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Chapter 34: Soul Power Riot

    Yang Yang glanced at the IDs of the four people, and “Universe’s Tower Lord” is obviously Monta.

But he has never heard of “Fu Xiaoqing’s father” and “Society’s Big Sister Li”.

    But that’s okay, because Monta is there.

    Universe’s Tower Lord: Comrade Yang Yang, I only express my warm welcome to you on behalf of the organization! Now I would like to introduce you to the members of the organization.

Please look,

    First Mr.

Luo Yu, the founder of the group, “Fu Xiaoqing’s father”;

    The second is the beautiful Ms.

Su Li, under the name “Society’s Big Sister Li”;

    the third is an invincible youth “Don’t call me Xiaoqing”, Fu Qing little friend;

    and the top, the invincible number one beautiful man in the universe “Universe’s Tower Lord” is me, aka Monta! !

    Yang Yang “…”

    Universe’s Tower Lord: Organization has observed your outstanding performance this whole time, so we made an exception to accept you to the organization, I hope you can cherish this opportunity!

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Universe’s Tower Lord: speak.


    The Most Sassy Brother Yang: So, what kind of organization are you

    The Most Sassy Brother Yang: … Who changed my ID

    Universe’s Tower Lord: Me! No need for thanks!

    Yang Yang: “…”

    System message: “The Most Sassy Brother Yang” left the group chat.

    Four big moths: …

    Fu Xiaoqing’s father: Tower Lord, go, if you can’t get him back, don’t come back.

    Universe’s Tower Lord: …

    Yang Yang turned off the light screen interface, and looked over at the lake in the distance.

    The ripples on the center of the lake have not stopped, vibrations came from under his feet reverberating through his bones and blood, he felt as if the vibrations came straight to his heart.

    From three o’clock in the afternoon to the eleven o’clock in the evening.

    Eight hours.

    Yang Yang watched for a while, then suddenly asked: “Roth, if I fully controlled the Soul Cube, could I absorb his diseased soul power”

    Black panther Roth raised his head and replied: “Theoretically, yes.

But Master, don’t forget, Soul Cube absorbs soul power through your body.

As a soul power conductor, diseased soul power would do more damage to you than to ordinary people.

Soul Cube can purify diseased soul power, but your body might not necessarily be able to withstand it.

    And the Duke’s soul power riots are chronic, and they happen once a quarter of months.

So even if you absorb it completely this time, he will still relapse next time.”

    Yang Yang frowned slightly, watching the turbulent lake with an agitated heart, no longer saying anything.

    At this moment, Monta’s enthusiastic roar suddenly came from downstairs: “The Soul Pierces Through Your Heart! Come down and play!”

    Yang Yang:  “…”

    Yang Yang took off his slipper and threw it downstairs!

    Then the next second, the slippers flew back in a parabola along with Monta’s smug laughter: “Don’t underestimate me, I can shoot you back even with bullets.”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Monta: “Everyone is downstairs, come on.

Roth, Rong Hui is looking for you to play together.”

    In the middle of the night, even Rong Hui was waiting below, obviously although they all looked calm, everyone was still worried about Archibald.

    Yang Yang glanced at Roth, who was sitting straight, his tail wagging wildly like a dog, reacting to the words “go play” clearly and vividly.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Yang Yang raised his chin: “Bring me the slippers.”

    Roth: “Okay, master!”


    After Yang Yang took Roth down, he found that everyone was there.

The four elders gathered to chat, Rong Hui and Ashbur were nestled on the sofa, playing with their terminals.

As soon as Monta came in from outside the house, he grinned showing white teeth when he saw Yang Yang.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    He didn’t want to deal with him.

    Rong Hui saw Roth and happily ran over to hug him, and then looked at Yang Yang in surprise, “Yang Yang, how are your eyes”

    Yang Yang touched his eyes, he was not wearing a blindfold, he didn’t seem to be wearing the soul power suppression ring either.

