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「Is Sendai-san so perverted that she would come all the way here to be ordered around」


Go home.

I must have said that words once, but I couldnt say them out loud.


「Because theyre not as good as Miyagi.

So, will you give orders Or not」


Sendai-san, who should not be able to look at me, stares at me through the monitor, forcing me to choose.


I couldnt bear the thought of her no longer coming to this room for no reason, so I gave Sendai-san a good reason to stop coming before spring break arrived.

But she is now on the other end of the intercom.


It is easy to turn away Sendai-san.

But if she leaves, she wont come back.


「——Ill open it now.」


I dont know what she was planning, but Sendai-san was here.

So Im just going to let her in the room.

Im not trying to keep her.


「Thank you.」


With that, Sendai-sans image disappears at the monitor.

Soon after, the chime rings, and when I open the door, Sendai-san is there.

Before she takes off her shoes, she shows me a small paper bag.


「Here, how is it」


Sendai-san says to confirm it.

Inside the paper bag are the clothes I gave her that day, and I am still the one who chooses what to do with them.

Sendai-san is waiting for my answer.


「You came here under my orders.」


As I turned away without accepting the paper bag, I hear the door close and lock.


「Thats how its done.」


I hear a voice, neither heavy nor light, and I head for my room to leave her behind.

Naturally, I hear footsteps behind me, and as I open the door to my room, Sendai-san slides in as well.

Then she sat down on the bed she always occupied.


「Nothing has changed in your room.」


Sendai-san says sincerely as if she has not been here for a year, even though it has been less than a month since then.


「Theres no need of changing.」

「Well, youre right.」


She said lightly, like petals dancing in the wind, and picked up the manga on her pillow.


「Ahh, this is the manga from back then.

Were you reading it」


I should have put it away.


I regret leaving the manga on the bed for her to read it when she first came to this room.

But it was too late for now.


「What if I read it」



She is not laughing, but her voice is a little higher than usual.


Probably, she was amused.


I hate this kind of thing about Sendai-san.


「Speaking of which, whats the reason you havent called me for a week」



Sendai-san asks me, flipping through the pages of the manga, without reading it.


「Sometimes I just dont call you that much.」

「Youve never not called me for a week before.

There must be a reason.」

「Because its the third year.」


I utter an answer thats not exact, but not obviously wrong either.


「Did you go to a cram school」

「…I didnt go to.」


I dont plan to go to any cram schools.

I didnt like studying that much and I didnt have a strong will that I really wanted to go college.

If there was a college I could slip into, that would be fine, and if not, I would think about it then.


Im not sure if she was satisfied with my answer or not, but Sendai-san said,「Hmmm,」closed the comic she was flipping through the pages, and mentioned Maikas family name.


「Youre in a class with Utsunomiya, right.」

「Thats right, I am.」


I never told Sendai-san that I was in the same class as Maika, nor did I have the chance to tell her.

Still, the fact that she knows this fact means that she may have taken the trouble to look for my name in the list of names on the opening day of school.


No, I was from the first class and Sendai was from the second class, so the probability should be more likely that she knew my name as she was searching for it.

I take the manga from Sendai-sans hand.


Thats not it.

It doesnt matter anyway.


I put the manga back on the bookshelf to drive out any extraneous thoughts that try to stay in my head.


「You must be disappointed that I am not with you.」


As I look at the neatly arranged books, I hear a teasing voice.


「I didnt.」

「Really Because I did.」


I turned to look at the weightless voice, and Sendai-san chuckled.



「Im not lying.」


She said deliberately and came next to me and took a manga from the bookshelf.

I took the book and put it back where it was, and ask.


「By orders you mean, any orders, right」

「Why are you asking me that now」

「Its not 5,000 yen today.」

「As always, its fine.」


Sendai-san says with the same face she has as before the spring break.

I looked out at the window and saw that sky had turned red.

The house next door and the apartment a few houses away were also painted in the same red as the sky.


In spring, the days are a little longer than in winter.

Fan heaters are no longer in use.

Sendai-san was still wearing her blazer, as if it wasnt hot enough.


I close the curtains to isolate this room from the sunset-colored world.

Then I sat on my bed.


「Sit there.」


I pointed to the front of the bed, and Sendai-san did as she was told, sitting down on the floor and grabbing my legs.


「Take off my socks and lick my feet, right」

「You know exactly what I am talking about.」

「You like this kind of order, dont you」

「Its not that I dont like them.

Its just that I dont have any other suitable commands.」



With a suspicious look in her eyes, I kick Sendai-sans shoulder and say,「Hurry up.」


「Im against violence.」

「Violence is not included.」


I thought she was going to say something back, but she silently put her hand on my leg.

She took off my socks and put her hand on my heel.

Sendai-san exhaled, her breath blowing onto my toes, and something warm and soft touched me.


A pressed tongue wet my toes.

The tongue crawling slowly toward the back of my foot was a little uncomfortable.

But it was nice to see Sendai-san licking my feet.


I dont know about the second class.

But I am sure she must be at the top of the caste in the next class and must be having a good time with Ibaraki-san.

Such a girl is licking my feet right now.


The tip of her tongue is pressed against it.

On the skin, I felt Sendai-sans body heat more than ever.

Our heat collided with each other, melting and becoming mine.


The tongue goes to the ankle.

The room is a little hot, even though the fan heaters should not be on.

I loosen my tie and she sucks hard near my ankle.

The sensation is different from the tongue, and I grip the sheets.


「Sendai-san, I dont like that.」


At the same time as the words are spoken, her lips part and she suddenly bites my toes.




Teeth digs into my flesh.

Still, she doesnt stop.

My legs shake with a sharp pain, though not as sharp as when my finger was caught in the door.


「Sendai-san, stop.」


Slowly, the tooth that was pinching my thumb separated and the pain faded away.

Instead, it was gently licked by a soft tongue.

The tongue that clung to me was not pleasant.

But I didnt feel uncomfortable with the warmth of Sendai-sans body.


The heat coming from my toes was rising up to my stomach, and even my breath seemed to be getting warmer.


This was, seemed like a not-so-good feeling.


「Sendai-san, how long do you plan to stay here」


I tug her bangs to stop her from moving.


「Who knows Not until the time we graduate.

College will be different.

If Miyagi says that I will not come, I wont come here anymore.

Should I not come」


Sendai-san, looking up, said in a terribly serious tone.





If I tell her to come, she will come until we graduate.

But, I dont want to ask her to come, so I say the unanswerable words.


「Are you going to college」

「Is Miyagi not going to」

「I dont know.

Where are you going, Sendai-san」

「I havent decided yet.」


I dont want to tell her which school do I want to go to.

Or have I really not decided it

Im not sure, but the conversation breaks off.


The curtains blocking the sunset showed less light coming through.

As if to pass the time, Sendai-sans hand caressed my ankle.

My feet jumped when she touched my ankles.

When I kicked lightly on the thigh instead of protesting, Sendai-san opened her mouth.


「You know, Miyagi.

Soda tasted awful to me.」


She made an unexpected confession at unexpected time, and I involuntarily let out an「Ehh」


「Isnt too late for that」

「At first, I didnt think Id be here this long and I missed the timing to tell you.」

「…Ill be serving cider next time.」

「Uwaah, thats bad character.」

「Shut up.

Enough with chitchatting.

Lick my feet again.」


Sendai-san presses her lips against the back of my foot and makes a small sound.


The tip of her tongue touches my skin.

Body heats mixes with it and enters me.

Her heat builds up inside my body.


Wet tongues crawl and go to the ankles.

It was, still a little uncomfortable.


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