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Chapter 23: The Soul Pierces Through Your Heart*

Short summary of time and space for those that have read previous chapters but don’t remember: Yang Yang is on a spaceship on his way to the Duke’s house, he has a new found, not sure if it’s a blessing or a curse, ability to see people’s soul power, that’s why Archibald looks like a big cotton man to him.

   In the agreement between Yang Yang** and Archibald, it was agreed that a marriage contract would be required.

There was no need to get the marriage certificate, but it had to be disclosed to the public within a certain range.

    This was Yang Yang’s last resort move for self-protection.

    But he didn’t expect that this could bring him unexpected joy!

    Yang Yang looked at the “cotton ball” in front of him expectantly, and asked, “Tell me, how much is it”

    Archibald didn’t speak, but looked at Yang Yang, trying to make Yang Yang more restrained with his gaze.

However, Yang Yang didn’t seem to see Archibald’s expression.

    Oh yes, Archibald suddenly reacted—Yang Yang really couldn’t see his expression right now.

    Archibald felt an inexplicable sense of frustration, and said lightly, “This much money that’s not yours.”

    Yang Yang was taken aback, “Isn’t it my dowry Why isn’t it for me”

    Archibald’s voice was a little cold “Even if Zhou Hua prepared a dowry, he still wants to borrow your name to offer it to the Dontons.”

    Yang Yang heard that Archibald was angry, but he knew it wasn’t at him.

    Yang Yang thought about it for a while , and understood—someone helped Zhou Hua erase the traces from stealing the sample.

The artificial surrogacy was because of the original body’s owner’s “will”, and the car accident had nothing to do with Zhou Hua directly.

    He clearly knew that Zhou Hua was the biggest moth***, but he couldn’t bring him to justice, let alone the one who was behind Zhou Hua.

Now Zhou Hua was still pretending to be innocent and trying to gain advantages from situation****.

——Anyone would feel angry.

    Yang Yang expressed sympathy to Archibald in his heart.

    But Yang Yang’s silence was interpreted by He Shu as “frightened”, so He Shu hurriedly said to smooth things out, “Don’t worry Yang Yang, Byrd is just a little anxious, he is not aiming at you.”

    Yang Yang returned to his senses, turned his head and smiled at He Shu, “It’s okay, uncle He, I understand.


    Yang Yang changed the topic, looked at Archibald, and said, “Zhou Hua said he came to give the dowry, but we can receive more than just the dowry.”

    Archibald looked up at Yang Yang.

    Yang Yang snapped his fingers and continued carefully.

“Look, our current script is that you and I have been online dating and in a relationship for many years, and we have agreed to marry each other.

Therefore, it was impossible for me to write a will to have a child.—No matter how the will came about, Zhou Hua must have made a mistake.

So, he is at fault.

    Secondly, although Zhou Niya was the perpetrator of my car accident, the cause was still the fact that Zhou Hua wanted to arrange a blind date for me.

Even though it was you, at that time, I didn’t know the identity of the other party.

——Disregarding my wishes, forcing me to on a blind date, coupled with bad family education and vicious children and grandchildren, which led to misfortune.

Therefore, he is at fault.

    In the end, because there is no evidence to catch him in the sample’s case, he can pretend to be innocent.

However, he arranged an artificial surrogacy because of the wrong will, which led to the success of the person behind him.

—Unintentional mistake, but a serious mistake.

Therefore, he is at wrong! “

    Yang Yang raised three fingers and showed a happy smile.

“Because of his own stupidity, and the lack of discipline of his children and grandchildren he had caused losses to the Donton family.

So he should apologise to us——in fact, wasn’t this Zhou Hua’s original intention

    And since it’s an apology, what makes it count as sincere Obviously, we have the say in that, don’t we ——For example, the mineral stones that the duke needs.

    Gu Lita’s spirits immediately lifted up when she heard his words, “How many mineral spirits does Zhou Hua have”

    Yang Yang didn’t move his sight, and replied, “I don’t know, it’s just an idea.

    Gu Lita was a little moved.

