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As soon as she entered the room, Sendai-san apologized.


「Thats what we agreed to, so its fine.」


She said she couldnt come on days when she had prep school, and I was the one who told her to come the next day in that case.


The message I sent yesterday was sent knowing that she could not come that day, and Sendai-san came to this house the next day as promised.

The rules were followed, so there is no problem.




I hand her the five thousand yen I have prepared on my desk.




Sendai-san replies shortly and pulls out her wallet from her bag and puts away a thin sheet of money.

Then, coming next to me, she looked at the calendar on my desk and said.


「Its almost Golden Week.」

「Spring break just ended the other day.」

「Was Miyagi doesnt like vacations You were in a bad mood before spring break.」


Sendai-san did not say why she felt I was in a bad mood.

But she must be thinking of the day I poured cider on her head.


「Theres not that much to do on vacation, its just boring.」


I told her not why I was in a bad mood, but why I could not welcome the time off.


「Vacation, thats good.

Go play somewhere.」


I have plans for Golden Week.

Maika, Ami and I have an appointment to go out together.

But I wont bother telling that to Sendai-san.

I knocked down the calendar and poked her in the arm.



Your arm, let me see.」


I didnt order her to do so, but Sendai-san honestly holds out her arm.

But the arm that was offered to me was still covered by her uniform.


She knows what I mean.


I strongly tell her that I know what is required of her, but she does not want to do it.


「The sleeves, roll them up.」

「Okay, okay.」


Sendai-san said in a heartless voice, unbuttoning the buttons holding up the sleeves of her blouse and rolling up her entire blazer.


I grab her arm.

Its midway between the wrist and the elbow.

As I stared at the inside of her arm, Sendai-san said.


「Gone sooner than expected.

Wheres Miyagi」


As the saying goes, I cant find any red marks I put on it.


「Gone quickly.」

「And the bruises on your knees」



Unlike the hickey that Sendai-san gave me, the internal bleeding from the blow to my knee took longer to disappear than the mark on my arm, but it is gone now.

Its gone now.

The internal bleeding on my arms and legs have disappeared so cleanly that I cant believe I had marks on them.


Sendai-sans arms are the same as mine.

Its as if the events that happened last week never happened.


I pats Sendai-sans arm, which is still in my grasp.

It is smooth and comfortable.


——If I put my lips on this arm again.


If I give the command not to move her arm, I can put the hickey on again.

I squeeze the area where the hickey was.


Naturally, there is no trace.

I pressed the same spot again with all my strength in my fingertips, and she grabbed my hand.


「Are you going to put another mark on it」


Sendai-san says, as if she had looked inside my head.




I answered shortly and my hand was released and I touched the inside of her elbow.


Was it a bone, a muscle, or something

It was something hard.


I touch it to check the sensation and stroke it down slowly.

I fold it back at the wrist and stroke it up to trace the veins.


「If you touch me too much, I get ticklish.」


Sendai-san said, moving her fingertips with a twitch.

Still, she didnt pull my arm back, so I continued to run my fingers over her soft skin.

In this way, I am not sure why I called Sendai-san.


Hearing Maika say something I didnt know, I felt a tightness in my throat, as if I was suffocating.

It wasnt so much that I was angry, but I felt bad.


But now


I raise my gaze.

In front of me was Sendai-san, with the same kind face as at school.


This is not the kind of Sendai-san I want to see.


Nails on her smooth arms.

Squeezing, I bury my fingertips in the skin.


「Your nails, it hurts.」


Despite saying so, Sendai-san did not brush my hand away.


「That guy in the mens bus, was he cool」


It wasnt what I wanted to hear, but perhaps because I was still thinking about what Maika and the others had said, the boring questions popped out of my mouth.


「Why the mens bus」

「I was told.」


「…You know what Im talking about.」


I know that Mr.

Sendai is this kind of person.

Sometimes I was a little mean to her and wont do what I want unless I command her to.


I put a little more pressure on my fingertips.

Sendai-san contorts her face slightly and forcibly removes my hand.


「I turned him down.」


She dont deny that a confession has been made, but only blurted out the result.



「Why, you mean.

I dont really like him, and even if we went out, I wouldnt have time to see him.」

「You can make as much time as you want to see him.」

「But I only have prep school and I have time to come here.」


Sendai-san said cumbersomely and stroked the thin remaining nail marks.


「If you have time, no prep school, and no time to come here, would you go out with him」

「No, I said I dont like him.

Besides, dont worry, Ill give priority to Miyagi.」

「I didnt ask you to do that.」


I lightly kick Mr.

Sendais leg as she smiles deliberately in front of me.


「Uwaah, thats bad manners.」

「Not as much as Sendai-san.」


She unbutton her blouse and loosen her tie.

I dont lie down now, but I dont want to be told by someone who always lies down on someones bed so sloppily that you can almost see the inside of their skirt.


「Youre jealous of the boy on the mens bus.

I know you are.」


She said lightly, as if she had wings, and Sendai-san pulled down her sleeves and hid her arms.

Then he sat down on the bed.


「Im not, stupid.」


I could tell by the teasing tone of her voice that she didnt mean it.

But I would feel bad if I didnt complain.


I just felt kind of bad because Maika knew something I didnt know.

This is not jealousy.

I sit on the floor and use the bed as a backdrop.


Since that day when I let Sendai-san lick my feet after spring break, there has been something wrong with me.

Sendai-sans body heat that flowed in from the tip of my tongue remained inside me and did not disappear.


So we treated each other like a friend.

Playing games with Sendai-san and talking about trivial things might eliminate the funny sensations that linger in the body.

I thought so, but it was impossible to treat each other like friends.


Even now, yes.

I cant talk to her like a friend.


What do I want to do with Sendai-san


The more time we spend together, the less I understand.

The original purpose of just giving orders is being lost.


When I am with Sendai-san something invisible that sticks to my body increases and makes me feel uneasy in my chest.

I feel restless and like Im not myself.


Like the cider on the table, I wish all the uncluttered feelings would just pop and disappear.


I let out a breath and then look out the window.

The sky, which had been blue, had dimmed at some point.

I pull out a modern literature textbook from my bag and push it at Sendai-san.



Get off the bed and read this.」

「A textbook」


With a curious look on her face, Sendai-san sits down next to me.





Im a little tired.

I took off my blazer and socks, removed my tie, and lay down on my bed.


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