way, he could save a lot of effort.


No, that wouldn’t work.

If that's the case, Tan Qingchen would have received the moonlight as he was the pavilion closest to the water [1].


Tang Tianyuan studied his face in front of the mirror.

From an objective point of view, he was still a little more handsome than Tan Qingchen.


After narcissism time was over, Tang Tianyuan began to think about what Tan Lingyin liked.

Wasn't she a glutton He’ll have to sacrifice his own private kitchen to cook some specialties for Tan Lingyin.

Dishes that she has never tasted before.

After Tan Lingyin falls in love with those dishes, maybe she would chase him everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Tang Tianyuan's hometown was from Sichuan.

The cook in the private kitchen was selected by his mother, and he was also good at creating Sichuan cuisine.

Tan Lingyin looked at the dishes on the table: hot and numbing rabbit, chili diced chicken, Mapo tofu...

She felt a little nervous.

It's not that she couldn’t eat spicy food, but she's not good at eating spicy food either.

Such a thriving red table looked terrifying...


Moreover, what kind of smile is that, County Magistrate! What’s with your expression! This couldn’t be another one of his schemes, right...


Tang Tianyuan looked at her with a smile.

"Why aren’t you eating"


Tan Lingyin held up her chopsticks and tremblingly reached out to the large bowl of fish filets soaked in oil in the middle of the table.

It was the only thing on the  table without chili, how touching!


Tang Tianyuan nodded.

As expected of a foodie, she really knew the goods.

The poached fish was a new dish developed by the chef.

It was spicy, fresh, and tender; it had an excellent taste.

In order to make it easier to eat, the chef had already cleaned out the chili and peppercorns.


Tan Lingyin clipped a piece of fish and took a small bite.

Her tongue immediately started to burn, as if it had been scalded by a small red-hot iron.


"How is it" Tang Tianyuan asked.


Her eyes were wet and she looked at him aggrieved.


"..." Although he failed, why was his heart beating wildly! He really wanted to pounce on her for a kiss!


Tang Tianyuan covered his heart, for fear of becoming too impulsive.


Tan Lingyin noticed that his face had turned malevolent, so she threw down her chopsticks.

"I knew you did it on purpose! How did I offend you Just tell me!"


Tang Tianyuan quickly explained, "No no! Um..

the chef researched some new dishes and wanted you to try it." He didn't mention it was his own idea.


"It’s not good!"


"Oh, it’s  not good I see."


Tan Lingyin was a little surprised.

How did the magistrate become so good-natured No, it was because he was not being reasonable.


Tang Tianyuan hurriedly resorted to another big move.

"I have an important task for you."


"It wouldn’t be tasting food again" Tan Lingyin doubted.


"No." Tang Tianyuan said and clapped his hands twice.


Several people came in carrying a box.

After they retreated, Tang Tianyuan personally opened the box.

Inside were neatly gold bricks neatly arraged.


Tan Lingyin saw a golden light.

Still stunned, she walked over, squatted down, and reached out to touch the gold brick.


Tang Tianyuan laughed, "Wipe your saliva."


Tan Lingyin looked up at him.


Tang Tianyuan saw that she was having some difficulties looking at him, so he also squatted down.

He held the box with one hand, and took the opportunity to gently wipe the corner of her mouth.

"I said, wipe your saliva." The feeling under his fingers was soft and smooth.

Tang Tianyuan's heart rippled.


Tan Lingyin didn't believe that she was really drooling.

She caressed the gold bricks and was in a good mood, "Sir, you are really rich."


"It's not my money." Tang Tianyuan said.

He then explained the origin of the three thousand taels of gold.


Tan Lingyin was slightly surprised.


"You keep the money first.

There’s still more to find.

When all the gold is found, I will ask the emperor to write a degree with your merit included.

I’ll also request him to give you a little bit of the gold too, how about it"


Tan Lingyin's eyes lit up.

Her eyes were originally beautiful, but now with the added brilliance, her whole body seemed to glow.


Tang Tianyuan laughed silently.


Tan Lingyin was suddenly a little wary, "Sir, why are you being so kind to me all of a sudden"


"What do you think" Tang Tianyuan asked back.


His eyes gradually became hotter.

She should understand now, right


At this moment, someone outside suddenly shouted, "Lord! Bad news! Something big happened!"






[1] the pavilion closest to the water enjoys moonlight first (近水樓台先得月) is an idiom meaning to benefit from intimacy with an influential person.

Meaning that because Tan Qingchen was also handsome, so if Tan Lingyin really liked good looking men, she would have long been taken by him.


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