It was not a matter of a few mineral spirits, but Mu Shuyi as well.

    Gu Lita glanced and at He Shu and followed Yang Yang’s words: “This actually wouldn’t be bad, it would tear his false pretence.”

    He Shu heard this and hesitated: “Isn’t this bad If Shu Yi also came, she would be embarrassed.

    Sure enough, Gu Lita sighed.

    Although the Dontons had great prestige, they attached great importance to their family members because of their illness and few children.

And because of his weak body, He Shu has been protected too well since childhood, making his nature simple, and soft-hearted.

That was the most serious aspect of overly protecting the calf.

     But this time, Gu Lita didn’t plan to listen to him: “He Shu, do you remember the time Byrd broke his shell”

    He Shu’s mouth moved, and his expression sank.

    This was a thorn in his heart.

Because there was no real evidence, no one told He Shu that Zhou Hua actually sold the mineral stones after Byrd broke his shell.

Even though He Shu  was simple, he was not stupid.

How could he have not realized it for so many years

    But he always thought that it was Zhou Hua’s fault and Mu Shuyi was still innocent.

    Gu Lita didn’t intend to subvert Mu Shuyi’s image—this was not something that could be done in a day or two.

    However, a journey of a thousand miles began with a single step.

    Gu Lita took the first step with anger: “I gave Mu Shuyi face and it was because of this that Zhou Hua could still jump now.

But what was the result —No sincere apology, no remedy, Mu Shuyi simply reduced his contact with the Donton family.

    Not to say, but Mu Shuyi is probably now afraid in her soul of the surname Baken.

    And your tolerance for your relatives will only be make Zhou Hua treat it as a ladder to let him treat us with disrespect.

If we still leave Zhou Hua’s face and whitewash their actions because of Mu Shuyi, and let him get away lightly with this matter, then next time, it will be the life of Dontons in danger.

   —Don’t say he wouldn’t dare, this time he stretched out his hand for Byrd’s heir.

If it wasn’t for Yang Yang to find that something wrong, then when Yang Yang gave birth to Byrd’s child, what would Zhou Hua do with this child Have you ever thought about it”

    He Shu thought about it.

So he had already mentioned this to Abel and his eldest brother, but Mu Shuyi, He Shu believed that his little sister had no idea.

    But it was undeniable that He Shu was really angry with Zhou Hua.

    After two seconds of silence, He Shu looked at Gu Lita, and agreed: “You figure it out, but don’t go too far, don’t make Shu Yi look ugly.”

    Gu Lita giggled: “Don’t worry, how can I be indifferent to this point”

    He Shu smiled and was really relieved: “Yeah.”

    But the other three people were silent after listening those two “chuckle”.

—— Zhou Hua really doesn’t fear he’s going to leave the old emperor star sideways.

    However, thinking about that picture, it’s a bit cool.

    All three of them had some indescribable smiles on their faces, which Yang Yang couldn’t see, but Yang Yang was also very happy, his eyes were full of smiles and curved into crescent moons.

   ”Then let’s continue.

——Although it is hou Hua’s apology, the marriage contract with the Duke should be properly exposed,sooner or later.

In order to prevent anyone from attacking the Dontons with this matter in the future, I think I can’t be too shabby when I come to the Dontons, right.”

    Archibald heard his implication and said: “What do you want”

    Yang Yang smiled shyly: “You think about the apology, and I will accept the dowry.”

    Archibald “…” As expected.

    Archibald didn’t understand.

“Are you so short of money”

    Yang Yang righteously said: “I left my house to elope with you.”

    Archibald “…”

    To elope.

    There seemed to be something wrong, but he couldn’t refute it for a while.

    But Archibald would not agree to this.

    “If you need to spend, the Donton family will provide you with everything you need.

As for the dowry, I have no plans to let Zhou Hua be closer to us, so I won’t accept his dowry.

As for your relationship with Zhou Hua’s it’s up for you to decide.”

    Yang Yang was not surprised by Archibald’s decision, and immediately proposed the second plan: “Since there is no dowry, let’s just do it all the way – I will sever the relationship with Zhou Hua.

