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I dont like studying that much and I am not motivated to study for exams.

And I had no intention of actively utilizing textbooks, whether they were folded or not


「Ill make it up to you next time.」


The culprit, creasing the textbook, says apologetically.


「I said its fine.」


I dont know what she intends to do, but making it up to me is a bit of a hassle.

Textbooks dont have that kind of value.

I am more concerned about the distance between me and Sendai-san.


The room are large, but the bed are not so large.

Thats why, we are quite close.

I would like to get away from it a little more if possible.

I cant go back any further because of the wall at my back, so I shift to the side and hold my knees.


「But, you know, its a cover, and if its folded, Id be concerned.」


Sendai-san, who seems to be more concerned about the broken textbook than I am, complains.


「Because I dont mind.」

「Even if Miyagi doesnt care, I do, so Ill make it up to you.」


When it comes to this kind of push-and-pull, Sendai-san does not back down easily.

Like me, she tries to get her opinion across.


And Sendai-san is more disciplined than I thought, so she is seriously going to make it up to me, and she probably will.


「Whatever you want, just make sure its appropriate.」


I broke off the conversation, not wanting to waste time on a textbook cover.


「Well then, thats what Ill do.」


Im not sure what that means, but Sendai-san concludes her talk roughly.

Then she kicked my leg a bit.


「So, Miyagi.

What are you going to do now」

「I dont do anything.

If you want to have dinner, Ill make one.」

「What should I do」


Sendai-san grunts with a face that doesnt look like shes thinking deeply.

Then, as I remembered, I buttoned up one button on her blouse.


I have seen the second button from the top undone many times in this room, but this is the first time I have seen it fastened.

My body froze as if I were a stone statue for an action I usually dont do.


Sendai-san must not have noticed.

She was still asleep when I touched her neck.

Then why did I button up her blouse now


It hurts like my heart is being grabbed.

I shouldnt have done that.


Because Sendai-san is not my friend, nor she is not my lover.

That was not the right thing to do to a sleeping Sendai-san.


If she was awake, good for her.

If I had ordered Sendai-san not to move and did what I did, even that kind of thing would be allowed.

I dont know why I did that.


「Miyagi, your eyebrows are in bad shape.」


Sendai-san points at my face.


「Because you look scary.

Look in the mirror.」

「Im good.

I dont want to see it.」


I would rather run away from this place than look in the mirror.

But I cant just suddenly walk out of the room.


「Youre not going to tell me today」


Sendai-san says, stretching her hands upward as if she knows nothing.


「What of」

「Licking you.」

「I wont say it.」


It is not a good idea to do that today.

I have a bad feeling about it.


「I see.」


Sendai-san touched my leg, seemingly uninterested in answering her own question.

She stroke the ankle from the tip of the foot without socks.


The fingertips touching softly on my skin tickled me and when I tried to pull my leg back, she grabbed my ankle.


「Get off me.」


I strongly told Sendai-san and she followed my words.

But soon her fingertips move upward, and I move her hand away from holding my knee.

Then she grabbed the hem of my skirt and tried to flip it up, as she should have.


「Dont do anything strange.」


I catch her hand and protest.


「Your knee, just wanted to make sure the bruise was really gone.」

「You dont have to check, its gone.」

「Let me see.」


Sendai-san brushes my hand away and touches my knee.

She asked me to show her, but I wont look.

She strokes my knee with her fingertips.


The touch is strange.

A shiver runs down my spine.

I feel weird.


「Arent you going to look at it」


I protest to Sendai-san, who continues to slowly stroke my knee.


「Should I stop」


She is mouthing the words she is about to say, but her hands dont stop.


「Stop it now.」


I said strongly.

But Sendai-san wont stop.

She ran her fingertips down from my knees and land on the balls of my feet.

She keep touching them as if I was commanding her to lick me.


A finger gently crawls along, following the veins.

It feels like ants or something are walking around on the surface of my skin and its disgusting.

And yet, I found myself not really trying to stop Sendai-san, and I hugged my knees tightly.


「End this already.

Really, stop.」


I grab Sendai-sans hand and pulls it away.


「Was it a payback」


Because I touched her neck while she was sleeping.

I asks if this was payback for that.


「Of what」


Sendai-san made a strange sound, but I dont know if it was really a voice made without understanding the meaning.

But Sendai-san seemed to be enjoying herself somehow, and I felt as if she had struck a nerve.


「You hope this isnt payback.

Give me your arm.」


I grab her arm without waiting for a reply.


「An order」

「Its an order, thats why, you need follow what I say.」

「Am I going to follow you again.」

「Its not like that.」


I unbutton the sleeves of her blouse and roll it up

Between Sendai-sans wrist and elbow.


Im going to set my teeth as hard as I can on the area where I made the mark the other day.


Just in time.

When I bit down enough to chew through the skin, Sendai-san pushed my head.


「Wait, that seriously hurts.」


I looked up as she gave me a gentle push around the nape of my neck.


「Its impossible.

How can you bite someone with such force You must be crazy.」


Sendai rubs her arm and pulls down her sleeve.


「This is for making up for folding textbooks」

「Dont make it up to me on your own.」

「Its fine.

Tooth marks disappear quickly.」


Everything I did should just go away.


Besides, its an order, so theres no reason to complain about what I do.

Even Sendai-san must not been really angry.

We have that kind of relationship, so this is fine.


「It hurt like hell.」


Sendai-san says reproachfully.


「And that includes the punishment for doing something weird.」

「Its nothing compared to the weird things Miyagi does.」


Sendai-san says in a slightly miffed voice and gets off the bed.

As usual.

I patted my chest in relief at her grumpiness.


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