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Chapter 80

What I want to do with Miyagi and what Miyagi wants to do with me — 80

Translated by KaiesV

Edited by KaiesV


「I put it on.」


I stroke the pendant top with my fingertips and looks at Miyagi.


I don’t dislike jewelry, but I never wear it with my uniform, which makes me uncomfortable around my chest.


「I’ll know when I see it.」

「That’s not what I meant.

Don’t you have something to say」

「Can I touch it」

「Say what you think.」


I would have asked for feedback, not permission to touch, but Miyagi’s hand reaches out as if it were a matter of course.

I didn’t expect Miyagi to say it looked good on me, even though I was flattered, so I assumed I wouldn’t get any feedback.

But I did not expect to be touched.

I reflexively pulled my body back, but Miyagi’s hand touched me first.


Her fingertips trace the chain.

Her fingers that slightly touch the skin are ticklish.


「The chain, isn’t it a little long I prefer it a little shorter.」


I catch the tips of her fingers, which is not a very good move, and complain about something I don’t really care about.


「If it’s shorter than this, it looks like school.」


Miyagi pulls and releases the chain as if to check its length.


「Am I going to keep this on at school」

「You can keep it on until graduation.」

「You mean all the way up until I graduate high school」

「Yes, all the time.

Keep it on at school and at home.」

「Is that an order」

「An order.」


Miyagi says in a voice that is neither strong nor weak.


A pendant is nothing more than a pendant.

It looks like just an accessory and I don’t think it would be funny to wear it all the time.


But Miyagi’s words made me understand.

This is surely not just an accessory.


Miyagi is not the kind of person who would give me a gift for no reason.

I won’t say it because Miyagi might affirm it as a matter of course if I mention it, but the pendant seems to me to be something similar to a collar to reveal ownership.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t put a deadline on what I wear until graduation.


「Schools are not within the scope of the order.」


It is only an accessory, but when I think that Miyagi gave it to me, I feel as if I am being gently strangled and it is a little painful.


There have been similar things in the past.

Sometimes it was a hickey, sometimes it was a bite mark.


But it was a mark that would disappear over time, not something that would remain forever like an accessory.

This gift feels awfully heavy, even though it should weigh almost nothing.

I feel like taking it off at least when I am at school.


「Then, I should make it a rule that it’s alright to put that on.

Sendai-san, you should make a concession once in a while.」


Miyagi says the same thing I said in the music preparation room.

I never thought I would be stung by my past self now.


「Concession, you say… Then, if Miyagi asks me to put it on, I’ll do it.」


I’ll make it a condition that she never does.


「Okay, then.

Do what you want with it or without it.」

「In a situation like this, why don’t you just ask for it honestly」

「Not a chance.」


As expected, Miyagi retracts the order once uttered.

Now I am free to put on and take off the pendant.


I look at Miyagi and see her next to me, looking grim and silent.


A tap of a fingertip taps the table.

I hear another thump, and Miyagi reaches for the box that contained the pendant.


Perhaps Miyagi regrets having given the gift.


I know.

About no concessions need to be made.

Miyagi did not ask me to do so.

So the order does not work.


I know, but my mouth moves on its own.


「…If you just want to keep it on, I’ll keep it on until graduation, but I don’t know if they find it and confiscate it.」


I take the small box back from Miyagi’s hand.


I am aware of this and have done so many times, but I have a soft spot for Miyagi.

Sweet enough to accept an out-of-range order and choose to keep wearing the pendant.


「The button, I don’t think they can see it if you don’t undo the second one.」


Miyagi says quietly, looking at my blouse.


「I think I can see it, but…」

「The button, try fastening one.」


With two buttons undone, I fastened one button as I was told.

Then I asked with only the top button undone, just like at school.


「Can’t you see it」

「It’s alright, I’m not seeing it.」

「Then, it’s fine.」


From now on, don’t let anyone see that.」

「Eh Isn’t it hard not to show them I mean, there’s gym and changing clothes and stuff.」

「Make sure you never show it to anyone but me.」


Miyagi’s order can be described as an impossible task.


I can try not to show them as much as possible, but as long as I have classes where I have to change my clothes, it is difficult to stay away from showing the pendant.

Moreover, the word “other than me” was attached to my head.

