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Chapter 64: Revenge

    Roth was an AI, which was rather different from Soul Cube’s “bound to the soul” existence.

It was an existence closer to the master-servant contract relationship, like Bean Sprout.

    The only difference from Bean Sprout was that the contract between Roth and Yang Yang couldn’t be voided, so it will live and die together with Yang Yang.

    Yang Yang was very grateful for Roth’s company and never doubted Roth’s loyalty.

    But today’s incident gave Yang Yang a wake-up call: the child will grow up sooner or later, there’s no escape.

    As everyone know, as soon as a child grows to be a bear child, there is going to be either injuries or loss of one’s life, all depends on your luck— today Roth shared a little secret with Rong Hui, what if it leaks the secret of Soul Cube to others tomorrow

    Therefore, it was important to draw a line before a minefield for the bear child, one that it does not dare to touch.

As for how to draw the scope of this minefield, each parent’s method was different.

    Yang Yang liked it simple and crude.


    Yang Yang walked up to the black panther, pulled a chair to sit down and called out: “Roth.”

    The black panther immediately opened its eyes, then sat up and said hello to Yang Yang in a very cheerful mood: “Master, you’re back~”

    Yang Yang showed a gentle smile: “Well, I have good news for you, Duke has confessed to me.”

    Roth’s soul immediately itched for gossip, the black tail slapped the floor restlessly: ” Really Has master agreed”

    Yang Yang sighed: “I didn’t want to agree at first, but I had to agree later.”

    Was there still something that master couldn’t handle


    Roth’s tail slapped on the floor more vigorously and his panther face was full of curiosity: “Why What did the duke do”

    Yang Yang looked at Roth as his smile became more and more gentle: “He didn’t do anything.

It’s just that he knew that I liked him and that I deliberately lied to him that I liked women,  even acting with Monta to see how he looked jealous but afraid to say it.”

    Roth: “…”

    Emmmm, not sure if that was an illusion, but there words were a little familiar to him.

    Yang Yang bent down and looked directly into the black panther’s eyes: “Guess, how have Duke learned about it”

    Roth: “…”

    Well, these words may be more than just familiar.

    As an AI lifeform, Roth loved his soul, which was the fundamental element that distinguished it from ordinary AI.

So in daily life, it always gave priority to its soul when thinking — but now, the strong desire to survive made it give up thinking of with the soul, open its own database, then find the answer, and figure out the culprit— Ashburn.

    Roth: “…”

    Okay, the question now is, what can it do to survive in the hands of its master

    Yang Yang saw through the slight movements of the black panther, and asked with a smile: “Have you guessed it”

    Roth: “… Guessed it.”

    Yang Yang: “Oh, then let’s talk about it.”

    Roth: “…”

    Roth’s database and its soul deduced the same answer at the same time — it wasn’t the answer that its owner wanted to hear.

    So the black panther fell to the ground in seconds, crawling with two paws on both sides of its head and its forehead touching ground, with extremely sincere attitude: “I’m sorry master, I was wrong.”

    Yang Yang: “Oh, what did you do wrong”

    The black panther cautiously looked up, stealing glances at Yang Yang: “I shouldn’t have told Rong Hui that the master likes Duke.”

    Yang Yang: “What else”

    Roth was stunned for a moment, thought for a moment, and replied, “I shouldn’t have not noticed that Rong Hui was on the phone.”

    Yang Yang: “What else”

    Roth blinked, and hesitantly added: “I shouldn’t have not noticed that Ashburn passed the message — but master, you wouldn’t let me monitor the terminals of Donton’s family.”

    Yang Yang: “Even if you monitored it, would you stop it”

    Roth: “…”

    No way, even it wanted to watch the show.

    Yang Yang subtly noticed Roth’s thoughts and his mood was complicated for a while.

    ——Although he didn’t want to admit it, but Roth went from being a cute little guy to turning into an almost full moth, he was afraid it would be impossible to get away from his “taught by words and examples”——


    Yang Yang suddenly remembered that at the beginning, at Zhou Hua’s house, when Roth mentioned stealing energy and invading the main gene center system, it was extremely excited.

It even attempted to invade the main defense system after that a few times, but in the end, it had to give up due to lack of energy.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    So, what kind of cutie was this, it was simply a moth chrysalis from the beginning.

    Yang Yang: “…”

    All guilt instantly vanished and he even wanted to fight moths.

    Yang Yang sat up straight and announced to Roth: “After this incident, I have deeply realized the truth of ‘no rules and no standards*’.

So from now on, I decided to set up a punishment mechanism.

All interpretation of this mechanism belong to me and I will not accept any refutation.”

*meaning nothing can be accomplished without setting norms and standards

    Roth: “…”

    It suddenly had a bad premonition.

    Roth struggled to the very deathbed, turned back his head and showed his butt to Yang Yang: “Master, why don’t you beat me up!”

    Yang Yang kicked the black panther’s butt, expressionless: “It would only make my hand hurt.”

    Roth fell back pitifully and looked at Yang Yang: “What is master’s punishment mechanism”

    Yang Yang showed a smile: “From now on, you are prohibited from entering the Starnet, your transfer authority will be only limited to going back and forth between Soul Cube and this mechanical black panther.

The time limit is one week.”

    Roth: “…”

    Roth: “!!!”

    How! How is it possible that the owner of the Soul Cube, who never heard anything about Soul Cube, knows the rules of the contract! !

    It was bound to Yang Yang’s soul by the deepest soul contract.

As the contract came naturally and Yang Yang was never too curious about Soul Cube, only asking when different functions were activated, but never got to the bottom of it.

    Up to now, it had never been asked how to constrain with soul contract.

