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Today, after the short winter break and the opening ceremony, I am in Miyagis room.


It was the reason that I was summoned.


She is lounging in bed to play along with the usual games of command.

I entered the room, and received the 5,000 yen.

For a while after that, its like free time, and Miyagi doesnt give me any orders.

At first, I didnt like this empty, blank time, but now I find it more relaxing than at school.


I had read most of the books lined up on the bookshelves, but I was comfortable enough in this space to lie on my bed with my favorite manga in my hand.


「Sendai-san, what did you do over winter break」


Miyagi says in an emotionless voice, her back against the bed.


「Ive been studying.」


Im not lying.

I was attending winter classes at a prep school to prepare for exams.

In between studying, I had time to meet with Umina and her friends to eat pancakes amd buy clothes, so winter break was busy for me.


「Have you studied Miyagi」

Her grades not bad but not that good, and I am often forced to do homework on her weak subjects.


「I didnt.」

「Homework, did you do it all」

「I did, but I wanted to ask Sendai-san.」

「Calls during vacations are not part of our contract.」

「I know.」


Miyagi even sighs in disappointment, then starts reading a manga and the conversation breaks off.


She and I have nothing in common.

I tried talking to her about school, TV, dramas, magazine, etc., but Miyagi seemed uninterested or just made tedious responses.

So I abandoned the idea of enjoying a conversation with her.

Finding a hint to a conversation with Miyagi is as difficult as finding a ring I dropped in the ocean.


When a conversation with her breaks off, there is no use in trying to force a connection by tying it up.

I have learned over the past few months that a broken conversation should remain broken.


In the silence of the room, I take off my blazer and drop it under the bed.


Miyagi may be cold, but this room is always hot.


I loosen my tie and unbutton one button of my blouse.

As I lay back on the bed and picked my manga, Miyagi said,


「Come here.」



Sit here.」


Miyagi stands up and points to where she was sitting.


What will happen now

I dont need to be told.

But I sit under the bed and listen deliberately.


「What do you want me to do」

「Undress me.」


Miyagi said as she sat up in bed.

Her words were predictable, and her feet were placed on my thighs.


At the end of December, I licked Miyagis feet for the first time, an order reaching the limit from reading an erotic manga aloud.

Since then, I have been called once before winter break and ordered to rearrange the bookshelf, and today I am supposed to lick her feet again.


In front of me are healthy legs that are not dark, but not white either.

I pull her socks off and touch the soles of her feet, which are usually covered.

When I run my fingertips from ball of the foot to the base of the thumb, the foot shakes.


「Lick it.」


Miyagi says in a low voice, perhaps not liking the fact that I stroked her sole.


「I get it.」


I answer shortly and put my hand on her heel.

I bring my face close to hers and run my tongue over the slightly cold back of her feet.


I dont know what Miyagi was thinking, but I think shes really trying break into a very niche genre by having me lick her feet.

I cant imagine Miyagi starting with a reading of an eromanga and ending with foot licking, which is what I saw at school.


She was plain, unremarkable, and I only remembered her name.

If it hadnt been for the fact that I couldnt find my wallet at the bookstore, we might never have spoken.


I am now licking the feet of such a girl.

It was soft, and smooth.


But, its not tasty.


Its a human foot thats being licked, of course.

But its not that I dont like it.

I press the tip of my tongue against the base of the toes and lick up toward the ankle.


Slowly, taking my time.


Then I released my tongue, looks up and sees Miyagi.

She looks like she was feeling good.

Her cheeks are a little red.


It was the same the other day.

After licking her foot, she was breathing a little harder and her cheeks were stained.

Im sure she doesnt realize it.


「Go on, Sendai-san.」


I didnt reply, but set my teeth on Miyagis toes.

Strongly, I bite hard, hard enough to get teeth marks.

Miyagis legs moves to resist and she grabs my head.


「Dont do it like that, it hurts.」


I released her toes as I was told and heard a small exhale.


The first time she told me to lick her feet, I bit her toes because I wanted to rebel against her.


I have no resistance on following her orders.

Still, I felt disrespected and offended when she told me to lick her feet.


So, I bit her.

But, nows different.

I bit her because Miyagis reactions was interesting.


Her voice was gravelly as she ordered to me stop, saying it hurt, and I felt my own body temperature rise a little.

Her legs felt like they were shaking a little.


Maybe she thought she might get bitten again.


I, for one, would have loved to see Miyagi like that again.

Perhaps she is wary, but even now, when I press my tongue against her toes, her legs shake and tremble.


I put my lips on the back of her foot.

I touch them a few times as if kissing her and she pulls my hair.


「Sendai-san, dont do that.

That kind of thing is disgusting.」


Her gaze is sharp.

But the hair being pulled wasnt so much as painful.


「Really Didnt that felt good」


It feels disgusting.」


The hair that had been gripped is released.

Miyagis eyebrows were furrowed but her cheeks were still stained.


Her face, I dont hate it.

Shes not particularly pretty, but she could be classified as pretty.

I thought she would look prettier with makeup, but she didnt seem to be interested in it.

I think its a shame, but theres no need to go out of my way to tell her.


I kissed Miyagis leg.

Her breathing was not disordered, so perhaps the red cheeks were due to the heat of the room.

Still, Miyagi would show me a different face than usual, and I was beginning to think that licking her feet was no big deal.


「Ill give it a good licking.」


I was lightly kicked in the shoulder.


「Im against violence.」


She pressed down on my shoulder, which didnt hurt, and Miyagi said again,「Lick it.」


I shut up and touch the back of her foot with the tip of my tongue.

She thinks she is the one giving the orders, but I just let her give them.


The initiative is mine.

If I want to disobey, I can always do so.

I can rebel against the contract and walk out of here.


But Im here because I feel more at home than Miyagis room than at home.

I let my tongue crawl on the back of Miyagis slightly cold feet.


Touching the backs of her feet with my lips.

Miyagis foot shakes slightly.


Maybe even if I become a third year or change classes, Miyagi will still call me up and give me 5,000 yen.

And I would receive it.


I dont want the 5,000 yen.


I just want to watch Miyagi for a while longer, content to believe that she is ordering me around and doing what she says.

Thats why, I would like to keep Miyagi company in er silly games at least while she in high school.


It would be different in college anyway, and it would be only for now.


Considering its only for a limited time, the current relationship is not bad.

I part my lips and lets out a small puff.

Then I set my teeth on Miyagis ankle.


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