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Chapter 82

Sendai-san is selfish — 82

Translated by KaiesV

Edited by KaiesV


The usual call was refused with a different message.

Thanks to this, I am on my way to Sendai-san’s house, following a memory that is not certain.


『I’m out of school with a cold, so I can’t make it today.』


I only replied that I understood the fact that I could not know because we were in different classes, but in my head I could hear the sneeze of Sendai-san, whom I had met three days before.


If her sneeze on that rainy day was the reason for her absence, she could have missed a few days of school.

It’s not like I care how many days she misses.

But I had never seen Sendai-san out of school before, so I was somewhat concerned that he might be okay.


Besides, it seemed painful for her to be sleeping in a house where her family did not seem to be close.

I don’t know which is harder when compared to the pain of staying in bed in an empty house, but it is certainly not a pleasant situation.


I know that just because I am there doesn’t make it any better.

But I can take at least one plastic bottle with me, or even food.

I am not confident that it will be useful, but it is better than nothing.


I have spent the same time with Sendai-san for more than a year, and it is not strange for me to visit her.

Even I have a human heart, so I at least worry.

So it’s not crazy.


I head for her house, remembering the path I walked with Sendai-san in the past.


I remember vividly the words I exchanged with Sendai-san, but the directions are hazy.

I have not been to her house once since then, which is not surprising.


But maybe it’s there.


On the way, I entered a convenience store where I stopped with Sendai-san.

I don’t remember exactly, but it must be the same place.


For now, I put a plastic bottle of tea and a yogurt in the basket.


I wonder if any of these will stick to her forehead.


After some hesitation, I also tossed a cooling sheet for her forehead into the basket.

Considering the relationship between Sendai-san and her mother, I feel like she need these things too.


I paid the money and leave the convenience store.

I think I might not see her even if I go there because I haven’t contacted her.

Still, my feet didn’t stop.

After walking for about five minutes, I arrived at a familiar house.


I regret it at the door.

I cannot send a message to a sick person and call her.

Then, I cannot enter this house without pressing the intercom in front of you.


My father would be working at the time, and her mother might be working as well.

But most likely, a mother with a less-than-ideal image will emerge.

The chances of Sendai-san, a sick person, coming out are infinitesimally small.


I think I should go home, after all.


In front of the door, I see a bag from the convenience store.

Breathe in, breathe out.

I press the intercom just once and if she doesn’t answer, I decide to leave.


I place my index finger on the push button and exert myself.

The chime rings and it is quiet.


No one answers.

Maybe everyone is at work and no one is home except Sendai-san.


I guess, I should go home.


Just as I was about to turn my back on the front door, I heard a woman’s voice over the intercom that is not Sendai-san.

It was the first time I had heard her voice, but I was sure it was Sendai-san’s mother.


I felt like turning around and going home.


But as a high school student, I can’t just press the chime and run back home.

When I slurred and told her that I had come to visit her, the front door opened and Sendai-san’s mother, whom I had seen on summer vacation, came out.

I hear an unfriendly voice telling me to go up, I thank her and head for Sendai-san’s room.


Up the stairs, on the front side of two lined doors.

I almost knock and stop my hand.


Here I am, and I am having my biggest regret of the year.


I just kind of, kind of came here, but I didn’t even call her here.

Sendai-san may be angry that I came to her house without permission, and she may not let me in her room.


I shouldn’t have pressed the intercom.


I decide to leave the convenience store bag and hang the bag on the doorknob.

However, perhaps because of my nervousness, as soon as I put the bag on, the plastic bottle in the bag hit the door and made a thumping sound.

It was quite a loud noise, and while I was wondering what to do, the door opens.


「…Why is Miyagi here」


I didn’t call out to her, but Sendai-san, dressed in her pajamas, came out of her room and said.


「I’m on my way home now.」


I turn my back to Sendai-san.


「Eh, wait.

What the hell is this」

「It’s nothing, don’t worry about it.」


I answered without turning around and tried to go down the stairs, but she grabbed me by the hem of my uniform and pulled me down.

Perhaps it was the cold, but she had no strength.

But I stopped in my tracks, not feeling comfortable with the idea of forcibly shaking off a sick person and running away.


「It’s funny how you tell me not to worry about it.

How can you be in my house if it’s nothing I mean, what is this Did Miyagi bring it」


Sendai-san points to a convenience store bag on the doorknob.


「That’s for you, Sendai-san.」


Maybe, if you bring something like this, it means you came to visit me」

「Not that I’m saying that.」

「That’s not what you came for」


That’s why I came, but I don’t want to say that’s why I came.

Then I had to shut up and I kept my mouth shut.

The unfamiliar hallway suddenly became quiet, and Sendai-san said in dismay.


「At any rate, go into my room.」


Sendai-san grabs my uniform and removes the convenience store bag from the doorknob.

I can’t veto the word “come in.” With the hem of my uniform taken hostage, I enter Sendai-san’s room, dragging my heavy feet.


The bookshelf and the bed.

And a desk.

There’s no clutter.


In a room that has not changed much from summer vacation, a large piggy bank can be seen on top of a chest.

It was a piggy bank, a common sight where one can save hundreds of thousands of yen with 500-yen coins, which was not there when I was here before.


When I looked at Sendai-san, she was indeed not wearing makeup today.

Her hair wasn’t even braided.

But she is wearing the necklace.

And I don’t know if it wasn’t in the house or if the fever had broken, but her head wasn’t cold.



Go sit down around there.

I’ll get you something.」

「If it’s drinks and food, they’re in that bag.」


When I approached Sendai-san, who had placed a convenience store bag by her bed, she checked the contents of the bag.


「I’ll get Miyagi something.」


I stop Sendai-san as she is about to leave the room.


「I don’t want it.

Go back to sleep.

You have a cold.

Besides, I’ll be home soon.」


「I can leave now.」


Sendai-san sits on the bed, as if she thought I would leave while she was out of the room.


「I’ve slept too much, I can’t sleep anymore, and I need someone to talk to.」

「There’s nothing to talk about.」

「Then, I don’t care if you shut up.

If you stay a little longer.」


Sendai-san says quietly.

Her voice is the same as usual, but she looks so sickly in her pajamas and without makeup that it seems terribly wrong to just leave.


「How’s your fever.」

「Still there.」

「Your head, if you cool it.

It’s in there.」


I sit down a short distance from the bed and point to a convenience store bag containing a cooling sheet.


「Miyagi should put it up.」

「Put it up yourself.

You could do that even if you had a cold.」

「Aren’t you cold to the sick」

「You have a fever, and being cold is just fine.」


Although I did not affirm the word “sympathy,” there was no doubt that I had come to check on Sendai-san But I don’t think I need to go out of my way to be nice.


「You could have at least listened to me today.」


Sendai-san then tossed the box containing the cooling sheets toward me.


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