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 Rong Zhuo was a little tired when he was in yingdu's room today.

At that time, he was too nervous to pay attention to it.

Now, after getting on the carriage, he felt exhausted, leaning on the car and closing his eyes, he was about to fall asleep.


    "You!" Duan Zheng said helplessly: " Tonight is not much tossing and turning, and you are so tired, your body is too weak."


    As he said, he stretched out his hand and squeezed Rong Zhuo's arm, shook his head and said, "I have to take you to practice when I return back."


    Hearing this, Rong Zhuo opened his eyes and looked at him, and found that when Duan Zheng faced him now, he no longer had any previous hostility.


    Strictly speaking, Duan Zheng is no more than two years older than Rong Zhuo, but in Duan Zheng's eyes, he treats him like a child, which makes Rong Zhuo feel quite anxious.


    "Cousin, I would like to thank you for today." Rong Zhuo said.


    "What did my brother say about this" Duan Zheng rarely confronted him like this, but he felt a little uncomfortable, "If I had known you were so good, your cousin would have brought you out to play, who told you to always being a snob to me"


    Rong Zhuo thought, he hadn't come earlier, how could he be willing to follow Duan Zheng out to play


    In the original Rong Zhuo's heart, he probably never classified Duan Zheng into the type of people he would befriend.


    However, someone like Duan Zheng is soft and not hard, and it is impossible to take the initiative to take that step, so he is destined to be unable to understand each other with the original Rong Zhuo, and there is only prejudice and estrangement between the two.

What's more, most of the scholar of this dynasty care about reputation, and getting in with Duan Zheng is an act that is detrimental to their reputation and the original Rong Zhuo would not have allowed this to happen.


    "What will I take you to tomorrow" Duan Zheng asked, "Play polo, go to the casino Or do you want to go somewhere"


    "I spent so much money today, so don't go to the casino for now." Rong Zhuo said, "Let's go play polo!"


    The sport of polo is not an unpopular sport in this dynasty.

On the contrary, many people with status also play polo.

It's just that the same sport, played with different people in different circles, has a completely different style.


    Playing polo with princes and nobles is a high-end activity.

    Playing polo with Duan Zheng's flock and dog friends is a small group gathering to party.


    Anyway, this group of people get together, even if it is reading, it will not be good to hear it.


    So Rong Zhuo didn't care what to do, as long as he followed Duan Zheng.


    The carriage went all the way to the Rong Mansion.


    It was getting dark now, and Duan Zheng got off the carriage and carefully took a lantern from the concierge and sent Rong Zhuo back to his residence.


    The small courtyard where Rong Zhuo lives now was moved here when he was fourteen.

This place is quiet and suitable for reading.

On weekdays, except for the servants at home who come to clean, no one will disturb him, only his personal servant Jindouzi will accompany him all day long.


    "Then I'll pick you up tomorrow morning." Duan Zheng sent people in and planned to leave.


    It was already late, and he didn't plan to go to the main house to say hello again, so as not to disturb the rest of Rong's father and mother.


    Jin Douzi heard the movement, and when he saw Duan Zheng sending his son in, he couldn't help staring at the other party suspiciously for a while.


    "What kind of eyes do you have" Duan Zheng said displeased.


    "Cousin, don't scare him, he's timid." Rong Zhuo smiled.


    Duan Zheng smiled and only then did he not continue to find Jin Douzi unpleasant.


    He was used to being domineering in front of people, and if it wasn't for the fact that he and Rong Zhuo had cleared the air, his attitude wouldn't have changed.


    So when he saw Jin Douzi, he subconsciously brought him into the state he was in when he and Rong Zhuo didn't deal with it.


    Jing Rongzhuo reminded him, he hurriedly took out several gold leaves from his purse and gave them to Jin douzi.


    Jin Douzi looked puzzled and thanked him several times.



    "Master, Mr.

Ji sent a message saying that you should go to Guozi to study tomorrow." Jin Douzi then remembered his business.


    Rong Zhuo was startled, "Did the person who sent the letter say anything else"


    "No." Jindouzi said.


    Rong Zhuo thought for a while, then stopped Duan Zheng who was about to leave and said, "Cousin, I'm going to Guozi School tomorrow, so I might not be able to play polo with you."


    Duan Zheng's eyes dimmed, but he still nodded.


    He looked at Rong Zhuo through the weak light of the lantern in his hand, and couldn't help but feel a little lost.


    He thought that his cousin, after all, was not the same as him.


    He's a junkie, and it's not good to keep delaying other people's studies.


    Unexpectedly, as soon as his thought fell, Rong zhuo said again: "When the affairs of Guozixue are over, I will go to Duan Mansion to find you."


    "Really" Duan Zheng's eyes lit up when he heard the words, and he immediately regained his energy.


"Yeah." Rong Zhuo nodded yes.


    He was not all about pretending to be a fool, after getting along today, he felt that this cousin was still a good person.

Apart from Jin Douzi, Duan Zheng should be the second person he was closer to after arriving in this world.


    After sending Duan Zheng away, Rong Zhuo went to the study to sort out the manuscript.


    These manuscripts were all transcribed and organized by the original Rong Zhuo.

It can be seen that it took a lot of time to organize them carefully.


    According to Rong Zhuo's current plan, it is impossible for him to do such a prestigious thing in the future.


    However, he did not want to mess up the manuscript and waste the efforts of the former Rong Cuo.


    So after thinking for a long time, he decided to put the sorted manuscripts in the bookcase, and planned to take it to Guozi School tomorrow to hand it over to Mr.

Ji, and then took the opportunity to push the matter of sorting out the manuscripts.

    In this way, the original Rong Zhuo's efforts will not be wasted, and the quality and progress of the subsequent finishing of the manuscript will not be delayed.


    Early the next morning, Jin Douzi helped Rong Zhuo prepare the clothes to wear when he went to Guozi School.


    After Rong Zhuo put on his clothes and asked the other party to help him fix his hair, he stared at the bronze mirror for a while.


    It was getting closer and closer to the ninth day.


    I don't know how long it will take him to go to Guozixue, and he doesn't know if it will delay his playful plan.


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