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Chapter 88

The norm with Sendai-san — 88

Translated by KaiesV

Edited by KaiesV


Once again, I think this looks terrible.

There was Sendai-san’s head between my legs and my skirt is so disheveled that I can’t show it to others.

It is embarrassing to think that I am the only one dressed like this.


I want to complain about not one, but ten or twenty things, but for now I push Sendai-san’s head as hard as I can to keep her away.

Then, adjust my disheveled skirt.


「I didn’t ask you to do this.」


She’d been ordered to lick my feet many times, but I’m sure she has never had it done to this extent.


I glared at Sendai-san, who was looking at me as if nothing had happened.


「I just licked Miyagi’s feet like I was told to.」

「I wouldn’t call that licking now.」

「So, is this what you call licking」


Sendai-san lifts my skirt a little and runs her tongue across my knees.

My legs twitch in surprise at the act I didn’t ask for.

I pressed Sendai-san’s forehead as I felt a sensation like a wet gummy sticking to my thigh.


「Don’t do that.

That’s not a leg, for the most part.」

「This is your feet.

This is your knee.」

「It’s not.

Knees are not feet, it’s knees.」

「By that logic, from where to where is a foot」


When I said this, Sendai-san stroked my calf.

In addition, she crawled her fingers on it, and I slapped her hand.


「It doesn’t matter how far my feet are because this is the end.

Go away a little further.」


I push her forehead and her body slips away from mine.

However, she only listens to me at first, and soon she grabs my leg.


「Your socks.

I’ll put them on.」

「I’ll wear them myself.」

「Even though it’s right here」


In the removed jacket, a pair of socks can be seen crumpled up and placed on the floor.

Moreover, my jacket was next to Sendai-san’s and not in a position where I could easily get it from my chair.


「Give it back.」

「I said I’ll put them on for you, so just sit tight.」


With my legs still in her grasp, I wanted to get up, but I couldn’t.

I have to remain seated without being told to do so by Sendai-san and cannot take or put on my own socks.


I am unwilling, but I obeyed her.


Her fingertips touch the top of my foot.

After stroking them gently enough to tickle, Sendai-san puts on my socks with a familiar hand.


I don’t like her to do these things without a second thought.


This kind of thing should not be normal, but Sendai-san quickly accepts the unusual, gets used to it, and takes it for granted.

It makes me sick that I seem to have been incorporated into her daily routine.


Sendai-san doesn’t care what I think.


She also puts on my jacket as a matter of course and kisses my knees.


「I told you not to do those things.」

「I’ll be careful next time.」


Sendai-san says with a face that shows no remorse or desire to be careful.


If I sit here like this, I don’t know what she will do to me.


I stood up and tapped my blazer, which was not touched, to adjust it.

Likewise, Sendai-san stood up, dusted off her skirt, and then said.


「So, what’s the exchange I can touch Miyagi now.」


She claim her rights as a matter of course.


「Fine, just touch it.

But it’s not just kissing, you’re not allowed to take off my uniform or anything like that.

You can’t even unbutton it.」

「Those conditions, isn’t it unfair to add them after the fact」

「It’s not unfair.

Sendai-san, you’re always trying to do weird things, so it’s dangerous if I don’t add to it.

Besides, you wouldn’t do anything that would make me angry, would you」


It is a punishment for going too far.


——I would not go so far as to say that I don’t know how far the exchange of touch would escalate if I let her do what she wants.

It might really be just a little touch, but looking back at what Sendai-san had done so far, there was no way I could believe it.


「Well, yeah.

Like I said, I’m not going to do anything to make Miyagi angry.」


Sendai-san says in a voice lighter than the leaves dancing in the wind and smiles.

But the soft smile is that of Sendai-san, whom I see at school, and I don’t trust her even more.


「Don’t do anything really strange.」


When I reminded her, she responds in a disgruntled voice.


「Am I that untrustworthy」

「You should be sorry for what you just said.」

「I already did, so it’s okay.」

「…Then, it’s fine.」


There is uncertainty.


But Sendai-san kept her promise, even if she went too far.

I think I should protect it too.


