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Chapter 81

Sendai-san is selfish — 81

Translated by KaiesV

Edited by KaiesV


I look at the test paper on my desk.


The results are not bad.

It’s rather better.


But I don’t think I have the grades to go to the same university as Sendai-san.

I will show this test sheet to Sendai-san, who will be coming to this room soon, but I am sure she will have the same impression.


It was not a university that I would have been accepted to in the first place, and I did not think that I would be able to catch up with her after a little study.

So I think it’s a fair result.


It’s not something to be depressed about, so I don’t mind.

I feel a little heavy, but I’m sure that’s because of the weather.


I look out the window.

The rain that began falling in the early afternoon is still falling.

The sky is dark and depressing, I think.


Sendai-san said she would be a little late when I called her, so she hasn’t come yet.


To kill some time, I took my phone and looked at the digital brochure of the university.


I turn a few pages and sigh.

The pamphlet on the screen is not for my school of choice, but for Maika’s.

I’ve seen it so many times that I know most of the content.


It is not as difficult as Sendai-san’s school of choice, but it is the kind of university that my teacher would have stopped me from applying to even if I had wanted to a while ago.

But now it is no longer the kind of university that you give up on before you even take it.

And it is in close proximity to Sendai-san’s school of choice.


It’s not too late.

I don’t have to only accept local universities.


I flip the pamphlet to the last page and then close it.

Then, although it does not change anything when I look at it, it displays on the screen a brochure of the university that Sendai-san is going to.

I’ve seen it several times, and there’s no way the content would change today, so I mechanically turn the page and close it in the middle.


I put my phone down on my desk.

From the pen case, I take out one of the two erasers, the one that Sendai-san even called me at school to return.


My memories of Sendai-san have definitely increased, and some of them have become what I can call memories.

Unlike the eraser, I don’t have it with me, but the necklace I gave her before the midterm should turn into a memory.


——Not a good thing, though.


The events of that day are etched in my mind.

I wouldn’t call it an anniversary, but it was a day that will stay with me forever.


If I am going to leave a memory, I want to leave it only in Sendai-san’s memory.


But doing something memorable for Sendai-san means doing something memorable for myself as well.

Whether the form remains or not, Sendai-san increases in my mind.

Even a single eraser is imbued with Sendai-san.


I didn’t intend to make more memories with her like this, but somehow I keep doing that.

I want to throw myself away somewhere, even doing something as trivial as looking at brochures of universities I can’t even go to.


I wish I hadn’t called Sendai-san today.


As I sigh at the thought that there is nothing I can do about it now, the chime rings.


I don’t even have to check to see who it is.

I put the eraser away in my pen case.

I picked up the intercom receiver and unlocked the entrance.

Sendai-san immediately came to the room.


「It’s so cold today.」


A hot Sendai-san says while sneezing.


「The rain, is it terrible」

「It’s raining lightly.」

「Your shoulder is wet.

Give me your blazer.」


When I put out my hand, Sendai-san takes off her slightly wet blazer and unbuttons the second button of her blouse.

The necklace can be seen on her chest.

I was tempted to touch the silver one, but I took the blazer and put it on a hanger.

Then, I head for the kitchen.


I almost open the refrigerator and look at the pot.

Checking that there is hot water, I pull a tea bag from the shelf and make a cup of tea.

I took my own cider out of the refrigerator and returned to my room to find Sendai-san sitting in her place.

I put the cup on the table.


「There, is that tea」

「If you want cider, you can drink cider.」

「Tea is fine.



Turning my back to Sendai-san, who smiles at me as if shs is in a good mood, I brought the test paper from my desk.

I put it on the table with the 5,000 yen because I promised to do so, even though I don’t feel like it.


「Okay, here.」


Sendai-san, who had been drinking tea, put down her cup, said thank you, and put away the 5,000 yen.

Then she picked up the test form.


「The tests, you’re showing it to me.」

「Sendai-san did told me to show it to her.」

「Yes, but.

I didn’t think you’d actually show me.」

「If you don’t want to see it, I’ll get it back.」


I give my hand, but the test is not returned, nor is the word.

Sendai-san remained silent, staring at the test paper.


