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Tan Lingyin squeezed the gold and sighed.

The County Magistrate was really turning to an expert himself.


Tan Lingyin went to the Retreat Hall after hiding the gold bars.

A witness had already arrived, and the County Magistrate was currently questioning him.

When she walked in, the County Magistrate was asking why the robbery wasn’t reported earlier.


The witness was a little old man.

He was in his fifties or sixties, with a hunchback and dark, tanned skin.

He spoke respectfully, but his eyes were broad and leveled.


Tan Lingyin sat quietly on the sidelines and listened.


The little old man's attention was attracted to her.

He had never seen such a vividly beautiful girl, so he couldn't help but take a couple more peeks.


Tang Tianyuan tapped on the table.

"Speak." There was displeasure in his tone.


Seeing that the County Magistrate was going to be angry, the little old man said quickly, "Yes, yes! That—" Where was he again


Tan Lingyin interjected, "Why did you delay in reporting the crime"


"Oh, this.

This little one doesn't know either.

Housekeeper Sang told us not to talk nonsense, and even had some people watch over us.

He took some people to the city early in the morning to find the master.

This little one didn't know anything."


Hearing this, Tan Lingyin had a guess.

That Housekeeper Sang seemed to be quite a bootlicker.

Perhaps he wanted to catch the thieves himself.

Official Sun apparently agreed with his suggestion.

But later, maybe due to a lack of discussion or limited ability, the thief was not caught, so they could only ask the authorities for help.


Tang Tianyuan thought for a while, and then asked, "Was there anything else that was suspicious"


The little old man shook his head.


"Think about it carefully.

Did anything catch your attention about those bandits"


After a moment of contemplation, the little old man's eyes lit up.

"Oh yes! None of the bandits spoke with a local accent.

Their own accents weren’t uniformed either, as if they all came from different places."



Tang Tianyuan nodded, "Very good, anything else"


"Oh, also, there was a person who looked a lot like an Old Tie.

I found it very strange, so I took a few more glances."


"Who is Old Tie"


"Old Tie was a handyman from the Sun Residence.

He’s already dead."


"When did he die"


"It's been a few months."


Tang Tianyuan nodded and asked some more questions.

Tan Lingyin interjected from time to time with her own questions.

When asked by the latter, the little old man's eyes always glanced at Tan Lingyin’s body.

Tang Tianyuan was a little impatient, there was nothing more to ask, so he let him go.


After the old man left, Tang Tianyuan smiled and looked at Tan Lingyin, "Has it been hidden"


Tan Lingyin puffed her chest out and nodded.


Tang Tianyuan knew that she was good at hiding money.

Like a mouse making a hole with nine entrances and eighteen different routes just to hide its storage of food. 


Tang Tianyuan held his chin and smiled at her.

His eyes were full of meaning as he said to her, "As expected of this official's right-hand man."


Tan Lingyin sat a little far away so she didn’t receive his ‘signal’ at all.

She was just very happy when the magistrate praised her for her ability.


Tang Tianyuan was a little depressed.

At this stage, his affection could only be conveyed through subtle ways, however Tan Lingyin just had to be nearsighted and slow to respond.


The room then fell into a momentary silence. 


Tang Tianyuan realized that he was in a surprisingly good mood just quietly looking at her.


Then, from the peripheral of his eyes, Tang Tianyuan saw Huanggua poking his head in from outside the Retreat Hall.


"What's the matter" He was a little unhappy after being interrupted.


"Young Master, Xihulu has arrived with a letter from home."


This was the personal matter of the magistrate, so Tan Lingyin could stay.

She bid her goodbye and went out.

She then Tang Tang to the kitchen to find something to eat.


Tang Tang was the most popular little guest in the kitchen.

In the kitchen, from the cook to the people who make the fire, they all like to find things and feed Tang Tang.

However, the County Magistrate had given his order, they were not allowed to feed Tang Tang raw food.

This was especially true to things such as raw meat and blood, otherwise they would be severely punished.


Old Ding held up the knife, and there was a large piece of coagulated pig blood on it.

He presented it in front of Tang Tang, "Do you want to eat it Tang Tang."


Tang Tang sniffed the smell of pig blood and turned its face in disgust.


This thing was bitter.

No matter how good it smells, it’s still bitter.


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