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「Im home.」


As part of the ritual of coming home, I call out into the living room.

I can hear laughter coming from the room where the light leaks in, but thats it.

It is so obvious that there is no response to the voices that should be heard that I cant even complain.


Generally speaking, its better not to have a reply, because its not nice to be suddenly told「Welcome home」today.

It would be more natural that way.


Im not hungry because Ive eaten a bento at Miyagis for dinner that looks bad for me.

Having no reason to stop by the living room, I go to my room.


In a room equipped with an excess or deficiency of necessary items.

I take off my uniform and change into loungewear.

I have done my homework at Miyagis house, so everything I need to do today is done.


I take out my wallet from my bag and pull out the 5,000 yen that Miyagi gave me.

I then twisted the 5,000 yen into a piggy bank on top of the chest that, when filled with 500-yen coins, would hold one million yen.



I wondered how much money was in there


Once or twice a week, I receive 5,000 yen from Miyagi.

I dont remember how many 5,000 yen bills I put in this one, but since such a relationship has been going on since the beginning of summer, there must be a fair amount in it.


Im not going to bother to open it to check, and I dont plan to use it, no matter how much is in it.

But I was curious how much time I had spent with Miyagi was packed in.


I shook it and heard a rattling sound.


That is probably the sound made by the 500-yen coin I put in before I started saving 5,000 yen, and it was not clue as to the time I saved it away.


I put the piggy bank on the chest.

Miyagi pays 5,000 yen for an order.


It was a lot of money for a highschool student, and Miyagi gives it to me every week, which is not an amount I would be able to afford casually if it were true.

She says she has no trouble with money, but when I think about the 5,000 yen in my piggy bank, I feel a little heavy.

If the order had been worth the amount, I might not have had to think about the 5,000 yen I received.


Considering this, Miyagis word to me today when she revealed my emotions by having a pen shoved in my mouth,『Make a face like that,』may have been worth the 5,000 yen.


At that moment, Miyagi looked like she was having the most fun she had ever had.


But if that was what I to do in exchange for the 5,000 yen, I didnt think it was something she wanted to welcome.

What I told her,「Miyagi is a pervert, I knew it,」was not wrong, and I am not a pervert who would willingly allow do something that I would find disgusting.


This would be better than being told to be obedient like a dog.

Miyagi must be a sick person if she wants to see the look on my face when I dont like it.


「I dont know what shes thinking.」


I mutter to nothing to anyone and untangle my hair, and my phone tells me I have an incoming message.

I looked at the screen and saw it was from Umina, and it said,『Did you see it』


Come to think of it, today is the day of Uminas favorite drama.


When I turn on the TV, the drama is at the end of the day and I say,『I was taking a bath, Ill watch what I recorded,』and send it off.



If I were to watch a drama from now on, I would be held up for fifty minutes, even if I skip the commercials.


Needless to say, it was very bothersome.


The drama I had to watch was a romance, and although I dont dislike the genre itself, I didnt like the storyline of the drama Umina liked.

I wouldnt go as far as to call it a waste of time, but I would rather do something else than watching a boring drama.


I will probably go out with Umina and the others after school tomorrow, since I am rarely called to Miyagi continuously.

Its a run-of-the-mill after school activity, and I dont mind spending time with the girls.

Its just that the steps I have to take to make that time comfortable are just a little cumbersome.


Tomorrow, when we go out, it will definitely be about the drama.


「If I told her I hadnt seen it, shed be in a bad mood.」


If the other person were in Miyagi, I wouldnt bother watching the drama.



I lie down on my bed and stretch out my arms.

I hold my hand up to the room light and look at my index finger.

The marks from Miyagis bite on Valentines Day are long gone.


Well, I dont want it to linger.


That day I was surprised that she could bite a persons finger without hesitation, but it didnt leave any teeth marks until the next day.


Any order that involves the school is a breach of contract.


If I leave teeth marks on my fingers and are pursued by Umina and the others, I have failed to follow the rules.

So, they might have added or subtracted in Miyagis way.

Perhaps tooth marks are not something that leave a lasting mark, but since I have never had a tooth mark on me before, I dont know if it was a consideration by Miyagi or a coincidence.


I stroke the spot where the teeth marks were.

No pain, nothing.


Touch it with my lips and lick it to follow the invisible marks.

I dont feel anything.


Thats I right, I know.



Around the base of the finger to the second joint.

Miyagi licked me and I felt disgusted.

But at the same time I had a funny sensation of a soft tongue caressing my nerves.


——I wonder if I had the same face as Miyagi that time.


I licked and bit Miyagis feet.

I remember her face that day.

If I had a face like that too.


I let out a small breath and stand up.


I should watch the drama, after all.


I decided to shorten the time by speeding up the playback speed and pressed the play button on the remote control, and the fast-talking characters began to move around impatiently.



I dont like pain.

I dont like to be treated poorly.

Still, I felt more comfortable in Miyagis room than in my own.


Maybe Im being poisoned too.


Even if theres no deep meaning, the distance between us may have become strange due to our mimicry of licking each others skin.

But Im not going to do anything about it now, and Miyagi will not correct the direction that had gone crazy.


I turn up the volume on the TV.

A handsome actor who Umina says she like gets louder.

I turned my attention to a drama that I didnt find so interesting.


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