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Chapter 62

What Miyagi, who is not my friend, does — 62

Translated by KaiesV

Edited by KaiesV


In the darkness, Miyagi’s body heat crawls over my neck.

A hand, feeling no other intention, goes down to the collarbone in a clerical manner.


I thought she was going to do something different than usual, but as she said, she was going to do the same thing she always does.

Whether my hands are tied or blindfolded, what Miyagi does has not changed.

Probably touching it the same way she always do.


But it didn’t seem the same to me.


Because I am deprived of sight.


I think that’s why.

Miyagi’s hands, which should be the same as usual, feel as if they are wriggling, as if they are absorbing body heat.


The heat tickles and makes me want to brush Miyagi’s hand away, but I can’t because my tie is in the way.


「Miyagi really is a pervert, right」


I exhale long, thin breaths to release the heat that crawls over my skin.


My wrists are bound and I am blindfolded.


I think Miyagi is a maniac for doing this to a former classmate.

I had my wrists tied once before, but this was more perverse than that time.


「Just shut up.」


I hear an unfriendly voice and her hand stops on my collarbone.


「If you want me to shut up, Miyagi should be the one talking.」


I know she is next to me, but when she remains silent, I wonder if the hand on my collarbone is really Miyagi’s.


「I don’t want to.」


Miyagi says curtly.


She’s really stingy.

Talking doesn’t diminish anything, and it’s okay to move her mouth a little bit.


But Miyagi does not speak.

She slips her hand in silence.


I feel her heat through the cloth.

A hand is placed under my collarbone, just above my heart.


Except for the immoral act of paying 5,000 yen for an order that leads to a kiss, Miyagi is well behaved.

Her kisses are just a touch, and my body is just a surface caress.

It was a very short time, so short that I don’t think it was worth the 5,000 yen, and always such an act was over quickly.


I thought it would be the same today.


But Miyagi will not stop.

She touches my cheek with what seems to be her lips.


A hand placed over my heart moves and strokes my shoulder.

The heat I felt on the surface of my cheek left, and now I felt the fresh warm air on my neck.

And soon, something soft clung to my neck.


Over and over and over again.


With a small sound, she kisses me and my consciousness is focused there.

It’s not so much pleasant as unsettling, like dandelion fluff clinging to me.


With my eyes covered with towels and my senses heightened by being forcibly deprived of light, I can’t seem to accept what I used to be able to accept.


I want to push Miyagi away, but I can’t.

Instead of a hand that has lost its freedom, I make a voice that frees me.


「Miyagi, wait.」


She doesn’t seem to intend to reply, and the heat doesn’t leave my neck.

I kicked Miyagi’s leg, then, and the lips that had been repeatedly kissing parted.




Miyagi says in an exaggerated voice despite the light kick.


「How long are you going to do this」

「I don’t have to answer that.」


With a sardonic voice, heat clings to my neck.

From the magnitude and softness of the heat, I know it is a hand.


Her fingertips stroke under my chin, fidgeting as if searching for a vein.


I want to see what she looks like doing this.


When touching me, Miyagi sometimes makes a subtle face.

I’m wondering if she still look like that, although less and less these days.


But I also don’t want to see such faces if possible.


I almost think that being deprived of sight might be a good thing, and I soon regret it.


Miyagi’s lips touch my cheek and her hand glides softly over my ear, caressing it.

I begin to care more about her lips, her hands, than her face.


Both her hands and lips are terribly ticklish, even though the touch seems to have no deep meaning.

I tried to move my wrists bound by the tie to stop Miyagi’s hands, but the restraining cloth would not come off.

Miyagi’s hand keeps moving as if testing my reason.


From neck to shoulder.

She strokes my arm and crawls down my side.

Hands crawling over my body descend to my thighs and continue to touch me through the cloth.


It’s somewhere between disgusting and ticklish.


That’s the kind of sensation Miyagi’s hands give me, and that’s the way it’s always been.

But before I knew it, a feeling that shouldn’t have been there was trying to come between the two, and I strongly told Miyagi, who didn’t try to stop herself.


「Miyagi, stop.」


This is definitely not a good idea.


I can’t let this continue, even if I say it’s a clerical move.

But Miyagi doesn’t seem to have any intention of stopping and keeps touching me.


「I said stop.

I told you not to do anything strange, remember」

「It’s not weird, what I’m doing is the same thing I’ve always done.」

「You’re doing weird things.」

「No, I’m not.」


Miyagi asserts.

There is no mistake that what she is doing is the same thing she has always done.

We just have different definitions of weird.


But I’m not going to discuss the definition of weird, and there is no way I can say why I asked her to stop.


「Then, can you tell me if I say any more is against the rules」


When I asked, Miyagi stopped her hand.


「I’m not undressing you, I’m just touching you」

「Yes, but it’s against the rules.

If you still want to continue, I’ll be seriously pissed.」


Not taking off your clothes is not the only rule.

There is also the promise of no violence and no sex.


I take orders, but I won’t sell my body.

So any more is against the rules.


「You’re already angry.」

「If that’s how I feel, then stop.」


I at least have knowledge of where this act, which I now take for granted, has led me.

Even Miyagi probably has some.


We both know what lies ahead, so we would have made sure we never ended up there.

I too have neglected the rules too much since summer vacation, taking off my Miyagi and kissing it, but I think the last resort should be upheld.


「Then, this ends here.」


Then Miyagi grabs my shoulder.


You’re touching me.


Before I can complain, something soft touches my neck.

As soon as I realized it was her lips, I was lightly bristled and quickly pulled away.

But neither the tie nor the towel is removed.

My body is not still free.


「If you’re done, take it off.」

「Turn around your back.」


As I follows Miyagi’s words, the tie that binds my wrists is untied.


「Then you can take it off yourself.」


A callous voice is heard, and Miyagi’s presence becomes distant.


I take the blindfold off myself and pick up the barley tea on the table.

I then sit back on the bed and complains to Miyagi’s back as she puts her tie away in the closet.


「Miyagi is a pervert, a lewd person.」

「Shut up, Sendai-san.」

「It’s bad enough that Miyagi does weird things.」

「I didn’t.

It’s Sendai-san who is weird.」


Miyagi complains and sits down at the table.

I throw the towel at her and declare.


「Ugh, no more of this kind of thing.」

「What kind of thing」

「The tying or blindfolding.」

「You’re adding more rules on your own again.」

「It’s not a rule, but it’s prohibited.」

「If it’s not a rule, then why not do it」


I don’t know if she really intends to do the same thing again, but I am dizzy with the thought that Miyagi would do it.


She’s not joking.

I don’t want something like today to happen again and again in the future.


「It’s not fine.」


Clearly, I’m going to drink up my barley tea.


Summer vacation will soon be over.

The few remaining days off should go off without a hitch, and that’s the plan.


A short break would be nice, though.


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