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Chapter 91

Things I want to know about Miyagi — 91

Translated by KaiesV

Edited by KaiesV


I had a dream that I hadn’t had for a long time recently.


It didn’t feel good.

I know why I had the dream.


It was because I fell asleep yesterday after hearing Miyagi’s voice.


The dream was attributed to the last day of summer vacation, the same one I’ve had several times since the start of the second semester.


More specifically, I dreamed exactly what happened on the last day of summer vacation.

There were times when I saw “sequences” that did not exist in reality, but that did not happen today.

Either way, it was not a good dream to wake up from, and was classified as a dream I don’t want to see very often.


Yeah, that’s right.


I kissed my former classmate, turned up her T-shirt and touched her skin directly.

I touched her from the other side, and touched her breasts over her underwear, then——


There was no way I could go to school with a smile on my face after having such a dream.


I let out a sigh.


Just as when I hugged her, only the feeling of Miyagi was fading, and I didn’t think I would now have a dream that I had stopped having with the loss of sensation.


It’s depressing, as if I want to do that day all over again and continue it.

Even if I thought such a thing, Miyagi would never allow it, and even if my reason were more fragile than glass, I could never do something like that again—— Perhaps, I don’t think I can.

So all I can do is be depressed.


I pick up my phone, which serves as my alarm, and look at the time.

The time displayed there indicated that it was time to get ready or I would be late, but I couldn’t bring myself to move my body.


I don’t want to go to school.


I thought about skipping it and going somewhere else, then reconsidered.


It would be a hassle if the school contacted me at home.


I turn on the air conditioner and crawl out of bed.


「It’s cold.」


I ruffle my restless hair and begin to get ready for school.


I brush my teeth and put on my uniform.

I get dressed and leave the house without breakfast.


If possible, I don’t want to see Miyagi at school.

I feel heavy on my feet, as if this is the only day we will meet.

But walking brings me closer to the school, even if I don’t want to, and I walk through the school gate and into the school.


I thought I might pass Miyagi on my way to class, but that never happened.

I reach my seat without incident.

On days like this, I am glad from the bottom of my heart that Miyagi and I are in different classes.


As usual, I went to Umina and talk with her about how she wants clothes she saw in a magazine, or how a drama with a handsome actor in it was disappointing, or something of the sort that seems to have no content.


When I am at school, I think I talk three times more than when I am with Miyagi.

I am not interested in talking about drama, but I do enjoy talking about clothes and accessories.

Although Umina and I don’t share the same taste in clothes, I don’t mind exchanging information about new stores and such.


Today, though, I’m not really in the mood.


In the end, I take two classes without getting excited and take out my gym clothes.


Although I don’t have a problem about the cold, but gym class in winter belongs to the classes I don’t want to take.


Just moving to the changing rooms is cold, and the gym and field are even colder.

Still, I can’t skip it, so I leave the classroom with Umina and the others, who I can see are even more uncomfortable than I am.


We walk down the corridor, which is devoid of any warmth, and enter the locker room.

I placed my belongings in the locker and took off my blazer.


Next to me, Umina is laying out a number of complaints about PE.

I unbutton my blouse, making appropriate motions of amusement.



Did you get those」


As I unbuttoned all the buttons and was about to take off my blouse, I was approached by Umina.


I immediately knew what “it” meant.

There is nothing else that Umina might say I received except the pendant.


「You mean this」


I pretend not to notice and say.


I had no intention of obeying Miyagi’s order to『never show it to anyone but me,』to the letter.

However, I avoided Umina’s eyes because I knew it would be troublesome if she found out.


I looked next to her and saw that Umina looked like a child who had found an interesting toy.


She’s definitely a pain in the ass.


I wasn’t sleep-deprived or tired today, but I was caught off guard with the dream on my mind.




Umina reaches for the pendant.

I involuntarily try to brush her hand away, but stop myself.


It would be strange if I brushed her hand away here.


It would be even more troublesome.


「If you didn’t get it, your boyfriend must have gave it to you, right」


The fingertips touch the chain.


The temperature and feel of the chain is the same as when I touched it myself yesterday.

But, surprisingly, her fingertips didn’t fit in.

I had never thought anything about Umina’s hands before, but I did not want to be touched.


「I told you I don’t have a boyfriend.」


I said lightly and lightly slaps Umina’s hand in a joking manner.

“Ehh,” Umina’s hand leaves my hand, sounding exaggeratedly surprised, and I hastily take off my blouse and put on my gym clothes.


「But Hazuki, you never wore something like that at school until now.

Didn’t your boyfriend give it to you」

「I might get it if I wanted one.

I wouldn’t get it from a boyfriend who doesn’t exist.」

「Then, who gave you that as a present」

「I didn’t get it.

Mariko, say something.」


I ask Mariko, who is changing next to Umina, for help.


「No, you probably received it, right If you’ve been wearing something you’ve never worn before, that’s what it must mean.」


Before I can rush in to ask what such a thing is, Umina says vigorously.


「I knew it, even Mariko would think so as well.

That’s not really Hazuki’s thing, is it」

「Yeah, yeah.

You don’t like long chains, as I recall.」


It was a mistake to call on Mariko.

The situation was so unfavorable that it seemed difficult to reverse the situation.

Every word these women say is almost true, and the more excuses I make, the worse the situation becomes.


I don’t wear jewelry to school and I prefer short chains to long ones.

The pendant I’m wearing now is definitely the type of pendant I wouldn’t wear if it wasn’t given to me by Miyagi.


「Spill it.

Who’s the other party Is it from the same school」


Umina pulls on my gym clothes.


「Ah— enough.

It’s from my wishlist.」


I can’t think of a word that would convince these women, so I make up a reason in broad strokes.




Mariko looks at me with suspicion.



I wanted myself to pass the exam like a good student.

The chain is too short to stand out at school, so I made it a little longer.」

「So who gave it to you」


Umina asks with a smirk and an unnatural smile.


「I’m telling the truth.」

「Hazuki, your excuses are just too much today.」


Mariko says, and Umina continued,「It would be easier if you told us.」


「That doesn’t matter.

We should get going.

We’re going to be late.」


Getting into trouble, I left the locker room without denying the word excuse.

Then I heard Umina’s voice from behind me, happily saying,「she got away.」

I don’t dislike the two of them, but I don’t like the way they try to tie everything to something like a boyfriend.


I touch the pendant over my gym clothes.


Why did Miyagi choose this pendant


I’m wondering if the length was just right for me, just long enough that I couldn’t see it if I buttoned up one of the two unbuttoned blouses, or if she thought it would look good on me a little bit.


「It’s so cold in the gym.

I guess I should have skipped it.」


I heard Umina’s line, which would make the teacher angry if she heard it, and I let go of the hand I had placed on the pendant.


Our relationship is on the verge of breaking apart.


They are starting to find traces at school and we are both doing things we did not do last year.

Still, I don’t think anyone will know about our relationship before the graduation ceremony.

But I don’t know what will happen to us before the graduation ceremony.


I don’t want to see Miyagi today.


I feel a little uncomfortable meeting Miyagi on the day I had the dream because it feels like I did something wrong, and I don’t feel uplifted because of Umina and the others.


But Miyagi contacts me only on days like this.


So I was not surprised to see the usual message from Miyagi on my phone when I looked at it after gym class.


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