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Chapter 6: Merry Debt


Night at Garrison base in Old Emperor Star.

In the indoor training ground, two men were in closed combat.

Both wearing a vests and playing well.

One of them had a scaly skin and on this back was a long, flat, wide tail, it was Archibald.

The other guy was Archibald's subordinate, Major Monta.

"Stop! Time out!"

After Major Monta was swept away by Archibald's tail he took a few steps and left the training ground.

Archibald gave Monta a solemn look, then relaxed his body and walked straight towards the resting area without saying a word.

Monta soon followed then took off his soaked vest, took a few sips of water while looking at Archibald who was still silent.

Archibald wiped his sweat with a towel and his eyes were cold.

"Good." Monta patted Archibald's arm.

"Although Zhou Hua is really hateful but the mineral on his hands is innocent.

Why don't you just went there and eat a meal then take the mineral and walk away.


Archibald put the towel on his shoulder and picked up his water bottle then took a sip before saying, "It won't be that simple.

You know that Zhou Hua's filthy rich and I need this mineral.

He must have some objective that's why he's giving it to me.


Major Monta who's leaning on the wall stretched his body and said, "I think the biggest possibility is he wants to match you with his female nephew.

Didn't Uncle Shu sent you that female's photo last time Oh right! What happened then I remember that female's looks wasn't bad.

Didn't you like soft females ah "

Archibald frowned "The day after my father received the photo, that female had a car accident and became a vegetative person.

I didn't knew it, until later."1

Major Monta was stunned and then murmured, "This is really...

Forget it, although Zhou Hua was such a disgusting person and loves to make big waves but he doesn't have the balls to set up that car accident.

Besides, at that time my mother also followed Uncle He Shu when he went there.

They said it wasn't necessary to know the cause of the car accident"

Archibald was a little surprised.

"Why did Aunt Gu come"

Gu Lita was also a legend in the Soul Cable Star, she was rescued by Major Monta's father 64 years ago and she's been living in the Soul Cable Star and she had never left the planet ever since.

Over time she had a title of "Spirit Of Earth" given by the soldiers who had been poisoned by her pain therapy.

In Archibald's memory, this was the first time that Gu Lita had left the Soul Cable Star.

Major Monta shrugged "I don't know, but I heard my dad said she asked for it.

Whatever, since my mother is here you can relax.

After all, compared to my Mother's shamelessness.

She's always first, who dares to say second"

Archibald "...

be careful Aunt Gu hears and beat you."

Major Monta grinned "It's not just me.

Besides, what I said was right.

You don't know how she chased after my father and the year when you broke your shell, if she wasn't stopped by Uncle Shu she would go and flick Zhou Hua's forehead.

Even until now, every year she would keep noting down all of Zhou Hua's debts inside her small notebook.

Last month I took a look at her notebook.

If Zhou Hua wants to clear all his accounts he had to kill my mother at least five times."2

Archibald "..."

Archibald shook his head, not wanting to mention the past.

He put down his towel and said, "Okay, pack up and rest.

We still have to set off to Emperor Star tomorrow."

Monta responded, he bent over to pick up his vest and saw that Archibald's terminal on the stool suddenly lit up, then a light screen popped out automatically.

The display on the light-screen interface is an e-mail.

The contents of the e-mail was only one line but the font size was so large that Monta was able to see it even if he didn't mean to.

He saw the content of the e-mail: [Duke Doton, hello, I am pregnant with your child.]41

Monta "........."

Archibald "..."

Monta jumped in place feeling heartbroken "Archibald! Where's your basic virtue of trust between us single dogs!"3

Archibald "...

you shut up."

Archibald picked up his terminal and looked at it while frowning.

"It's a spam."

Monta raised an eyebrow and came over.

"Didn't Rong Hui help you put a firewall How can you still be hacked"

Archibald "Maybe it has been disrupted during the previous battle.

I'll let Rong Hui take a look."

Archibald turned off his terminal's network and turned on the blocking mode then continued packing.

Monta wasn't reconciled and winked, "Was it really just a spam message He hacked you just to send such e-mail, it's a bit strange~"

Archibald stared at Monta with a solemn look.

"What are you trying to say"


Major Monta "I mean it's getting late, we have to hurry up and Rong Hui should be in bed already."

Archibald gave him a sideway glance, picked up his things and turned away.

Major Monta also picked up his things and strode up.


Early in the morning at Becken Manor.

When Yang Yang woke up, the first thing he did was to asked 251 "Is there a reply from Duke Doton"

251【Yes, he upgraded his terminal's firewall】13

Yang Yang "..."


Yang Yang lifted his quilt and sat up from the bed.

He didn't expect the Duke of Doton to believe it—of course, he also didn't expect that Duke Doton had such a strong sense of security and upgraded his firewall so quickly.

Yang Yang "Roth is there something in the Incubation Center that can prove the relationship between Duke Doton and my egg"


The Duke of Doton's sample was from the Imperial Medical Research Institute.

It was accompanied by a sequence diagram of soul recognition and genetic information which is unique.

However, the eggs in the females' body cannot be genetically identified until they break their shells, so I can't compared Duke Doton's genes with Little Master's】

Yang Yang “Then cut out the sequence diagram and genetic information.

