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Two days later, when the time arrived, Lou Mu Yan leapt out from the Holy Purification Pond.

Gǔ Qing looked at the milky white water in the Holy Purification Pond and noticed the colour of the water had faded a lot.

The aura of the mist was also much weaker than when they first arrived, and he sighed inwardly.

This time and last time when the Holy Purification Pond was opened to cleanse the marrow, both Chi Xiu and Lou Mu Yan not only received eighteen days, but the two’s bodies were also very strong, and their ability to absorb the spiritual energy was even more amazing.

If the next time a genius that could win the six championships once again appeared and entered the Holy Purification Pond to cleanse their marrow, then the spiritual energy that emanated from this Holy Purification Pond probably couldn’t be maintain in a short period of time.

“Alright, let’s go back.” He turned around and said to the people.

Then he took back the white token and left the Holy Purification Pond with Lou Mu Yan and the others, and the secret area here was immediately closed.

After returning to the Heavenly Secret Palace, the more than a dozen people were taken to a palace to receive the joint rewards of the Six Sects.

Lou Mu Yan was full of smiles as she put the rewards of the six championships into her interspatial ring.

Zi Che Shi and Di Shi Tian beside her couldn’t resist holding their foreheads when they saw that she was happier than winning the championships.

“Junior Sister had a great harvest this time!” Zi Che Shi said with a smile.

Lou Mu Yan blinked and said: “The harvest of Senior Brothers aren’t bad either!”

“We’re far from you.” Di Shi Tian said in amusement.

Lou Mu Yan sighed helplessly, “Aye! But I’ll still be poor.”

Right after receiving this huge reward, it would immediately be turned into pills or spiritual stones and enter the mouths of her Spirit Pets.

She discovered that she was truly a toiler’s life.

Zi Che Shi and Di Shi Tian twitched the corners of their lips.

If Lou Mu Yan was poor, then they’d be worse than beggars.

“You don’t understand.” Lou Mu Yan didn’t explain when she saw that the two didn’t believe it, and just smiled.

Now that the competitions of the Six Sects were all over, they would stay in the Heavenly Secret Palace for another two more days before returning to the Eight Extremes Sect.

At night, the gentle breeze blew the willows gently.

Lou Mu Yan sat in the backyard, drinking tea, but there were two teacups on the table.

A figure gradually emerged from beneath the light of the moon, and the moonlight set off his figure to be taller and straighter.

With only one shadow, it revealed the extraordinary aura of the owner.

“You’re here.” With smiles in her eyes, she looked up at the approaching man, as if she had long known he was coming.

Ming Xiu crushed a small round ball in his hand, and a soft light enveloped the entire backyard.

He walked towards Lou Mu Yan and sat down across from her, his handsome face dyed with some warmth, and there was a little more gentleness like jade beneath the cold moonlight.

“Yan’er’s waiting for me”

Lou Mu Yan poured him a cup of spiritual tea and said with a smile: “Mm.”

There was always a tacit understanding between her and Ming Xiu, just like today when she didn’t know in advance that Ming Xiu would come, but there was a voice in her heart telling her that he would come today.

“Yan and I really have excellent tacit understanding of each other, our hearts beating as one.” Ming Xiu took a sip from the teacup, then stretched out his large hand to hold her small, white, and tender hand.

Lou Mu Yan raised an eyebrow and said jokingly: “Your ability to say sweet words is getting better!”

“But I only say these words to you.” An unbridled, devilish smile rose on Ming Xiu’s lips.

The ends of Lou Mu Yan’s ears flushed a thin layer of red, and her heart thumped.

This man’s words of love truly were so beautiful.

“Will Ancestor Bai harm you” She thought about it and asked with some worry.

Ming Xiu smiled and said: “He doesn’t have the ability to hurt me.

“Did you notice anything” He asked after a pause.

Lou Mu Yan nodded: “I felt a trace of well-hidden yin1 aura.

It should be caused by practicing devil methods.

“Are she and Ancestor Bai spies from the Devil Race” She added after thinking about it.

Ming Xiu revealed admiration in his eyes.

His woman was always so exceptionally intelligent.


Ancestor Bai is a Devil Race spy lurking in the Heavenly Secret Palace.

Bai Fei Yao might not know anything about the Devil Race, the devilish energy in her body should be hereditary.” Ming Xiu finished drinking the tea in his hand, stood up, then held Lou Mu Yan in his arms and sat where she sat originally.

“Then isn’t there something wrong with the entire Bai Clan” Lou Mu Yan leaned against his shoulder, picked up a strand of his black hair to play with, “Are you going to ‘throw a long line to catch big fish2’”

“Only you can understand my mind with a glance.” Ming Xiu’s thin, crimson lips turned into a cheerful and pleasant arc.

