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Chapter 51

Sendai-san was arrogant during summer vacation — 51

Translated by KaiesV

Edited by KaiesV


A pale blue underwear that looks too blue to be light blue.


The impression is different from the white underwear I saw the other day.

Adorned with delicate lace, it could be described as pretty.

It was a little different from Sendai-san’s image, but it suited her well.


Her breasts are not large, but they are larger than mine.

I looked down a little and saw that her stomach was moderately tight and nipped.


I’m not going to look at it seriously.

But I couldn’t take my eyes off it.


I would like to think that it is my imagination that my heartbeat is so loud that Sendai-san can almost hear it.

It would be strange if it wasn’t.


「Okay, now it’s Miyagi’s turn.」



Suddenly, I was called by name and looks at Sendai-san’s face.


「Take off your clothes, too, Miyagi.

It’s too hot, right」


I knew that the words in my ears were uttered by Sendai-san, but I could not understand them.

It sounded like a word from some distant world, and it sounded meaningless.




Sendai-san calls me, who is unable to move, and closes the distance between us.


Too close.


I could see the parts of the body that I usually can’t see because of my clothes, and I involuntarily pushed Sendai-san’s shoulder.

But Sendai-san stays close and grabs me by the hem of my T-shirt.

The words that had been rolling around in my head made sense when her fingers touched my side, and I finally understood what she had said.


「I’m not feeling hot, no need to take it off.」


I said strongly and pushed Sendai-san’s hand back.

But she didn’t give up.


「You were.

Come on, quickly.」


Then, she unceremoniously reaches down and grabs the hem of her T-shirt once more and tries to tug it up.


「Wai–Wait, Sendai-san—」


I panicked and tried to pull away from Sendai-san’s hand.

But her hands won’t let go, and my hem is turned up and half my stomach is showing.


This is not what I expected.

I may have undressed Sendai-san, but I had not thought about being undressed myself.

I have never even imagined such a thing.

To begin with, the command is “undress yourself,” not “let me undress you.”


I smack Sendai-san on the head, still holding onto the hem of my T-shirt with a box of tissues.

Then I heard the crocodile on the cover swaying and exaggeratedly saying「ouch.」


「It’s not as big a deal as taking off your clothes.

Even at school, I change my clothes.」


Sendai-san removes her hand from the hem of my T-shirt and strokes the spot where I hit it, then brushes my hair back.


「Now, I don’t think that’s called changing clothes, I think that’s called being undressed.」

「Miyagi, it’s too detailed.」

「Not too detailed.

Sendai-san is too general.」

「Too much detail will make you bald.」


Sendai-san pulled my bangs and grabbed the hem of my T-shirt again, saying,「These things are momentum.」


「You can’t do that!」


I slap the back of her hand that is holding the hem.


「If you don’t like being undressed, Miyagi should undress herself.」

「I seriously don’t know why that would be the case.」


Sendai-san sometimes does the unexpected.

Suddenly, she would surprise me by coming to my house or to my classroom.


I think this has become more pronounced since the summer break.

She do things that I don’t understand, without regard to my feelings.


「Would you understand if I told you I took off my clothes to get Miyagi to take off hers」


Sendai-san says plainly and looks at me.


「…You’re kidding, right」

「You think I was joking around」


I think it should be a joke.

Undressing me will not do Sendai-san any special good.

I am not styled well and should not be interesting to look at.

But she don’t look like she was joking.


「Anyway, if you don’t take it off, I will.」


Before I can say anything, the hand still gripping the hem lifts up my T-shirt.


「I’d rather take my clothes off myself than have someone take them off me.」


I made a declaration and grabs Sendai-san’s wrist.


No matter how much I say, her intention is not likely to change.

If I had no choice between being undressed or undressing myself, I had to choose the latter.


「I understand.」


With a short reply, Sendai-san’s hand leaves the T-shirt.


I drop my gaze and let out a small breath.

Slowly I looked up to see Sendai-san, who was wearing only her underwear covering her upper body, though it was obvious, and I was about to take off my T-shirt as well.


The impossible situation makes my head spin.

There is no other word for this but ridiculous.


I shouldn’t have to listen to Sendai-san.

If I got up now and went to the kitchen to get something to eat, I wouldn’t have to deal with this nonsense.


「Miyagi, after all, do you want me to undress you」


Sendai-san smiles and grabs my arm with considerable force.


「I’ll take it off myself.

You’ll have to look in a different place.」


I don’t say I won’t let her get away, but I tell Sendai-san that I’m trying to keep her from escaping.


「Why Even Miyagi was looking at me, right」

「I only watched it because Sendai-san told me to watch it.」

「But you still watched it, so I guess I have a right to watch it too.」

「You have no right to do that.

