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Chapter 58

Sendai-san always goes for the extra mile — 58

Translated by KaiesV

Edited by KaiesV


「Is that okay」


Sendai-san looks at me, smiling only with hee mouth.


We have different movies that we find interesting.


Such things often happen with Maika and my friends, so it is not a big problem that Sendai-san and I have different tastes in movies.


The problem is her attitude.

Sendai-san, with her smile still stuck to her face, seems somewhat distant.


「I knew it, I don’t think Sendai-san and I will ever be friends.」


Today, I catch the words that have been floating around in my mind for a long time and speak them.


I thought that if I did with her what I would do with a friend, I might be able to rebuild our crumbling relationship even if we never became friends, but that was all in my mind.


I don’t enjoy being with Sendai-san who tries to be my friend, and I don’t want to be with her like that.

And I didn’t want to undo a twisted relationship by choosing to be with her like that.

But she continues her futile efforts.


「Not even half a day later, you have your results.」


Sendai-san says calmly and drinks barley tea.


「You could go on like this for hours and it wouldn’t make a difference.」

「What’s wrong with that」


Now, Sendai-san, that’s disgusting.」

「You don’t have to say that much.」


Finally, with a big sigh, Sendai-san put her glass on the table.


「Miyagi wanted to play friend, so I just responded to her request.」

「I did not request this.」

「You invited me to go to a movie, so it’s like you requested it.」

「But it was Sendai-san who first suggested we go see a movie.」

「Miyagi said she was going to see it, too.」


After saying this in a resentful tone, Sendai-san lies down on the bed.

Not quite an adult woman, but not well behaved.

I’m worried that her skirt is going to wrinkle.


「Sendai-san, don’t toss and turn on people’s beds.

You’ll rip your skirt up.」

「As long as Miyagi doesn’t do anything weird, it won’t be flipped.」


I hear an unmotivated reply, and her arm, which is out of bed, jostles me.

Even if she says I was in the way, that thing touching my shoulder doesn’t move.

I catch her arm, which has lost its strength.


The arm, visible through the sleeveless shirt, is surprisingly un-tanned, and I can’t believe she’s walking to my room three times a week under the blazing sun.

I looked at the tips of her beautiful white arms and saw that her nails were decorated with nail polish, although it was not noticeable.


I put my hand on Sendai-san’s shoulder, wondering if she would complain or make a sour face like she usually does when I touch her body.

I trace my fingertips down her arms to her wrists and look at her.

But Sendai-san said nothing and remained unwilling to do anything about it.


I bring my face just a little higher than her wrist.

When I put my lips on it as it was, she pushed my head down.


「I told you not to do anything weird.

It’s because Miyagi did so.」


Sendai-san sounded in a bad mood and glared at me.

At the sight of her, I think I have finally met the Sendai-san I know.


I knew it, this is the kind of Sendai-san I prefer.


I’m sure I felt that way, but as I looked at her grumpy face, a tingling pain spread through my body like a needle prick, and I clutched at her arm, my fingers clutching at her arm as if to cling to her.


「It’s okay to touch them a little bit.」


I speak to her without changing the tone of my voice.


「It’s not a touch, it’s a kiss.

That was just now.

Miyagi does this to her friend.」

「I don’t make friends, but Sendai-san is not my friend.

Besides, you’re done playing friend.」


Be right by my side and see me on my days off.


We talked about unimportant things several times a week, and we could have been friends.

But whether it was not a good beginning, or whether it has been the wrong time, the world that calls Sendai-san a friend is not coming.


I put my lips on Sendai-san’s arm again.

But this time, she pulls my hair before my lips touch.


「You know what, if you’re not my friend, it doesn’t mean you can do anything you want.」


After saying this in a strong tone, Sendai-san taps me on the forehead.

She was gentle and kind, but I can’t see a shred of her where she disappeared to.


「If Sendai-san says it’s okay to do whatever I want, I don’t see a problem.」


No problem, that’s a lie.