That meant Miyagi was an exception, and I quickly came to one conclusion.


「Why do I have to show it to Miyagi」

「Sendai-san, you always unbutton the second button here, and I can see it.

Also, show me when I order you to.」

「If you can see it, don’t you have to give the order」

「I mean, let me look closer.」

「……This sort of order, isn’t it erotic」


I think the order to show the pendant is within the rules because it is not an order to take off the uniform.


But『I voluntarily unbuttoned the button and you could see it』and『I commanded you to show me well』are the same only in terms of results, but psychologically they are quite different.

It seems a terribly undisciplined act to have to show it at Miyagi’s insistence.


「It’s not erotic.

Now, let me see.」


The same mouth that told me to button up just a few moments ago now tries to force me to unbutton it.


「This is erotic, I knew it.」

「Not as much as Sendai-san.

Generally speaking, you always take two off, so shut up and take them off.」

「I’m taking it off again」

「I can’t see it unless you take it off.」


The second button is always undone here, as Miyagi said.

It is just somewhat difficult to remove because of the condition of showing the pendant.


「I get it.」


If I treat something that is not a big deal like it is a big deal, it really is a big deal, so be mature and unbutton the button I just fastened.


「Is this fine」


I feel Miyagi’s eyes on my chest.

I know she is looking at the pendant, but I feel a stirring around my collarbone.


「I don’t think you need to stare so hard.」

「I’m just looking at what I gave you, and I can look at it any way I want, right」

「Did you go out of your way to prepare gifts for this kind of thing」


She want to unbutton the buttons and see my bosom.

I wouldn’t be surprised if such a reason was included, other than in lieu of a collar.


「Sendai-san doesn’t need to know for what reason I prepared it.」


Miyagi says quietly and continues with the word「later.」


「Unbutton one more button.」

「You can see it as it is now, so that’s good enough.」

「I can’t see clearly.」

「You’ve been staring at me for a while now, haven’t you」

「I want to see it better.

That’s an order, so listen to me.」


Basically, the third button is not supposed to be unbuttoned.

But today Miyagi is not going to give up.


The basics are the basics, and there are applications and exceptions, so I can unbutton the third button specially for her today.

I don’t think she just want to see the pendant, but it’s not worth the hassle of pushing and shoving here.


「Okay, okay.」


I replied in a cursory manner and undone my necktie.

When the third button is also undone, Miyagi’s hand reaches out.


Her fingertips touch my blouse, but she does not open my bosom wide.

But it will be open enough to see the pendant.


My underwear and skin have been seen many times, and it’s not something I’m shy about now.

But still, some part of my mind is restless and fluffy, as if drifting in the air.


Miyagi crawls her fingers up the chain.

The hand that slowly touches me as if counting the small circle connected to me is still ticklish.


The hand that was gently stroking the chain takes my weight.


The hand that was just touching my skin as it touched the pendant pushed me hard, and I lost my balance.

As it is, Miyagi’s body is pushed down to the floor so that it covers me.


「Wait, Miyagi.

It hurts.」


My back and shoulders ached from falling with a good deal of force, though not as much force as I would have liked.

However, Miyagi moved her face close to my chest without saying a word.

She kissed the pendant top.


The ornament is small and is tantamount to a kiss on the chest, but the lips are pressed against the small object to show that it is meant to be touched.


Her full weight is not placed on her lips.


But, it’s heavy.

It’s painful.

The part of the body that is touching is hot for nothing.

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Miyagi looks unconcerned and does these things to me.

I don’t think she is thinking about me, the person who was hurt.


Inhale and exhale.


Just breathing became difficult, and Miyagi looked up as I tugged lightly on her hair at my chest.


This time the fingers caress the chain.


Watching her do this, I know I was right.

Before and after the kiss, Miyagi remained silent and did not say anything, but I can only assume that this kind of behavior is an act of asserting ownership.

It seems more so than any other act she have ever done.


Maybe, perhaps, no, absolutely, this pendant means that Sendai Hazuki belongs to Miyagi until the graduation ceremony.


I really don’t know what to say.


I hate to tell her, but I am accepting this gift.

It can be suffocating and troublesome, but I don’t feel bad about it.


「Miyagi, isn’t this already good」


Unable to think of the right words to say, I patted her on the back with a few innocuous words.