    Yang Yang paused for a moment, then simply said frankly: “Well, it’s much better.

Putting away the soul power will not affect my vision much.”

    Rong Hui was happy for him: “It’s a good thing otherwise it would be inconvenient to always wear a blindfold.——Can I take Roth to play”

    Yang Yang nodded: “En, go ahead.”

    Rong Hui led Roth to the sofa together, both leaning towards the terminal, what they were muttering unknown.

    Gu Lita on the side laughed, not disclosing the fact that Yang Yang had “recovered” a long time ago, and only jokingly said: “The Soul Pierces Through Your Heart.”

    He Shu, Amber and mother You all laughed kindly, amusement could be heard in their tone.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Can we put this thing behind

    “Okay, Mom, you guys can talk, I’ll speak to him.”

    Monta came in from the side, pulled Yang Yang to the sofa farthest from the crowd, and then asked in a low voice: “Why did you leave the group”

    Yang Yang pulled his hand away: “What do you think”

    Monta: “I think that ID is pretty good, better than The Soul Pierces Through Your Heart.”

    Yang Yang “…must we mention this “

    Monta: “You can join the group again.”

    Yang Yang had a headache: “What the hell are you doing in that group Who are those people”

    Monta said seriously: “Luo Yu is Byrd’s second cousin, Su Li is Bird’s eldest niece, and Fu Qing is Luo Yu’s adopted son.

—But these are not important.

The important thing is that we are all people who were attracted by each others souls and came together with a common purpose in life! And we agreed that you fit our purpose very well, so we decided to let you join the organization.”

    Yang Yang: “What is your purpose”

    Monta: “A world with no trouble* has no soul!”

*again, using the moth idiom.

Hence the group name.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Bidding farewell.

    “Hey, don’t go!”

    Monta grabbed Yang Yang, who wanted to get up, and tempted again: “I have a picture of Byrd wearing open-crotch pants*, do you want”

*as the name says, pants that are open on the crotch that smallest children wear so they don’t need to use diapers.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Yang Yang sat down again, raised his eyebrows and looked at Monta: “Tell me about your organization.”

    Monta gave Yang Yang a “confident*” smile, and then counted the great achievements of the “moth group”.

*上道 – slang meaning getting to something, something is on the right track etc.

Basically Monta here is giving a smile of “this way of getting you back to the group is working”

    After listening to this, Yang Yang said frankly: “It’s a miracle that you have grown up so big without being beaten to death.”

    Monta said with a proud face: “Repeated defeats and repeated battles is a good quality that every organization member should possess! “

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Monta sent another invitation: “Come join.”

    Yang Yang agreed to the invitation, and then raised his chin at Monta.


    Monta sent the photo: “Deal!”

    After he joined the group, the moths rejoiced again, but Yang Yang didn’t read the group messages, but first checked the photos received from Monta.

    In the photo, there was a small child who was about a year old.

He was lying on his back and sleeping.

Probably because of the summer, he only wore a pair of open-crotch pants, but what he showed was not a small bird, but a piece of black scale armour.

    Yang Yang was stunned for a moment when he saw the photo, unable to tell what he was feeling.

    Little Archibald was pink and tender, with white and fat arms like lotus roots and a chubby little belly.

But further down, the scales that have not yet become rough replaced the pink skin, and a small black tail was pressed under him, and the tip of the tail was curved in a round arc.

His small beast-shaped feet were slightly curled up, and the edges even had a translucent texture.

    Yang Yang looked for a while, and suddenly asked Monta: “Did the scales cover more skin surface when he was a child”

    Monta was stunned for a while, then looked at him strangely: “I thought you would ask about his chicken first.”

*jiji, euphemism for, well, genitals

    Yang Yang glanced at Monta as if he saw a beast: “Let go of the child.”

    Monta: “…”

    Yang Yang turned back to the topic and said: “Since the coverage of scales can be reduced, does it mean that the disease actually has been improving”

    Monta sighed and said, “Yes and no.