No good can come from piling these things on top of each other.

I know this, but I cannot resist the desire to touch Sendai-san.


In the first place, this would not have happened if Sendai-san had gone back to her own house in a mature manner.

This is what happens when you are in my room as a matter of course.


Instead of sighing, I set my teeth on her arm.


「Miyagi, it hurts.」


I don’t bite that hard.

But Sendai-san was in exaggerated pain, then added,「I didn’t say you could do anything you wanted.」


「Well, then, just say it’s okay, quickly.」

「I don’t have the right to give orders to Miyagi today.」


Sendai-san said in a troublesome manner and sat up.

She then sat down, using the bed as a chair, and stroked the bite mark soothingly.


「What if you have the right」


I know the right to give orders and I know how to get these Sendai-san.

So I get up, take out my wallet from my bag, and put a 5,000 yen bill in front of Sendai-san.


「This is fine, right You take my orders.」

「Giving 5,000 yen won’t solve everything.

Besides, I already got the 5,000 yen.」

「That’s for your tutoring service.

This is for the instruction I’m about to give you, so take it.」


I am not convinced and tries to force her to receive her 5,000 yen, but she doesn’t accept it.

Instead, she kicked me in the leg and said in a clear voice,「I don’t want it.」


I put the 5,000 yen that has nowhere else to go on the bed and sit down next to her.



Listen to what I am saying.」


This is an action that is not in the rules and can be refused.

In fact, Sendai-san does not accept 5,000 yen.

The 5,000 yen on the bed continues to lie cramped between me and Sendai-san.


It may be impossible.


When I gave up and reached for the 5,000 yen, Sendai-san exhaled loudly and kicked the floor.


「——I’m not saying you can do anything you want, but if you want to touch me so badly, then touch me.」


She turns to me, saying as if she has given up.

The places where touching is allowed and the ways of touching that are allowed are not specified.


I quietly touch her cheek.


I don’t hear her say no or refuse it.

I strokes her fingertips to her chin and touches her lips in the same way.

She didn’t seem to complain when I moved my face closer to her, so I just kept my lips on hers.


But they only touched lightly, and then quickly moved away.

I looked at Sendai-san, unsure of the softness and heat of her overlapping lips, and heard her frustrated voice.


「Here, I don’t think I’d call it touching.」

「You never said anything about touching with just my hands.」

「Really, it’s irritating.」


Her tone of voice could have been angry, but Sendai-san remained seated and did not move.

She does not run away from me and continues to sit on the bed.

So I touched Sendai-san again with my lips.


She is not my friend, so I don’t care if I kiss her.


It may be a technicality, but I don’t think even Sendai-san can complain since she has kissed me several times.

Besides, if she don’t like it, she can run away.


I put my lips on hers harder than before to check the feel of her lips.

Sendai-san’s lips, closer than anyone else’s, are as soft as they were a few days ago.


My lips and her lips are put together.


I don’t know why such a simple thing feels so good.

And it makes me want to touch more and get closer to Sendai-san.


Almost there.


I grab Sendai-san’s hand and put my lips more closely together.

I felt more heat than softness, and when I let go of her lips, she hit me on the head with a pillow.


「Here, can’t I do it for you」


Holding a pillow, Sendai-san looks at me.


「Sendai-san, no, because you’re going for the extra mile.」


It would be nice if it was just a kiss, but that is not the case with Sendai-san.

If you give her an order, she will try to do more than the order.


In the first place, Sendai-san should not ask me such an unnecessary question.

All she has to do is reject me.


I think she should do that if she wants to spend the few remaining summer holidays in peace.

But Sendai-san said it as if kissing was part of her daily routine.


「As long as I don’t go the extra mile.」

「Not today.」

「Are you saying that some days are better than others if it’s not today」

「Shut up, Sendai-san.」


I put my face close to Sendai-san’s, as if to shut her mouth, as if she was saying a lot of things I don’t need.


Sendai-san calls me「Miyagi.」

But I kissed her without replying.


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