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Chapter 282 - Same day, same hotel (3)

Edited by: Lulu

Between Lu Jue’s deep eyes and delicate brows was a hint of intoxication.

He looked at Ning Zhi, dazed.

“Zhizhi, want kisses, more.”

Even his low and dull voice sounded like alcohol was dripping from them.

It was particularly clear in the quiet room.

Ning Zhi felt her ears tingle a little.

She suddenly recalled what Shen Shanshan had said to her tonight.

Shen Shanshan had made fun of her for not touching Lu Jue.

Ning Zhi looked at Lu Jue in front of her who was looking at her blankly and with desire.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to; it was that she needed to wait for him to be able to grasp the intimacy between a man and a woman more, rather than still being clueless about what was going on.

After all, she had no experience herself either!

Wrapping her arms around Lu Jue’s waist, Ning Zhi had him lowered his head.

Lu Jue was no longer the innocent and inexperienced newbie anymore.

As though enlightened, he knew to wrap his tongue around hers and to let his tongue travel around her sweet, little mouth.

He liked the intimate contact.

Sweet and fragrant, it was the smell of his Zhizhi.

The 30th little sun.

The 40th little sun.

The 50th little sun…

The gold and flashy little suns popped out like mad above Lu Jue’s head and rushed toward Ning Zhi.

Ning Zhi had no idea how much time had passed.

All she knew was that her lips hurt.

Unintentionally, she touched Lu Jue’s bare waist.

The skin there was not smooth as if there was a scar there.

There was suspicion in Ning Zhi’s watery eyes.

The next second, she felt pain on her tongue.

Lu Jue was being too forceful.

After Lu Jue had fallen asleep from the effect of the alcohol, Ning Zhi looked at the time.

She knew that Mother Lu was still awake right now, so she called her, asking about the scar in Lu Jue’s waist.

“The wound came from a gathering during the night of Xiao Jue’s college graduation.” Mother Lu still felt frightened as she recounted it.

“There was a fire at the hotel the day of the gathering, and many were injured.”

Luckily, Mother Lu had sent bodyguards with Lu Jue that day.

She could not imagine what would have happened otherwise.

Graduation gathering

Ning Zhi suddenly recalled the story about Wei Xing’s girlfriend that Sister Huang had told her tonight.

Her accident seemed to have happened on the night of the graduation gathering as well.

So, it was the same day

At the same hotel

“Mom, do you remember if anyone died in the fire” asked Ning Zhi.

“No, a few sustained minor injuries, but nobody died.” Mother Lu recalled clearly anything that had to do with her son.

Ning Zhi was a little stunned.

No Wei Xing’s girlfriend did not die in the fire

After she hung up the phone, Ning Zhi suddenly recalled Sister Huang mentioning that Wei Xing’s girlfriend and another professor’s death were in the news.

Ning Zhi had already found out the exact date of the gathering from Mother Lu.

As Lu Jue was hurt that day, Mother Lu remembered exactly which year, month, and date it occurred.

Ning Zhi looked up news for that date.

She didn’t know how much time had passed, but she finally found news regarding Wei Xing’s girlfriend.

According to the article, there was a drunk-driving accident that day where a female college student and a professor died.

Ning Zhi had an idea about what happened after she read the article.

However, Ning Zhi had no idea when she would travel back next nor what would happen then.

She also doesn’t know whether or not she would run into Wei Xing’s girlfriend.

Even if she wanted to save her, it was out of her control.

As such, Ning Zhi no longer thought much about it.

Adding together the little suns that she had left in her little safe plus what she had just earned last night, she had a total of 123 little suns.

It was far cry from the 800 that she would need for the next trip.


The next day, the sun cast into the room and made the room toasty.

Ning Zhi was woken up by pain in her lower stomach.

She then felt wetness on her lower body.

Something occurred to her.

Ning Zhi opened her eyes abruptly and flipped the blanket over.

She pulled her skirt forward and looked.

Sure enough, there was bright red blood on it.

Some even got onto the bed sheet.

Ning Zhi felt embarrassed.

She had forgotten that it was that time of the month.

Ning Zhi also felt a bit annoyed.

Her period came at such bad timing.

Having her period while she was on a trip was such an inconvenience.


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