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Sendai-san pinched the truffle with her slender, beautiful fingers, and stuck it to my lips.

When I open my mouth a little wider to eat her entire finger, I am distracted by the sweetness of the powdered sugar as the chocolate touches the tip of my tongue.

I couldnt help but sink my teeth into the truffle and grabbed Sendai-san by the wrist.


「Youre not eating」


The question seems to be a formality, and the truffle is pushed into my mind, ignoring my intentions.

I let go of her wrists l, the sweetness of powdered sugar spread in my mouth even though I had not yet bit into it.


There are five more chocolates.

I put the mischief on her fingers behind me and put the chocolate chunks in my mouth and and bite into them.


Its delicious.


It was sweet, but the sweetness never lingered in my mouth forever.

The truffles melted smoothly on my tongue, and I could have eaten as many as I wanted.


「Your lips are turning white.」


Sendai-san laughs and reaches out her hands.

Her long, thin fingers wipes my lips, and I brush her hands away.


「Too sweet」


I feel frustrated when she asks me what it tastes like, instead of complaining that I violently moved her fingertips away from it.


Its the same Sendai-san I see at school.

She is always laughing in class and I have never seen her angry.


Even in this room, which is not the school, I am tempted to draw a line and drag Sendai-san down to the same place, where she acts as if she is the only one in a different place.


「We are not in school.」


I turn up the heater fan setting once and drink the cider.


「What do you mean」

「Youre being a nice person.」

「Im not acting nice.

Im a nice person.」


Sendai-san says without embarrassment and smiles.


「Here, youre not a nice person, get it If you are a nice person, youd be at least as sweet to me as this chocolate.」

「Ehh—, but Im kind and sweet.

I even bring you chocolate for my friend.」

「Chocolate to a friend, huh, were usually——」


The words “not friends” were not mentioned.

Its probably because its not something I should bother to say.

Whether we are friends or not is not an issue, nor was a friend chocolate being a sign of friendship.


Thats right, it doesnt matter.


「What Whats the rest of it

「Give me another one.」


Opening my mouth to deceive, Sendai-san pick up a pink truffle without pursuing the end of my words.


「Is this fine」

「Its fine.」


I look at her fingers.

The day I ordered Sendai-san to lick my feet, she bit my toes.

She then licked me as if tracing the bite marks.


It hurt, and I was horrified.

It was uncomfortable, yet not as disgusting as I thought it would be.


She gave me feelings I didnt want, and I thought about doing the same thing to her, but I would never want to lick someones feet like Sendai-san did.

So I thought, if its a hand.


One way is to give orders without the roundabout way of going through the chocolate.

But that would be boring.

The inexplicable feelings must come suddenly.


「Here you go.」


As if lured by the soft voice, I opens my mouth wide and bites into the truffle with each of Sendai-sans fingers.

I bite into the truffle with all the strength one would expect from a chocolate chewer.


The tenderness of the chewed meat gives me a feeling of elation similar to that of putting a knife into a thick steak.

I havent had steak with my father recently, though.


「Miyagi, it hurts.」


Sendai-san raised her voice in protest.

But I wont let go.

I set my teeth so hard I can feel her bones.


「Hey, Miyagi, it hurts you know」


A low, strong voice, different from the one I hear at school, stimulates my eardrums.

The room, which had not been hot, is now awfully hot.

The sweetness of the chocolate, the hardness of the bones, and the voice in my head saying, “More.”


I apply a little more force to the teeth that stand on her fingers.

The teeth bit into the skin, and Sendai-sans fingers trembled a little.




A sharp voice releases her fingers.

Then she slowly tastes the remaining chocolate in her mouth.




Sendai-san said quietly, looking at her own fingers.

She doesnt look angry.

But it did look like it was in pain.


「I dont know.

Give me your hand.」


I melted all the truffles and dropped into my stomach and urged her on, and Sendai-san looked a little uncomfortable at the prospect of what was about to happen.

But, she does not defy my words.

The hand that was silently held out to me lands on my lips, even I though I didnt order it.


I touch her fingers with the tip of my tongue.

Slowly tracing the teeth marks I had made, I tugged at Sendai-sans over-cut bangs.


「Your hair, did you cut it」


She says it too short, but only a little.

I didnt cut it too much that Sendai-san who doesnt even talk to me at school, would notice.


There is a gap between us about the size of the Ganges River—— I dont remember how big the Ganges is, but it was clearly carved out.


My heart boggles at Sendai-san noticing the slightly over-cut bangs, even though she should be that far away.


Instead of replying, I tried to bite her finger harder.

But the finger was pushed into mouth faster than that.


A finger, which has entered nearly to the second joint, moves to explore the mouth.

The fingertips touch the mucous membranes of the cheek and the area around the spine tingles.


Uncontrollable emotions welled up.

A funny feeling grows in my chest, like its uncomfortable but I dont want it to stop.


I hate it.


I bite the finger softly as it moves around my mouth.

I press my tongue against it and lick the finger and it pulls out forcefully.


「Did you enjoy it」


I look at Sendai-san, who looks at me as if nothing had happened.

I wonder if she felt the same painful and horrible feeling as I did when I was bitten on the leg.


I dont know.


Sendai-sans smile was so flat that it masked her emotions.

Not getting the response I was expecting, I responded curtly.


「Chocolate still tastes better.」

「I bet it is.

Do you still want some」


Sendai-san says without breaking into a smile.

Now, I hate her face that makes me think that what just happened is nothing.


How could I not like it when she brushes her teeth against my fingers to the point that I scream out in pain, and then licks them Thats why, I have to remove any room for mending from her.




I point to a brown truffle covered in what looks like cocoa powder.


「Open my mouth.」


Sendai-san heard what I said and picked up the third piece of chocolate as requested.


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