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As soon as the holidays are over, she will be in touch.

Thats what I thought.

However, Miyagi was slow to contact me, and it was only after three days, counting from the day Umina borrowed the textbook, that my phone rang.


Not that I mind, not even a little bit.


Miyagi pays for it, so Miyagi can contact me whenever she want.

I stop by a convenience store and buy some potato chips and chocolate.


Sweets are rarely served at Miyagis house.

I dont think Ill be doing much talking today anyway, and I think Ill be able to pass the time more comfortably if I have something to eat.


I take the white bag and head for Miyagis house.

If you look up at the sky, there is not a single cloud, and the weather is wasted.

There was not a single superfluous thing, as if it had been slathered with blue paint.


But some part of my heart remains dark, like the sun casting shadows, and I walk around in an unflattering mood.

My legs were heavy because I felt resentful of my home in Miyagi, which should have been better than being at home.


Why should I feel this way


I shake the bag of sweets.

I kick out Miyagi, who tries to stay in my head, and run out.


Roughly five minutes.

Running as fast as I can without running out of breath, I arrive at the apartment in the expected time.

I called Miyagi on the intercom and asked her to let me in.

After getting into the elevator and pressing the intercom again, the front door opened.




After taking off my shoes, I was handed 5,000 yen with the minimum necessary words.

Despite the fact that it has been a long time since they met, Miyagi is not so plain.




I put the piece of paper she gave me clericaly in my wallet and then enter her room.

I put down the bag from the convenience store, and Miyagi leaves the room.


Standing in front of the bookshelf, I looked at the spines of the manga lined up and saw that the number of books had increased considerably.

I pick up a manga Ive never seen before and sit down on my bed.

As I slowly flip through the pages, Miyagi returns with barley tea and cider.


「These new books, did you buy it」

「During the vacation, Ive had free time to do so.」


Miyagi does not say that she bought it, but she states the reason why she bought it, and then falls silent.


Not much has changed in the room since before the holidays.

Miyagis attitude had not changed as she had become less friendly.

I close the manga and point to a white bag from the convenience store.


「I bought that.

Its fine if you open it.」

「Open it yourself.」


Miyagi said without even looking at “it” and went to the bookshelf.


The fact that she is defiant, or rather, that she returns to me with words of discontent when I say something, is also unchanged.

Normally I wouldnt mind so much, but today such Miyagi irritates me.




I spoke Miyagis first name.




After a pause, Miyagi looked back at me and looked blatantly disgusted, and I mentioned her name again.


「Can I call you Shiori」


As far as I know, all of Miyagis friends call her by her first name.

Then I should be also one to call her like that.


We are not friends, but we do things that friends would not do.

Since we share a secret that we cant tell anyone, we can call it a little more intimate.

But Miyagi didnt seem to think so.


「Do not.」


She said in a cold voice and sat down across from me with a book in her hand.




I get off the bed and sit down on the floor.

I remove the potato chips and chocolate from the white bag and open the potato chips first.

Then I brought the poor, thinly sliced potatoes to my mouth.


One piece, two pieces, three pieces.

I chew the potato chips and drops them into my stomach.


Before the vacations, Miyagi, who had denied any relationship with me as a friend, wanted to know me like a friend.

Angry, wanting to hear about the boys who confessed to me.

That kind of thing just looks like jealousy.


And yet, she wont even allow me to call her by name.

It was unreasonable.

I look at Miyagi.

She is reading a comic book and refuses to look up.

She wasnt even eating potato chips.


「Hey, Miyagi.

Shall I feed you」


I take a bag of potato chips out of the bag.


「Its fine.

I dont want it.」

「You dont have to be so shy.」


I bring the flattened potato to Miyagis mouth.

But instead of eating the potato chips from my hand, she took a new piece from the bag.


「Im going to eat it myself.」


Then she opens her big mouth and eats up the potato chips in one bite.


「This is」


I show Miyagi the potatoes that have lost their way.


「I dont want it.」


Miyagi clarifies and takes another potato chip out of the bag and brings it to her mouth.

I tucked the potatoes, which had nowhere else to go, into my own stomach and then grabbed Miyagis hand.




I hear a questioning voice, but I ignore it.

I suck her fingers into my own mouth, having licked them several times on command.

When I press my tongue hard against her fingers, the taste of salt spreads into my mouth.


「Sendai-san, stop this.」


Miyagis hand tugs at my bangs.

But I have no intention of following Miyagis words.

I loosely crawl my tongue over her fingers and bite lightly.

When the bone hit my teeth and I applied a little more force, the finger was forcibly pulled out.


「I told you I hate it—!」


Throwing the words wildly, Miyagi wrinkled her brow.

Her heartbeat quickens as she looks overtly dissatisfied.


『Look at me like that.』


When was it that Miyagi said that to me when she was in a bad mood


Miyagi looks happy when she sees me not liking it.

I never understood her like that, but now I understand.

I cringe when I see Miyagi, who is so emotional with me.


「Miyagi, you taste salty.」


When I said this with a smirk, Miyagi frowned.


「That tastes like the potato chips.」

「Yeah, thats one way to put it.」

「What is it today Dont do anything weird.」

「If you dont want me to do anything more weird, order me to do something.」


When I am with Miyagi, my unknown self appears from somewhere.

Not long ago, I would not have licked Miyagis fingers without being ordered to do so.

I didnt intend to get deeply involved, but it didnt work out.


「I havent thought about it yet.」


Miyagi says in a whisper.


「Shall I do your homework」

「Shut up, Sendai-san.

Ill think of it myself, so shut up.」


Shes not in the mood to order homework today.

Miyagi puts her manga on the table and drinks her cider.


She like to give orders, but she dont like to be told what to do.

After thinking about something for a while, Miyagi begins to fish around in her bag with a face that shows such a thing.


I get a hold of myself and reach for a bag of potato chips.

But I quickly pulled it back and licked my own fingertips, which tasted just like Miyagi.




She seems to have calmed down and I heard Miyagis voice as usual.


「An order.

Here, hide this.」



I look at what is placed in front of me.



「Is it okay to hide it anywhere」

「Not good anywhere.

Sendai-san must hide in her uniform.

Ill look for it later.」

「…Miyagi always thinks of weird things, aint you」


A game of hiding an eraser somewhere in the room would have been fun.

But when you are told that it is a game of hiding in uniform, the game takes on a different meaning.



「Its not weird.」

「Definitely, youre thinking of doing something weird.」

「Strange things.

What do you think I am going to do to you, Sendai-san」

「Miyagi touches those wrong places.」

「Its weirder to think that way.

Sendai-sans a pervert.」

「The pervert is the one in Miyagi, right」

「I dont care if Im weird, just hurry up and hide it.」


I have received five thousand yen and I have no right to refuse.

If she touch me, it will be over my clothes, no big deal.

I took the eraser from the table.


「Then, turn around.」


When she said this, Miyagi turned my back to her honestly.


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