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Chapter 72

Miyagi is too unrestrained — 72

Translated by KaiesV

Edited by KaiesV


I am not convinced.


Miyagi, who does not say so clearly but only speaks in those kinds of terms, seems to be obsessed with the order to have the piercing opened.

But no matter how insistent she was, the reply is the same.

Even though I accept most orders, there are some that I cannot accept.


「I’m not gonna let you open it.」


I tell her to make sure.


「What is it about piercing that is against the rules」

「It’s against the rules to make scars that will stay on my body forever.

It’s a similar act of violence.

I mean, what kind of piercing are you trying to make me wear Let me see.」


I have no intention of accepting Miyagi’s order, but I am curious what kind of earrings she has prepared.

But Miyagi did not bring out the earrings and said in a quieter voice than before.


「I haven’t prepared it yet, but if you don’t mind me opening it, I’ll get it.」

「You don’t have to buy them, and I don’t know why you’re piercing my ears.」

「…I just want to experiment to see if the teacher gets angry.

I think Sendai-san should be warned once in a while.」


Miyagi blurts out reasons that may or may not be true, but it was not very interesting.

Either way, it’s reason enough to complain.


「Don’t try to experiment on people.

Come up with a better reason.」

「What if there was a better reason」

「It’s not fine.」


I don’t know where Miyagi’s true intentions lie, but I think the order to have the piercing opened is too heavy a mandate.


I don’t want something that will stay on my body forever, even if I go to a different university in the future and never see Miyagi again.

I don’t want my body to be etched with the time we spent alone together.


「Then, don’t move for a moment.」


Miyagi utters a word that I can only imagine is disgusting.


「What are you doing」


There’s no reply.

Instead, a hand reaches out.

But the hand lands on my shoulder without touching my ear.


Is it intentional that Miyagi wants to leave traces on me


I am not sure what she is thinking, even though she is right in front of me.

Although we are having more conversations than when I first came to this room, I often don’t know what she was really thinking.


I couldn’t decide whether her desire to have me wear earrings that she didn’t have ready was impulsive or something she could barely bring herself to say.


It seems terribly difficult to get close to each other through superficial conversation.

But it was easy to zero in on the distance between our bodies, and Miyagi put her lips to my ear.


Her dark hair sways and I smell the soft scent of shampoo.


Our lips that have touched many times in the past easily fit into my body.

It seems natural to me that Miyagi is closer to me than anyone else, but I still had reason to believe that I should not accept it.


「Wait, Miyagi.」


A push on the shoulder.

The heat leaves the area where we are touching each other, and I hear a voice in my ear.


「Sendai-san won’t let me get her ears pierced, so this is my replacement.」


A hand shakes as it presses on Miyagi’s shoulder, too close to the voice.

The exhaled breath tickles as it caresses my ear.


「Just be mature about it.

It’s not like it’s going to hurt you, it’s a simple order, you know」


I heard a voice as light as a snack food, and something damp caressed my ear.


Immediately I know it is a tongue.


It was warm and fresh against me, and when it moved, I felt uncomfortable and restless.

But this kind of thing has happened in the past.

On the one hand, I feel I must follow reason, but on the other hand, I am trying to convince myself that this is not enough of an order to refuse.


As I am obediently obeying the order, I feel a hard object hit my earlobe.


Maybe it’s the teeth, and in these situations nothing fragile happens.


「Miyagi, get away from me.」


Past experience puts Miyagi’s shoulders to the wheel.

But Miyagi doesn’t move.

Her teeth pinch my earlobe and bite hard.


「That hurts.」


A tap on the shoulder with the word, and a tooth sticks in the earlobe.


The bite is full of force.

I don’t remember ever having an earache before, but it hurts so much that this day is etched in my memory.


No, it’s not so much that it hurts, it’s that it’s hot.

I can’t even smell her shampoo.


「I told you it’s hurts.」


Bang, I slapped Miyagi’s body, and her body shook with a jolt.

A distance easily approached is easily separated.


「Miyagi, you seriously bite too much.

This is worse than getting a piercing.

Not only the hole, but my ear will be torn off.」

「I didn’t bite that hard.」


I’ve never had a piercing before, but surely it couldn’t hurt this bad.

Miyagi had that much teeth in my ear.

I do not know where this impulse of hers comes from.


「You’re biting me.

It’s not true that you don’t do anything that could cause a wound, this is just not the case.

Miyagi really is an idiot.」


There is no blood on it.

But I can’t believe it.


I feel blood coming from somewhere, and when I try to get a tissue from under the table, it disappears, covered with a crocodile cover.


「Don’t take that with you.」


I complain to Miyagi, who holds the crocodile box.


