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Chapter 71

Miyagi is too unrestrained — 71

Translated by KaiesV

Edited by KaiesV


I entered Miyagi’s room and unbutton one of my blouse.

The air is as delicate as ever, but I’m getting used to it.


After receiving the 5,000 yen and sitting in place, Miyagi brings a glass of barley tea and cider and places it on the table.

Then, after some hesitation, she sat down next to me.

It’s a little further away than before, but I’m relieved to see one side filled for the first time since the summer vacation ended.


Everything is not quite back to normal, but it is getting closer to being back to normal.


Sometimes things don’t work out, but that is inevitable.

If I do things the same way I did before the summer break, even if only in form, my feelings will eventually follow suit.


Miyagi spreads out the textbooks and handouts on the table without a word.

I don’t know if she is motivated or not, but she maturely fills in the printouts.

I too open my textbook and notebook and begin to do my homework.


What I said to Miyagi last time,「You should take the same college as me,」 were irresponsible words.

Miyagi told me that there was way she could go, but I think it would not be difficult as it is.


After the summer vacation, we both studied together.

The number of times Miyagi says to me,「I don’t understand, so teach me,」has definitely decreased.

Still, I don’t think it will reach the pass line.


However, if she do it diligently now, she might be accepted.

It requires her motivation, and I am willing to teach her to study if Miyagi says she will go to the same university.

But I cannot force them to do so.


Just because we went to the same university doesn’t mean anything.

The end date is set and I agree with it.


I just somehow thought it would be fun to have Miyagi at the same university.




I hear Miyagi’s voice and I look up.


「Did you miss something」

「It’s not about that.

What was that today」


I knew it.


Why Miyagi called me two days in a row.

I knew what it was, but I pretended not to know.


「What’s that」

「You grabbed my hand in the hallway.」

「I was just trying to pick up something that Miyagi dropped off.」

「You don’t have to grab my wrist or anything, do you」

「It’s just a little help, that’s all.」

「I don’t think I’d call that one a hit.」


This is problematic.

I don’t want to be pursued for something I don’t want to talk about.

Besides, Miyagi would be in trouble if I told the truth.


It is better for both of us to keep quiet about the thought that I didn’t want to return Miyagi to my friend.


「…What do I want you to answer I will tell Miyagi what she wants me to say, so say it.」


I propose a peaceful solution.


If there are words she want me to say, I would like to say her and be done with it.

Prolonging this conversation will not result in a mutually satisfactory outcome, so it is better to end it quickly, whether it is appropriate or not.


But I know that Miyagi will not be satisfied with such an answer.


「That’s not what I want you to do.」

「Then, what」

「Tell me the reason why you grabbed me.」

「I wanted to touch Miyagi, so I just touched you.」


I mention a part of the reason why I grabbed her.


「What’s that Answer me properly.」

「I answered.」

「So what was the reason you wanted to touch me」


You shouldn’t ask those questions.

It’s more peaceful that way.


「You know, Miyagi, you’re asking because you know I won’t answer, right」


I ask to break up the barrage of questions, but there is no answer.

I have no choice but to speak the following line.


「I don’t have to have a reason, I just have to want to touch you.」


Then I reach for Miyagi.


She is a little further away than usual, but I can reach Miyagi right next to me.

I touch her cheek and press my palm against it.

Miyagi’s face contorts into a grimace, but she doesn’t let go of my hand.


The body heat flowing in from the attached area is pleasant, and I slide my hand from her cheek to touch her neck.


Not that I want anything more than this right now, but I think my feelings for Miyagi are impure.


「I don’t want to touch you for no reason.」

「If you say so, Miyagi must have a reason when she touches me, right」



Miyagi was at a loss for words.

Then, instead of speaking the rest of the story, she peeled off my hand.


「Sendai-san, I don’t understand.

You do all kinds of weird things at school and here.」


Miyagi says in a low voice and drops her gaze.


「I don’t understand it either—— Miyagi, hurry up and give orders today.」


I am not confident that I can stay in this uneventful situation.

I know that the screw that stops reason from working in front of Miyagi is useless.


Though we have the same shape as usual, we have not yet been able to return to our original form.

Shapes are easily broken with the slightest provocation.


It is better to be ordered than to have something happen as it is.

Miyagi should only give bland orders, so the situation will be better than it is now.


「Then let me pierce you.」


Without looking up, Miyagi uttered the word “piercing,” which was so unexpected that I couldn’t help but look back at her.




Piercing Sendai-san’s ear」


Miyagi looks up and tugs at my earlobe, perhaps in retaliation for touching her ear yesterday.


「Definitely not.」


I assure, I’m headed for Miyagi.

I don’t want something that stays behind like a piercing.


Miyagi is quick to want to make marks and has actually made marks on me.

I’ve allowed that to happen until now, but that’s because those marks are quickly disappearing.


But piercing is different.

I can’t just accept it the same way I have always accepted it.


「Why is it not good」

「It’s against the school rules.」


I grab Miyagi’s arm as my hand, which has no intention of refraining, continues to touch my ear in a fluffy manner.

If I pull hard enough, the fingers that were pinching the earlobe will honestly move away, and the voice will change to an unspoken one.


「Sendai-san, your skirt is too short, your hair is dyed, and you’re already in violation.」

「This is about as acceptable as it gets.」

「What do you mean, Sendai-san, it’s always the same.」

「You know what I mean」

「You make up rules on your own and look like it’s the norm.」

「That’s fine, I could at least make up some rules.

Besides, the teacher doesn’t get mad at me for my skirt and hair, so that means it’s not so much of a violation.」


School rules are not so strict.

Although they are tightly defined in writing, the teachers who administer them are not as strict as they are in writing.

If I follow them for the most part, I won’t be offended, and I will be considered to be following the school rules.


I make a rule to stay within the “ballpark” and I stick to it.


「That’s not fair.」

「If you think it’s not fair, Miyagi can do it too.

You’d look prettier with a shorter skirt.」


I grabbed Miyagi’s halfway length skirt and tugged a little, and before I could make it short enough to not be offended, I was hit on the back of the hand.


「Fine, at this length.

I don’t care about that.

Just let me get your ears pierced next time.」

「You should get another order.

That kind of thing is against the rules.」


I said it once and for all.

But Miyagi looked like she wasn’t about to give up.


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