    By doing this, we can avoid the future hidden danger of Zhou Hua making a fuss about my life experience; second, if Zhou Hua gets out of the way, it can shift the focus of conflict between the Donton family and Zhou Hua to me.”

    Archibald was silent for a second, and seemed to think that this method was feasible.

But he had already figured out Yang Yang’s temperament, so he asked very politely: “How much do you want”

    Yang Yang smiled shyly again: “Not much, not much, just add a zero in the back in the agreement for me.

    Archibald didn’t reply at once and analysed: “You are the one who will benefit the most from the severing of this relationship.

After all, I have a marriage contract with you, not a real marriage.

If Zhou Hua really makes a fuss about your life experience, I will just break up with you.”

    Yang Yang”…”

    Yang Yang laughed dryly: “In that case, the reputation of the Duke and the Donton family might not be very good.”

    Archibald: “Thanks for reminding, I will pay attention to public relations.

    Yang Yang ” … “

    Yang Yang compromised: “Okay, how much do you say.

    Archibald: “Ten million, and I will give it to you after the agreement is completed.

    Yang Yang “…”

    Yang Yang took a deep breath, then stood up and said: “Yes, deal.

——I’m going back to the room first.”

    After speaking, he gave Archibald a gentle smile, and then turned and left.

    Archibald “…”

    Why does he suddenly have a bad feeling

    Yang Yang returned to the room and sat on the bed, and opened the terminal “Roth.”

    Roth:【Master, I’m here.】

    Yang Yang: “Which is the hottest social platform on starnet now”

    Roth: 【A micro-blog social networking site called Youtu.】

    Yang Yang: “Register an account for me, and make the ID “Soul pierces your heart””

    Roth: 【…the soul pierces your heart】

    Yang Yang: “Yes, don’t let people track my terminal number.”

    After saying that, Yang Yang called up the camera function in the terminal and began to look for an angle in the room to take a selfie.

    Roth 【…oh.】

    After a minute, Roth’s voice sounded: 【Done, Master.】

    Yang Yang replied and then threw a photo to Roth: “Make this so you can’t see the trace of P.”

    Roth moved to the terminal, glanced at the picture, and was almost shocked to the point of speaking in garbled characters.

    Roth saw that the person on the photo had an awl-like face, with big eyes and whites taking two-thirds of the eyes.

The skin was so pale that it glowed, and the person’s right hand was holding his cheek very artificially.

    Roth said in horror: 【Master, who is this】

    Yang Yang: “The Duke’s online dating partner.”

    Roth【…Huh 】

    Yang Yang: “By the way, put the family crest of the Dontons family on the wall next to me, and then it’s done.”

    Roth replied in a daze【Oh.】

    Three minutes later, Youtu user “Soul Pierces Through Your Heart” uploaded their first Weibo.

    Soul Pierces Through Your Heart: I’m about to arrive at darling’s home, so excited! [Love][Picture]


*Can also mean transmigrates into your heart, perhaps a pun about Yang Yang’s transmigrating into another body

**Important note about Yang Yang’s name as it’s a source of jokes for later: in Chinese characters it’s 羊央, two different characters and the first one means sheep or goat~ That’s why MTL keeps saying he’s sheep heh.

Whenever you see sheep in the text it’s our Yang Yang!


meaning moth, comes from Chinese 幺蛾子 meaning playing tricks, doing something bad or having a bad idea.

In the previous translation it was left as moth so I will leave it like that unless I think of something better

****腆著臉, being cheeky and trying to gain something after you were already rejected


Bamboo has something to say:

Picking up this novel, not sure about the updating schedule yet, my guess is two-three chapters per week which is pretty standard.

I wasn’t able to contact the previous translator but it’s been two years and I believe they don’t translate it anymore.

If there’s a need I can always delete the new translation tho!


Yang pit-digger Yang and Archi-tsundere-bald is now online! To new readers, remember I use my insufficient knowledge about Chinese and MTL to translate, be merciful [cups hands]


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