Look somewhere else.」


I put my hand on Sendai-san’s cheek and made her turn toward the bed.

But she quickly turned to me and said, teasingly.


「Miyagi, you are too conscious.」


I take off my T-shirt at once, as if the words assume a special meaning in trying to escape her gaze.


The stare’s hurt.


What’s funny is that Sendai-san is staring at me, which makes me uncomfortable.

I can’t hide my body because if I do, I will be teased again.


If I was going to show it anyway, I would have preferred some prettier underwear.


What I am wearing today is a typical white underwear, which of course I did not choose on the premise that I would take off my clothes in public.


「I took it off, but… What do we do after this」


When I looked at Sendai-san, saying it as if it was nothing as much as possible, she raised her eyebrows as if she was troubled for a moment.

But she quickly raised the corners of her mouth to smile and patted my side.


「You don’t have to do that.」


The hands that touch me with no separation tickle me and I try to catch my arms, but she pinch my sides before I can catch her.


「Wait, Sendai-san—」


I brush Sendai-san’s hand away and press down on my side.


「So soft and pleasant.」

「I feel disgusted.」

「It’s fine.

Just a little touch.」

「It’s not fine.

Don’t touch me.」

「Well, then, you can just watch.」


I don’t know what “then” is, but Sendai-san gives me an unreserved look.


「I don’t want that either.」


Seeing Sendai-san is fine, but being seen is not.

If we keep doing this, I will always remain at Sendai-san’s pace.



Your face, it’s slightly red.」


Sendai-san’s hand slowly and gently touches my cheek.

Then, her palm presses down on it as if to copy the heat.


Just like that, my heart beat so loud I almost forgot how to breathe, and I pulled her hand away.


「I’m embarrassed to wear that red.

And I’m not as stylish as Sendai-san.」

「Girls are prettier with a little meat on them.」

「I really dislike that about Sendai-san.」

「So you have a favorite part of me」



I answered immediately and turns to the side.

As it was, I hugged my knees and Sendai-san flattened my arm.


「Think about it a little.

You’re hurting me.」


Her voice is lighter than her words, and she doesn’t sound hurt.

But I did not see her, and I did not know what kind of face Sendai-san had on as she uttered those words.


「I like Miyagi quite a bit.」


A deliberately cheerful voice comes from next to me.


「Sendai-san, the heat must be killing your brain.」

「Maybe so.

Miyagi, you have to take care of me.」

「I’m not going to do it.

I mean, don’t lean on me.」


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But Sendai-san would not leave me.

Our shoulders are still attached to each other as if we are shoulder to shoulder, and her long hair tickles my arm.


「My brain is dying.

I can’t move.」

「That joke, it’s not funny.」

「Just be funny, a little bit.」


Sendai-san says in a bored tone.



It’s hot.

Also you’re heavy.」


I don’t know about others because I’ve never been close enough to mix body temperatures from the parts of others who have taken off their clothes to stick together.

However, Sendai-san’s body was hot, beyond warm.


「Aren’t you being rude to call me heavy」

「I’m not being rude.

Get out of my way so I can get dressed.」


When I press on Sendai-san’s shoulder, which is sticky and attached to the arm, the arm is entangled and the part that is attached increases.


「Sendai-san, this is now an order.

Do as you’re told.」

「Today’s order, taking off my clothes, and that’s it.」

「Why do you make up your own rules」

「It’s summer vacation.

Let’s have a little freedom.

It’s more fun that way, you know」

「I hate summer vacation and I don’t enjoy it.」

「It’s fine.

You said this kind of thing happened for about a day.」

「It’s not fine.」


Arms and arms are tangled together, and there is no escape.

Sendai-san’s arm is touching my side.

I think it is never a good idea to have a situation where parts of the body that normally would not stick together are sticking together.


Even with Maika and the others, I would not do this.

But the sensation of Sendai-san and my body temperature becoming one was not bad.


「Oh, right.

Miyagi, what are your plans for the Bon Festival」

「I don’t have any.」


Bon Festival has only one day with my father and one other appointment with Maika and her family.

The date of Sendai-san’s visit conflicts with an appointment with Maika and others, but I can either refuse or ask her to move it.


「Then, let’s study at Bon Festival too.」


Saying that, Sendai-san leans on me as if she is going to take all of my weight.


「Sendai-san, I told you it’s hot!」

「It’s alright.

I’m also feeling hot.」

「What’s that」


To my words, Sendai-san says,「Maybe it’s because it’s summer,」which is not an answer.

I thought I could hear a heartbeat that was louder than usual, but I wasn’t sure if it was mine or Sendai-san’s.


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