But Miyagi does not retreat.

Instead, she drops another kiss on the pendant top.

Then her fingertips caress the tiny ornament.

Her fingers inevitably touch my skin as well.


Fingertips glide from the small ornament to the bottom.

It feels ticklish.

But that’s not all.

Those fingertips bring other emotions as well.


Miyagi tries to unbutton the fourth button on her own.


I think this is bad.

I grab her hand, obviously feeling more than just ticklish.


「Miyagi, stop.

「Any more than that and it’s bad.」

「So you’re saying it’s against the rules, so I can’t do it」

「That’s part of it, but it might fly in the face of reason.」


So much for being able to pass it off like it’s nothing, and I need this to be the end of it.


I don’t trust my reason.

If Miyagi doesn’t understand this, it won’t do much good for either of us.


「What is going on with Sendai-san’s reasoning.

Don’t fly irresponsibly and I’ll keep you tied up so don’t you go anywhere.」

「It’s pretty hard to do that.」

「…Why do you look so unsure of yourself」


Miyagi says in dismay.


But even I don’t understand that kind of thing when you say it.

I don’t even know why Miyagi is trying to trust my reason at this point in time.

So the answer would be appropriate.


「I don’t know what I’m doing, so Miyagi should pull her own weight.」


When I tell her to shove the responsibility on her, Miyagi shuts up.

Hee brow wrinkles as if she is thinking about something.


After ten seconds of continually making difficult faces, Miyagi quietly opened her mouth.


「What if I told you, you could kiss me instead of unbuttoning one more button」


The conclusion that the troubled Miyagi came to was one that I don’t think she would have uttered, and now I have to shut up.


I ruminate on the words I hear in my head.

Then, check with the person in question to see if I am receiving them correctly.


「——Does that mean I can kiss you」



I didn’t think these exchange terms would come up.


The fourth button has been undone in front of Miyagi in the past.

It’s not a condition that I would hesitate to accept.



Even if I take it off.」

「Sendai-san take it off yourself.」



I do as I am told and unbutton the fourth button.

Miyagi’s fingers touch my stomach and my body stiffens a little.


The palms of her hands are pressed against it.


It is warm, but it is not the kind of warmth that soothes me, and for a moment my breath catches.

I grab Miyagi’s wrists, as if the heat is radiating down to my internal organs.

However, Miyagi did not seem to have any intention of going down there.

She stroked it smoothly down to my side, and her hand left it.


「You can kiss me if you want.」


Miyagi says in a small voice.


I raise my body a little and touch her neck.

I slide my hands up to the back of her neck and pull Miyagi closer to my face.

It hasn’t been that long since we last kissed, but I want to touch her as soon as possible, so I put my lips on hers a little too forcefully.


I bite my lip lightly to taste the soft touch I wanted to feel again.

Miyagi, who usually pushes my body as if to tell me to get away from her as soon as possible, is unusually quiet.

It seems permissible to unbutton at least one button on her blouse, so she parted her lips and loosened her tie.


Miyagi does not mind.


Unbuttoning one button was missed, and I put my lips to her neck.

But before I could kiss her, she pushed my shoulders with quite a bit of force, causing my body to fall back onto the floor.


「It’s done.」


Saying once and for all, Miyagi picks herself up.


「Isn’t it quick」

「Then, can I do something more than what you just did It’s an exchange, so if Sendai-san kisses me again, I’ll do something too.」

「You didn’t say you kissed me once.」

「It’s one time even if I didn’t say it.」

「Isn’t that outrageous」

「Me, I think it’s just a little touchy-feely, and I think it’s about the size of one kiss.」


Miyagi says in a voice that doesn’t hide her frustration and fastens the buttons I have undone.


「We’re done here.」


I feel that if I talk too much, I might get a bad order.

It’s not that I want to do anything more than that.

I just wanted to touch her a little more if I was allowed.


I lazily pull myself up.


When I tried to fasten the button that was left open, Miyagi’s hand reached out and started to fasten the button for me.

One or two buttons are fastened from the bottom and then all the way to the top.


「I’m in pain, though.」

「You do that」


「I’m not giving you an order.」


Miyagi said tiresomely and headed for the table.

I was breathless, so I unbuttoned one button and tightened my tie.


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