「Because it’s not a wound.」


Miyagi said as an excuse and put the box of tissues on the table.


She don’t like my attitude for not following orders.


That’s what I think it would be.

But Miyagi has changed.


At times like this, it used to seem like she was just trying to be funny by doing something I didn’t like, but not anymore.

She don’t look like I was having a good time.

More to the point, she looks anxious.


She was too selfish after doing terrible things on myself.

She deserved it and I don’t have to give in.


「You can’t look at me like that.」


I take a tissue from the alligator sitting on the table and wipe my ears.

The flimsy paper is still white and there is no blood on it.


「I don’t think it’s any different than usual.」


Miyagi says with a different look than usual and tries to take the crocodile away from me, so I slap her hand.


「If I look in the mirror…」

「You can’t.」


Miyagi’s expression clouds over even more.

She look as helpless as puppies or kittens left behind, and I begin to feel as if I have done something wrong.


「——No pain, you know.」


Words spilling out that seem to condone Miyagi’s actions.


We shouldn’t be doing these acts now, but a little bit is okay.


It is not my intention but Miyagi’s fault that I am thinking that way.

It is all Miyagi’s fault for looking unreliable.


「Is it fine」

「It’s an order, you know」


I tug on Miyagi’s blouse to convey my willingness to follow orders.


Yes, it’s an order, so I have no choice.


As long as it is within the rules, I have no right to refuse.

So I have no choice but to accept Miyagi.


「Well, then, just be quiet.」


I hear again the words I heard earlier, and my body temperature approaches.


Hesitantly, something warm and raw touches my ear and crawls over to lick away the pain that remains after the bite.

The tip of the tongue is pressed against more than the area where the teeth touch.

There is no disgust in the separation and touch.


The teeth hit the earlobe.

The pain comes back and I involuntarily grab Miyagi’s arm.


But the bite was not strong, this time it was soft.

A hard object pinches my ear, as if testing how much strength is allowed.

The teeth, which I can tell are mindful of not causing pain, touch loosely and gently.


The stimulation is supposed to be small, but that’s all I feel.

I find that my nerves are gathered in my ears, and I am restless.


I feel Miyagi’s breathing in my ear.

The sound of exhaling is so close that it makes my heart flutter.

And yet, I feel at ease when Miyagi is within reach.


But it’s overkill.

The stimulation I was given is not what I deserve today.


「Wait, Miyagi.

It doesn’t hurt, but it’s bad.」

「You mean」


Miyagi stopped as she was about to say it.

Then, unusually honestly, she apologized, saying,「Sorry.」


She took a small breath in and exhale slowly, then place the alligator between us.

I then pulled a tissue from behind her back and wiped my ear to remove any trace of Miyagi.


「What is it like for you, Sendai-san, when things are like they are now」


Miyagi says, patting the crocodile’s head.

I almost sigh because she swallowed the words she was about to say, but then she says a line that makes them meaningless.

Learn more




「Why don’t you experience it for yourself」


I irresponsibly reached for Miyagi’s ear.

But she pulls me back exaggeratedly, and my outstretched hand never touches her ear.


「I’m just kidding.」


I say lightly and smile.

Even if I shorten the distance between us, it will only make things more awkward.


Any extra words that come out of my mouth should be wrapped in a joke and thrown away.

But Miyagi said in a very serious voice.


「——If you’ll let me pierce you, sure.」


By okay, I mean that I can do the same thing to Miyagi, and I stare at her unintentionally.


At the cost of piercing my ears, I can do the same thing.


「Are you stupid But that doesn’t matter, Umina said she saw me and Miyagi together.」


Breaking off the dangerous conversation and changing the subject, Miyagi’s attention turned to the word Umina.


「When was that」

「The day we went to see a movie.

I think Umina was there too.

I told her we ran into each other.」

「Did she believed it」


Well, I don’t care if she don’t believe me.」

「I won’t go out with Sendai-san anymore either, so it doesn’t matter.」


Miyagi says coldly and slaps the crocodile on the head.

I leaned back on the bed, looking at her grumpily.


「I know you really want to go out again.」


When I say it deliberately, the answer is immediate.


「I don’t have to go out with Sendai-san anymore.」


At times like this, Miyagi quickly withdraws like the tide recedes.

It’s so graceful that it scares me.

I don’t know if it’s like that for everyone or just for me, so I can’t say anything more.


I think it’s terrible that she approach me when she want to, without regard to my feelings, and then keep me away when she was satisfied.


「And there’s nowhere for the two of us to go.」


This is not what I want to say, but I can’t find any other words.

I sighed one sigh and then threw the alligator at Miyagi.


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