「You’re not going to say anything」

「You told me not to say anything, Miyagi.」


I did say it, but I don’t feel comfortable with her checking my test score and what’s on it without saying anything.

I would feel depressed if I were told that this or that was bad, piece by piece, but the fact that there is not even a single word about good or bad is also hazy in my heart.


「At least say something.」

「I don’t know exactly what the scores have been, but you’re probably getting really good, right」

「I don’t know.」

「Studying, are you willing to do more」

「No way.

This college, I think I can afford this.

That’s enough.」


I take the test paper from Sendai-san.


「Will you look at mine too」

「Instead of the test, show me the necklace.」


I pull on Sendai-san’s uniform as she was about to open her bag.


「Classically speaking, it seems that an accessory with a necklace top hanging down is called a pendant.」

「It doesn’t matter either way.」

「Well, yeah.

I guess it’s kind of a feeling thing.」


Sendai-san looked at me as if she didn’t care.


「Go ahead.

Look as long as you like.」


The voice I heard sounded very throwaway, but since she was following orders, there was no problem.


I touch the third button, which may or may not come off.


Sendai-san’s hand almost grabs my arm and quickly retracts.


Surely, the third button became something I could unbutton.


I unbutton that button to get a better look at the necklace.

I can see her underwear, although it is not wide open.

As expected, I can’t touch that, so I touch the necklace.


「It tickles.」

「Endure it, will you」


The exchanged tie was returned.

The necklace was promised to be worn until the graduation ceremony.

I tug lightly on the chain.


「So violent, Miyagi.」

「So noisy.

Sendai-san, shut up for a moment.」

「Okay, okay.」


I trace the chain with my fingertips.

This is just to make our relationship easier to understand.


Sendai-san is too selfish these days.

She calls me up at school, kisses me, and such.

She tries to do things I didn’t order her to do.


I don’t mind kissing Sendai-san.

But I don’t want her to want to do it at school.

Sendai-san should obey me and not ask me to do something she wants to do.

She needs a price for what she does, and I am the only one who can give it to her.


I need to make it clear that I am the one who can order her to wear what I give her and that Sendai-san has no choice but to obey me.


I don’t know how far an order with a deadline of until the graduation ceremony would help, but I think a few months or so would be good for me.


In the meantime, she don’t have to listen to Ibaraki-san or anyone else.


Sendai-san only needs to look at me, and I am the only one who can touch her.


「You feel better now」


Tired of being silent, Sendai-san presses my forehead where I keep touching the necklace.


「The button, you can button it up.」

「No exchange terms today」


Sendai-san said the same thing when I called her two days before the test to see the necklace.


I ask her why she doesn’t want to button it up.


「You’re not doing anything right now that would give you an exchange, are you」

「Thought you might want to do that now.」

「I don’t.

Fasten your buttons.」


I am not sure if Sendai-san meant what she said.

It seems as if she might say that what she just said was a joke and pretend it never happened.


Even the words I heard before the test about flying off the handle seemed to be said in jest.

Generally speaking, I don’t think I have the elements to make her reason fly.


Besides, not so long ago, Sendai-san would have been more rational.

She kissed, therefore, but she was not as particular about it.


「Miyagi, you should offer an exchange today.」

「Put it out.」


I know what she is asking for and I say no.


I don’t mind being kissed, but I don’t mind not being kissed.

If I order her to kiss me, she can kiss me.

But I don’t want to, because of course she would say that the more I order her to kiss me, the more she wants to kiss me.


That is——


It seems to me that if she kissed me enough times, she would get tired of kissing me.


I fasten Sendai-san’s third button and give her an order she did not ask for.


「Read a book.」

Learn more



「What about studying」

「I’ll do it when you’re done.」


Without saying, “Okay,” or “Yes, yes,” Sendai-san stands up.

Then she stands in front of the bookshelf.


「Which one do you prefer」

「What Sendai-san likes is fine.」

「What I like, huh…」


After a soliloquistic muttering, a small sneeze is heard.


「Did you catch a cold by any chance」

「Someone is just rumoring.」


Sendai-san seemed uninterested and brought a manga.


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