    But! Why does its owner knows about contract constraints now!

    Yang Yang knew what the black panther was thinking when he saw the silly face of the panther, and smiled: “You applied to me to open your transfer authority before transferring to 251, remember”

    Roth: “… …”

    It remembered.


    The black panther lay down on the ground, two panther claws hugging Yang Yang’s ankles, and rolling with its belly exposed: “Master, I was wrong, I really know I was wrong, I swear I will never tell anyone about your little secrets in the future no matter what secret, can you open my transfer authority — or give me another transferable object.”

    It had three game vests on StarNet, it also made an appointment with someone for a team battle tomorrow night, if it doesn’t go, its chance to compete for the first place in the old emperor star server is gone!

    Yang Yang: “I won’t even give you the black panther anymore if you don’t stop.”

    Roth froze, then withdrew its claws, lying on the side and covering its face with its claws: “ying…”

    Yang Yang ignored it and stretched out.

He was ready to take a nap, but at this moment the terminal rang.

    The caller was Monta.

    Yang Yang sat on the bed and took off his shoes, while answering the phone: “What’s the matter”

    Monta’s voice was nasal, but overall it was still very energetic: “Go to sleep at my house tonight.”

    Yang Yang’s action of taking off shoes halted for a while: “Huh”

    Monta: “I mean, you and Uncle Ash said you won’t go back tonight, just spend tonight with me.

——You see, half of the child’s sensitive to soul power interactive period has passed, afterwards you won’t have an excuse to be close to Archibald everyday, so I was thinking, we have to give him taste of more powerful medicine!

    I’m thinking of you too, look how generous.”

    Yang Yang: “…”

    Based on his understanding of Monta, Monta’s original intention was definitely not for his sake.

    Yang Yang admired Monta who was beaten by Archibald in the morning, but then started to think about doing the same thing right afterwards — and even planned a big scene.

    It can be seen that the vitality of the dual-form Leicester was quite tenacious.

    But this time, Yang Yang refused.

    Yang Yang: “No, I have an appointment with the Duke tonight.

It’s a good occasion to develop some feelings.”

    Yang Yang didn’t want to tell Monta that he and Archibald had already established a relationship for now, because he wanted to wait until tomorrow when they get the marriage certificate.

Monta’s expression when he sees it will definitely be very wonderful.

    Monta listened to Yang Yang’s words, asking with shock: “Date Why didn’t I know What will you be doing with him”

    Yang Yang: “…what else can I do.

——Okay, you can take care of your injuries, I heard Duke say that you fell in the morning and twisted your waist.

I heard it’s quite serious and that you may not be able to recover tomorrow or even the day after.”

    Monta frowned again: “Fell down He actually has the face to say such a thing It was obviously—”

    Yang Yang: “What is it”

    Monta hesitated, then changed his tone: “I fell, yeah, it’s too embarrassing.

Tsk, okay, I understand, see you tomorrow.”

    After that, Monta simply hung up.

    Yang Yang looked at the terminal with a look of surprise — Monta actually admitted that it was an accident

    No, not right.

    From what Yang Yang knew about Monta, such unusual behavior from Monta only meant one thing: there were moths.

    “Who cares.”

    Yang Yang could roughly guess what kind of moth Monta was going to do, it should be in return for the waist injury that Archibald had “given” him today.

    As for the specific moth, Yang Yang didn’t care.

Now he only wanted to keep his spirits up and spend his evening date with Archibald perfectly.


    Yang Yang guessed right, Monta was indeed brewing moths.

    Hanging up the phone, Monta continued to lie on the hospital bed at the medical point, hugging the pillow and smiling — it seems that Yang Yang didn’t know that Archibald liked him.

    That’s right, Archibald liked Yang Yang too!

    After being abused by Archibald at the patrol’s stronghold and hurting his waist, Monta had an epiphany.

    He and Archibald started training from a young age, in order to hone their skills, to vent their emotions and to study battle tactics… But this kind of real fire, punching to hurt flesh, could be counted on one’s fingers.

    Monta knew exactly where Archibald’s bottom line was, so he made sure to never touch it.

But today Archibald got angry, so he must have touched his bottom line.

    ——And the most likely bottom line that Archibald had but he didn’t know yet, was “love”.

    Combined with his interactions with Yang Yang these days, the CP battle on Youtu, the headlines that he bought to fuel the hot search and pushed it to the whole network…

    The answer was clear at that moment— Archibald must have been jealous! So he came to beat him!

    It must be so!

    Oh, narrow-minded man!

    Monta hummed with a smug expression on the pillow — he was the first to find out about it now, maybe even Archibald himself hadn’t figured it out yet.

    Of course, he didn’t plan to tell Archibald the “truth”, after all, he was beaten by him.

    Therefore, it would be only reasonable for him to “repay” a little bit — Duke Dalton, in the days to come, please accept your fate, I will add multiple and various levels of difficulty to your pursuit of wife!

    Monta thought of the future when Archibald would be angry to the point of exploding when he saw him interacting with Yang Yang, but not knowing what he was angry about, the whole person depressed, and suddenly felt that his waist didn’t hurt at all.

    Oh right, he could also add some drama on the way.

After being beaten, he will show a miserable look of “brother why are you doing this to me I’m so sad, is our friendship coming to an end”, and then let Archibald feel “guilt” on his behalf.

    That was it! Perfection!

    When his waist will be a little better tomorrow, he will start to act, and then secretly take a photo of Archibald’s expression and make it into an expression pack!

    Hee hee hee!


The author has something to say:

Monta: hehehehe, gonna piss him off!

Yang Yang: Jiayou, I bought you a pair of waxes (ointment online



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