As soon as Lou Mu Yan raised her head, she met that pair of black eyes as deep as obsidian that looked as if it could suck people in.

The breath of the two lingered on the tips of each other’s nose, and Ming Xiu’s warm eyes were gradually dyed with some doting love.

He lowered his head a little and kissed those delicious, delicate lips.

The moonlight scattered gently and softly as the silhouettes of the two kissing in an embrace were stretched very long.

Lou Mu Yan closed her eyes and returned the kiss of the man she liked.

The warmth from his thin lips seemed to melt her heart.

Ming Xiu’s kiss was gentle and tender, with love and doting, as if she was the treasure in his heart.

The kiss soon ended, and Ming Xiu saw a layer of mist rising in Lou Mu Yan’s opened eyes, and in that haze, it reflected his face.

His heart couldn’t help but feel a sense of joy and happiness that he had never felt before; as if with her, he had the entire world.

The two quietly embraced each other under the moonlight, time seemed to intertwine, and the breeze brushed past, quiet and warm.

“You’ll go when the Land of Inheritance opens right” Lou Mu Yan asked, nestling in Ming Xiu’s arms.

Ming Xiu’s sexy and magnetic voice was a little hoarse, “Of course.”

“The next time we meet, it should be in the Land of Inheritance.” Lou Mu Yan said.

Ming Xiu kissed her forehead and said with a chuckle: “We can join hands and challenge the Land of Inheritance together.”

“Mm.” Lou Mu Yan whispered softly, “There’s a Ghost Cultivator, the former Devil Lord of Guang’ling World, in the pendant I’m wearing.”

After thinking about it, she still told Ming Xiu about Jun Luo Chen’s affairs one by one.

The two used a special secret skill to speak, so no one else could hear what they said.

Ming Xiu pondered for a little, then said: “Then let him follow you for now.

The advantages of working with him outweigh the disadvantages.”

He wasn’t worried that Jun Luo Chen would hurt Lou Mu Yan.

After all, a ‘phoenix in trouble couldn’t even compare to a chicken’.

Jun Luo Chen needed her help, so this was a profitable business.

What’s more, there was also the guardian of a King of the Demon Realm.

“I think so too, and I killed Shen Mu Feng, forming a great enemy.

With Jun Luo Chen, if I go to Guang’ling World in the future, I’ll have a deeper understanding of the Devil Race.” Lou Mu Yan chuckled.

“Mm, but you can’t believe everything either.” Ming Xiu knew that her woman had always handled these things very well.

Although Shen Mu Feng was the Holy Son of the Devil Race in Guang’ling World, but it wouldn’t be easy to touch his woman either—but he still had to be a little wary of Jun Luo Chen.

“By the way, go give them a heads up, I want to go to the Ming Chamber of Commerce Alliance to exchange for some middle-quality and high-quality spiritual stones.” Lou Mu Yan poked Ming Xiu’s chest, raised an eyebrow, and said with a smile that made her eyes curve.

Ming Xiu loved this little fox appearance of hers so much and was even happier to be instructed by her to do things, “Alright.”

Then he took out an interspatial ring and placed it in her hand, “The middle-quality and high-quality spiritual stones in here can be fed to your Spirit Pets first, and there’s also some spiritual herbs for refining Grade 6 pills.

You can refine pills for preparation.”

“Alright!” Towards her, Lou Mu Yan’s, man, she wasn’t polite either.

She was currently very short of spiritual stones and high-level spiritual herbs.

Remembering those picky eater Spirit Pets with huge stomachs, she pouted and with a coquettish look, “I’m about to be eaten poor by those foodies.”

“That’s fine, I’ll raise you if you’re eaten poor!” It was the first time Ming Xiu saw her reveal such a look of a dainty, delicate girl, and his heart was as if it was being scratched by a cat’s paw, tingling and ticklish.

Lou Mu Yan’s eyes were as bright as the twinkling stars in the night sky.

She took the initiative to peck Ming Xiu’s lips with her own, “Sure! Then I’ll rely on you to raise me in the future.”

Ming Xiu’s heart was pounding.

His lips fell again, delicate and soft, then gradually grew fiery.

Beneath the moonlight, the two were in peace and happiness.

1yin and yang is known by practically everyone I suppose, but to explain, yin is often associated with darkness and evil.

At the same time, there are more associations, like how women often have the ‘yin’ physique and men have the ‘yang’ physique, but it does NOT necessarily translate to women=evil and men=good.

Tbh, I’m not well versed in it and with some research you can find stuff out.

Anyways, I translated ‘yin’ as ‘dark’ before (e.g.

dark evil force, dark evil aura, even Dark Evil Cliff).

But I don’t like the way I translated it so I’m not going to translate it to English.

I’m sticking with the pin’yin version of it next time.

2to basically adopt a long-term plan to acquire something major.


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