Before he was five years old, Uncle Ya Qing developed the medicine, which reduced the area of beastialisation.

But he was young and sensitive back then, after that threshold, there had been no progress since then.

    Especially after he became an adult, in the past year or so, his soul power riots have become more frequent, and the time interval between them has shortened.

This time, uncle Ya Qing gave him a new medicine, and the riot was successfully delayed, but…”

    Monta motioned Yang Yang to feel the vibration of the ground.

    Monta: “This is the first time his reaction has been so strong so far.”

    Yang Yang frowned: “Is he all right”

    Monta: “It’s okay, the suppression room at the bottom of the lake has monitoring equipment.”

    Yang Yang breathed a sigh of relief, looked at the little Archibald in the photo again, and then understood what he feel in my heart—distress.

    Yang Yang’s fingertips couldn’t help but touch the young child’s face in the photo.

The fingertips passed through the light screen and felt empty, and Yang Yang’s heart also felt empty.

    Yang Yang retracted his hand and looked at the pink and tender little Byrd in a trance.

    Yang Yang didn’t hate Archibald.

    When he first arrived in this world, his consciousness was still in the cruelty of the apocalypse, so he was not afraid to speculate on the people of the Donton family with the greatest malice.

But none of what he had guessed happened.

    In the following ten days, getting along with Archibald pulled Yang Yang out of the muddy memory of the apocalypse.

    Now he could clearly recognize that he has entered a new world.

    So although they still can’t be trusted completely, Yang Yang didn’t want them to suffer—especially Archibald.

    On the other hand, Monta has recovered quickly—he grew up with Archibald since he was a child, and was used to seeing Archibald’s condition when he fell ill, and his mood was naturally not as heavy as Yang Yang’s.

    After a while, Monta realized that Yang Yang didn’t look at the group chat at all, so he bumped into Yang Yang with his arm: “They’re asking you something in the group.”

    Yang Yang returned to his senses, then closed the photo and looked at the moth group.

    Universe’s Tower Lord: Brother Yang, how did you escape the catastrophe of falling off the horse on Youtu account in the afternoon

    Don’t call me Xiaoqing: Brother Yang, how did you manage to threaten the Duke without being beaten to death

    Fu Xiaoqing’s father: Brother Yang, how did you beat Byrd and got him to apologize to you

    Society’s Big Sister Li: Brother Yang, how did you get little uncle to admit to your relationship on Weibo

    The Most Sassy Brother Yang: Oh, with love.

    Four big moths: …… they have confirmed with their own eyes, there are people who don’t know what shyness is.

    The Most Sassy Brother Yan: You let me win.

    Yang Yang absently chatted and bickered with the moths, the hour hand moved forward, and after another hour, the vibration finally stopped.

    Yang Yang raised his head and looked at the others.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, and then Amber went to open the door and waited at the door with a towel.

No one went out to greet him by the lake, it seemed to be the tacit understanding they have developed over the years.

    After a while, Archibald went back.

    He was soaked all over, his skin and lips were pale, and there were still many wounds on his body, some were bruises, some were cuts, but they were no longer bloody, but were white and blistered.

His tail was also dragging on the ground, and the scales on the tip of the tail were missing a small part.

    He was exhausted, but his back was still straight.

    Yang Yang pursed her lips, and her empty heart was filled with a sour feeling.

    At this moment, Archibald, who took the towel, suddenly looked over and met Yang Yang’s eyes.

    At that moment, Yang Yang admitted that he was inexplicably nervous.

Coupled with the conditioned reflex he had developed these days, Yang Yang blurted out: “Are you running naked now”

    Archibald: “…”

    Yang Yang: ” …”

    He wanted to say that he didn’t mean it, but would Archibald believe it


Author has something to say:

Archibald: Do you think I’d believe it

Yang Yang: If you don’t believe me I’ll be kicked out of the house and left alone.

In the end I can only make a living by selling Duke’s high quality open crotch photos.


Archibald: ……………………


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