I stare at Sendai-san and she comes one or two steps closer.


I don’t know what she will do to me, and my body stiffens.

As close as she was to kissing me, Sendai-san came and I backed away involuntarily, and my foot hit the chair.


There was a loud clang, and Sendai-san grabbed my arm.

Then she hugged me.


「What are you doing」


I mutter to myself, closer to Sendai-san than when we kissed.


「I think it’s commonly called a hug.」

「I know what you’re saying.」


I know, but I was so close to Sendai-san that I wanted to ask her.

It was the first time I had ever been hugged by her, and it made my body feel so fluffy that the cold classroom felt hot.


My heart also feels strange.


It was so loud, even though I wasn’t doing anything, that I felt as if Sendai-san might hear me.


「Remain here, don’t leave.」


Suddenly, Sendai-san says something unexpected.


「What do you mean by remaining here」


I understood roughly what she was trying to say.

Still, as I listened back, Sendai-san’s arms tightened and hugged me tightly.


「The college, I mean if we can find a place where we can have dinner together.」


I would like to see what she looks like now.


But I can’t move my body because of the arm around my back.


The only thing that conveyed Sendai-san’s emotions was the voice in my ear, but it was so flat, with no ups and downs, that I could not even imagine her facial expression.


「Sendai-san has no right to decide my path.」


I reply in a whisper, and a quiet voice comes back.


「Even now, we are having dinner together at Miyagi’s house, right Wouldn’t it be fun if we ate together from time to time after graduation」


Unable to accept any words of denial from Sendai-san, she talks about what happened after we graduated.


I don’t know what to say to this kind of Sendai-san.


The future that is spoken of sounds like fun.

A meal with Sendai-san tastes better than a meal alone, and I feel safer when someone is next to me even if she don’t talk.

I also thought it would be boring not to see Sendai-san after graduation.


But I am not confident enough to believe her words.


I still don’t know what she looks like and her voice sounds heartless.

I couldn’t believe that she wanted to have dinner with me after graduation.




I hear a voice in my ear.


「This is done.」


I tried to slip out of her arms without mentioning my post-graduation dream story, but the arm around my back would not loosen.


「Can I have a little more」

「You can’t.」

「It’s fine.」

「It’s not fine.」

「Say it’s okay—— Shiori.」


Sendai-san whispered and something soft touched my ear.


I immediately know it is her lips.

It tickled me when it was pressed tightly against me, and I pushed Sendai-san’s body as hard as I could.


「Don’t call my name.」


I peeled off Sendai-san’s body with a crunch, as if I am peeling off a piece of glued paper.

Then, I wiped my ears.


「Isn’t there little I can do for the weight of your orders」


Sendai-san looks at me with dissatisfaction.


「That’s good enough for me.」


Although she added the conditions later, she knew from the beginning that there was not much she could do, so she had no reason to complain.

There is nothing more to do, and the place where the kiss was made, even if it was an ear, violates the condition of not kissing.


Besides, hugging is like——


I exhale to erase the words that come to mind and grab my bag.


「If I hear Miyagi’s order here in the future, will you let me touch you again」

「You can’t.」


The closer Sendai-san gets, the more it seems natural for her to be by my side.

Learn more




Even after we graduate, we will stay next to each other and have dinner together.

I feel as if these days will continue, with the same orders as before.


But that is not possible.


「You say no, but you’ll come back when I call you.」

「I’m not coming, so don’t call me.」

「Okay, okay.」


When I say this so curtly that I don’t believe my words have reached her, Sendai-san holds my hand.



「You’re going home, aren’t you」

「Holding hands」

「Of course it’s a joke, right」


Sendai-san smiles and removes her hand.


「I’ll leave first.

Sendai-san will leave here later.」


I move away from her, and keep my distance.


「How many minutes later」

「Ten minutes.」

「Make it five.」

「Sendai-san is going to come running, so that’s a big no.」


I don’t expect her to really come running.

I just need a few moments.

Too much has happened in a short time, and my brain, which is not even good, is not working.


I leave the music preparation room with my back on Sendai-san.


Flopping down the hallway and looking back.

Naturally, Sendai-san was not there.


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