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There is no resistance to the act of taking off my blazer.

I have done it many times in this room in the past.

However, I have never taken it off at Miyagis request.


「Id like to hear what youre going to experiment with first.」


I can predict what lies beyond the order to take off my blazer.

And if it was as expected, I dont think it was desirable or appropriate for my relationship with Miyagi.

That is why I wanted to be sure of the experiment.


「Ill tell you when you take your blazer.」


I knew you would say that.


I give a small sigh.


A person who would honestly tell you what to do would not order you take off your blazer.

They withhold the contents because they have something to hide.

However, this order itself is not against the rules, so I quietly take off my blazer and put it on the bed.

Then the next order.


「Arms, roll them up.」


I unbutton my blouse.


I thought that was the place to be experimented on, but apparently not.


「But, why」


I can guess what Miyagi intends to do, but I have to ask.


「The kiss mark, it disappears with lemon right Im going to experiment with Sendai-sans arms to see if its true.」


Miyagi sometimes, or rather with high probability, says things that I dont understand.


Wear a hickey and remove it.


I expected thats what she wanted to do.

But, I have no idea why she would want to do that.


「Ill be in trouble if the experiment fails.」

「If the marks on your arms dont disappear, your blouse will hide them, so it wont be a problem.」

「It is, it was a big problem.」


Leaving marks on the body.

Thats not the kind of connection that exists between me and Miyagi.


I have licked and been licked on my hands and feet, and I have bit and been bitten, but never in a way that left a mark for long.



But this time was different.

Even if I could hide it with my uniform, it would be something that would haunt me for some time if I could not successfully erase the marks made on me by Miyagi.

That is not something I would welcome.


「Its not like were going to do it in a place like this.」


Miyagi thoughtlessly touch my neck.

Her fingertips slip down and land on my collarbone.

I shook her hand off, because I had two buttons open on my blouse, so she could go further down if she wanted to.


「Ill beat you up, if you leave marks there.」

「By beating me up, youre forgetting your innocent character, Sendai-san.」

「Miyagi also has a different character from school, and thats fine.

She can be any character she wants to be.」

「I dont care what kind of character I am, but roll your arms up.」


Miyagi says strongly, as if insisting that her orders are absolute, and grabs my right arm.


There are reasons for refusing.

It can be seen when someone change out of their PE clothes.

That should be reasonable, rule-based reason to pull at Miyagi.

But I took it at her word.

I unbutton the cuffs and hold out my arms.



Is this fine」


I dont believe that simply telling someone that its against the rules is enough to break off a relationship, but Miyagi is fickle.


Just when I think she has kept me away from her, she was awfully close to me today.

Just like the change of her feelings, it is not surprising if she says she is not going to pay the 5,000 yen anymore.


Sendai Hazuki is well-liked by everyone and adored by her teachers.


I need a place where I didnt have to act like that with Miyagi, a place where didnt to have care about myself.


「I think Ill just leave it there.」


Miyagi mutters to herself and presses my forearm—— between the wrist and elbow, in the middle.


「Do what you want.」

「Ill do whatever even if you dont tell me to.」


I know.


I replied on my mind, and the tender part inside touched me as if before the injection.

After a short pause, her lips are pressed against it.


But it doesnt tingle immediately like an injection.

Her tongue hits it, and slowly, in pace, it sucked hard.


There was no special feeling.

Licking and biting was more like the feeling of being touched by another person.


Thats why, its no big deal.

Just lips and tongue on skin, no pain.

It just felt awfully hot, even though there wasnt that much heat on the lips and tongue that were touching.


「I think thats enough.」


I push her head.

Then I felt the skin that had been sucked back into my body, and then Miyagi looked up.


「I think we got it right, so it was a success.」


I looked down at her words, and saw a small red mark clearly marked on my arm.

It was not so different from the mark I had put on my own arm when I was a child as an extension of play, and it looked like the same as the one on Uminas neck.

However, the only difference was that it was made by Miyagi.


I sigh naturally.

Unlike when I was a child, I know very well what these marks made by others look like.

The red marks are connected to the ones that often appear in the manga Miyagi reads.


I wipe my arm with the palm of my hand to remove the dirt.

I dont want Miyagi to claim ownership.

Im sure she didnt mean to, and Im probably overthinking it, but its not good to have something left on your body that reminds you of it every time you see it.


——I have to get rid of it as soon as possible.


I ask Miyagi, warming my arm with my palm.


「So, you have lemons right」

「Youve seen whats in my refrigerator, right」


When I made karaage, I looked at the refrigerator in this house, which was refreshingly empty.


Thats why, I knew.

I knew there would be none.

Yes, thats what I thought.


I squeezed the marks by Miyagi.


「Its fine, its covered by your uniform.

I heard that it also disappears when heated or cooled, so why dont you experiment it」


Miyagi looked at me as if she had nothing to do with it.


I was angry.

Very much so.


I pull down the sleeves of my blouse and button it up.


「Then give me your arm, too, Miyagi.

Take off your blazer and roll up your arms.」

「Is that an order」

「Its not an order.



I have no right to give orders, as I am paid 5,000 yen.

Then, I had no choice but to pass my opinion in the form of a request.


「Is that an attitude to ask for」


「If you ask nicely, I can lend it to you.」


Why should I be the underling


Miyagi is the kind of person who only leaves marks on people when she says she is going to conduct an experiment, even though she has no intention of doing so.

I dont think there is any need to be so humble.

I think, but as she says, “Im going to ask for it.”


「……Please lend me your arms.」


I drag her down to the same spot as me.

For that, some sacrifice was inevitable.


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