Also, do you have my pregnancy test data”

251【I made a copy when I was in the hospital and there was a colored picture of the Little Master.

Would you like to see the Little Master~】

Yang Yang responded with a lack of interest "No, I have already seen the female anatomy."


How strange this sentence sounds.

Yang Yang "Put all of this informations together and send an e-mail to the Duke of Doton.

Oh yes, change my previous message and instead put this words: Your family cub is in my hands, let's meet at the banquet."31


251【...Master, is this fine】

Yang Yang "We tried the soft approach before but he didn't take the bait."1



251【What if he won't go】

Yang Yang "En, but I'm not sure if he knew me.

In case he knows, he will think that I'm with Zhou Hua."


If you say this, even if you're not part of Zhou Hua's group, he will not think so and that you can't be a good person.

251 couldn't help whispering【Master, I don't think the Duke of Doton would believe it.

What if he upgrades his firewall again, I don't have enough energy to send him an e-mail through the wall】

Yang Yang "It's all right, I don't expect him to."

251 confused【So why would Master want to send this】

Yang Yang "Although he won't believe that it was really his child.

He will certainly care about the leak of his genetic sample information, so he will meet me at the banquet."

251【But the banquet will at the Becken Manor.

He would eventually meet you】

Yang Yang "There's a difference between seeing Zhou Hua's 'nephew' and seeing the 'person who sent the e-mail'."


Yang Yang lovingly touched 251's smooth head.

"Be good, just do it."25


After that, how can Master convince him that the child was his】

As Yang Yang walked into the closet, he replied, "By cheating."


Are you serious, Master


Yang Yang changed clothes and went downstairs.

At the dining table, the people of Zhou Hua's family are all present.

Yang Yang glanced at Zhou Hua's son and daughter-in-law.

Compared with the others, they're much indifferent towards him but they still nodded at him.

Yang Yang didn't care and pretended to be a fragile little white rabbit, listening to the family's conversation with his ears open.1

Zhou Hua talked about the banquet, mainly on how the venue should be arrage, the kinds of dishes and drinks to be serve and other trivial things.

It can be seen that Zhou Hua put great importance and looks forward to this banquet.

After breakfast, Mu Shuyi took her daughter-in-law to prepare for the celebratory banquet, but she did not forget Yang Yang's etiquette lessons and sent Zhou Niya to instruct him.

Zhou Niya not only didn't refused but also pulled Yang Yang's arm affectionately and said, "It used to be Uncle Xiaotang who taught me to arrange flowers but now it's my turn to be the teacher.

Come on, I'll take you to your favorite penthouse garden.


T/N: Xiao - little

Tang - cousin, uncle etc.

from paternal side

Yang Yang took a look at Zhou Niya, smiled shyly and went upstairs with her.

Yang Yang spoke on his mind, [I'll bet on a bowl of porridge that she will definitely tell me about the marriage contract.]


would you like to bet with me]

Did Yang Yang just asked him to gamble

Roth:【No, I don't eat porridge】5

Yang Yang: [It's all right, you can't win anyway.]4


As soon as they reached the top floor and entered the door, Zhou Niya forcedly shut down 251 and pulled Yang Yang to the glass flower room in the corner.

After entering the flower room, Zhou Niya changed from her intimacy and playful look to her proud look like yesterday.

She walked to the side of the flower room then sat down with her legs crossed and looked at Yang Yang, "About the thing I told Uncle Xiaotang yesterday, does Uncle Xiaotang have nothing to ask me"

Yang Yang dazed.


Yang Yang stood cautiously, hesitated for two seconds and then gathered his courage to look at Zhou Niya.

"I, I want to know about the engagement."

Zhou Niya smiled with satisfaction.

"Although you have an amnesia but you're not stupid.

Actually, it wasn't a marriage contract because the other party haven't agreed yet.

But Grandpa won't let it go.

This was the case and the reason the banquet was scheduled again.


"The banquet"

Yang Yang first wondered then seemed to think of something.

With a surprised expression, "Was Duke Doton my marriage partner"

"I said they haven't agreed yet!"

Zhou Niya suddenly raised her voice, but then she immediately changed her expression and laughed "However, Grandpa wants to marry you off but he also said that it doesn't matter if you just become a little wife without a name."

Yang Yang showed an expression of resistance, dazed and panicked.

Yang Yang asked Roth on his mind [In this interstellar era, men can still marry three wives and six concubines]

Roth:【...No, I don't know, it's none of my business】5

Zhou Niya smiled with satisfaction and made a worried look, "Of course, now that you are still recovering from amnesia, the Doton Family would not agree.

After three days on the banquet party, why don't you ask it to Grandpa on the spot, then what can he do"2

Yang Yang cried, his lips were white, "I, I don't know."

Seeing Yang Yang's expression, Zhou Niya was in a good mood and her voice was gentle again "Uncle Xiaotang don't worry, didn't I already told you that I'm the only person on your side.

Little Uncle, if you like I can risk helping you escape your engagement again.”17


Yang Yang looked up and stared at Zhou Niya.

It turned out that the original owner's accident has something to do with this person.


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