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The tip of her tongue licks the back of my foot only once, and Sendai-san quickly looks up and ask in a quiet voice, “What is it that you want”


「Are we done」


On days when I have a bad day, I like Sendai-san.


Ive decided that since Ive been in this kind of relationship with her.

And today is the day, so I still wont allow it.




I dont blame Sendai-san, but it would be boring to end up with just one lick.

She is listening to my ridiculous order to lick my feet.

I didnt intend to go this far, but if she obeyed, it would be a loss if I didnt enjoy it more.


「How long am I going to keep doing this」

「As long as it takes.」



Sendai-san wrinkles her brows and says in a low voice.


Naturally, I dont look like Im having fun, but it doesnt matter because Im not doing it to entertain.

What matters is whether Im having fun.


「Sendai-sans role is to do what the pervert tell her to do.」


I smiled and tells her on the floor.


The fan heater continues to exhale warm air, and Sendai-san loosens her tie even more, looking hot.

The blazer was taken off a short distance away.

A blouse with two buttons undone revealed her collarbone.


Sendai-san lets out a small puff of air.

Then she licked the back of my leg like a dog or cat would do.


The tongue is wet, hot, and soft, and I feel like shes doing something naughty.


If it were a pet licking my leg, I would think it would be adorable.

But in reality, it was a human whos licking, not dogs or cats.


Sendai-san has a well-defined face, if not as well-developed as the models in the magazine.

Stillz the thought of people licking my feet made me a little uncomfortable as the tip of her tongue crawled across the surface of my skin to caress it.


「Miyagi, are you having fun Like this.」


Sendai-san looks up.


「Well, in its own way.」


The feeling of being licked is not an interesting one, but the situation of Sendai-san licking my feet is quite amusing.


That Sendai-san, who is one of the most prominent group of people in the class and is adored by the teacher, is licking my feet.

She listens to me, an ordinary person with no special qualities, and licks my feet like a servant.

That facts uplifts my spirit.


「Hmm, its fun.

Then does this feel good」


Saying this, Sendai-san crawls her tongue to the base of my thumb to my ankle.

I gripped my hand tightly at the feel of her warm, slippery tongue.

My stomach clenches and I bite my teeth.


「Its not.」


I answered shortly and pinched Sendai-sans bangs.

I tug tightly and she says,「Stop,」and grabs my ankles tightly.


Slightly long nails digs into the skin.

I poked Sendai-sans forehead with my index finger.


「Dont do anything unnecessary.」


When I told her in a strong tone of voice, she responded with an unenthusiastic「okay.」Then the hand gripping my ankle relaxed.


Tongue crawls on the back of the foot.

Slowly without hesitation, Sendai-san licks up the instep


I am not sure what she is thinking.

From the beginning, she is unreadable in her thoughts.

I would never want to lick another persons feet, but she complained and kept tongue on my feet.


I dont think its because she wants money.


If theres another reason, what is it

It is probably futile to imagine what a smart person thinks.


「What would your friends think if they saw Sendai-san like this」


I ask Sendai-san.

Her friends are from a group of people who do not mingle with me.

They sparkle, they always seem to be having fun, and they collect all the good things about school life and make it their own.


「I think you should worry less about me and more about yourself.

If they see this situation, what else is there to say but that Miyagi is the worst kind of pervert, right」


Sendai-san looked and said coldly.

If this was exposed at school, I will fall headlong to the bottom of the heap.

The reasonably normal life we have now will surely disappear.


But its the same for Sendai-san.

If it were known that she was licking the feet of a dull person like me, she would not be in the same position as she is now.


Thats why I dont care if Im the worst kind of pervert.

In any case, Sendai-san is also of the worst perverts.


「Its alright.

Im not going to tell them what we do here because its against our contract to talk about it at school.」


The first few rules we set.


There are few rules for paying 5,000 yen to make Sendai-san like me, and one of them is not to tell anyone what happened after school.


So this is a secret game that everyone will never see, a game that I, and of course Sendai-san, would never tell anyone about.


「But enough chitchat, and give me a proper lick.」


I used the back of foot to raise Sendai-sans chin with a snap.


She squints.

She looks at me sharply, as if she wants to say something.

Since I started paying her 5,000 yen, Sendai-san has never looked at me like this.


I cringed at her defiance.

I have no intention of listening to Sendai-san, but I will at least give her the right to speak.


「If you have something to say, youll only ask me one thing.」


I looked at her, propping her chin on the back of my leg.


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