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Chapter 95

What Miyagi allows now — 95

Translated by KaiesV

Edited by KaiesV


Frankly, I think it’s too much.

I didn’t want it to go this far.


I stroke Miyagi’s hair, who is maturely in my arms.

The sweet smell of shampoo makes the hot room feel even hotter.


「I think I got it right just now, too.」


With a small voice, my blouse is pulled on.

I loosen my arm and Miyagi looks up from my shoulder.


I knew Miyagi should have asked to see me during the winter holidays, but I didn’t expect her to offer to teach me her studies in exchange for a kiss.

Miyagi boringly tells me that I should teach her to study during winter break as well.

That was about all I could think about.


「You didn’t do it properly.」


I moves my body slightly away and denies Miyagi’s words.



「If you don’t understand, shall I teach you」


I stroked her lips and pushes my thumb into her mouth just a little bit.


My fingertips brushed against her teeth, and Miyagi pressed my shoulder.

I silently let go of my finger, and Miyagi, who seemed to have guessed what I meant, gave me a difficult look.


「…This is a condition of the exchange, right」


She told me to be sure.


I am the only one leaning towards Miyagi.


So I thought I should correct my inclination, but I was wrong.

A balance that is too far out of whack is better off more out of whack than back in.

If Miyagi leans the same way, or even more, balance will be irrelevant.


「I know that.」


I answered shortly and Miyagi let out a small breath before grabbing my arm.

Her face slowly comes closer to mine.

I kept eye contact with her and she glared at me as if to tell me to close my eyes.


I close my eyes because I don’t want to offend her.

Immediately something soft touched my lips and her hand gripped my arm.


After a short pause, Miyagi’s tongue enters my mouth with discretion and touches it a bit.


It was sweet.


I think it’s like the candy I just ate.

But maybe I’m imagining that the kiss is sweet, and I’m the only one who feels that way.

I didn’t expect Miyagi to kiss me like this without complaint, and I didn’t think the addition to the exchange would be acceptable, so my senses seem to have gone haywire.


I stretched my tongue out a bit.

It lightly hits that of Miyagi.


I would like to touch it more.

But nothing more happened.

Miyagi’s tongue is running away from me.


「Is this fine」


Miyagi says without making eye contact.


I don’t think it’s not good.

Miyagi doesn’t kiss me in jest, and she doesn’t like to kiss me like she does now, to the point of biting my tongue.

With that in mind, I know that I should allow this much.


But I don’t think I want it to end like this.


「I don’t know if that’s enough now.」


Today, I felt like I can be more selfish and still be listened to.


「You did exactly what I told you to do.」

「Then it means I’m not doing it right.」


This is an accusation and an intractable one.

Miyagi looks dissatisfied, but I think it’s natural.


「That’s just Sendai-san’s standard, isn’t it」

「If it’s an exchange, shouldn’t you be held to my standards」

「……You may be right, but…」


Normally, she would have complained that I was being a nuisance, or that I was being a latecomer, but today’s Miyagi was very bearish.


I came to teach her how to study during the winter break.


I am unable to come on strong just to make such a trivial thing happen.


「Okay then.」


She’s not going to listen to me when I say no, so I cover her lips before Miyagi can say anything.


I put my hands around her waist and pull her closer to me.

Her lips, which are usually tightly closed, are thinly open and I reach Miyagi’s tongue without any resistance.

I was able to touch her easily without being bitten as I had been sometime ago.


The first kiss was enough of an exchange, but I was going to let her take advantage of me.


I catch the tongue that seems to have no place to stay and twirl it.

This time, instead of escaping, Miyagi pushes my tongue back.

Soft and resilient, it is still sweet.

I pull back my tongue a little and Miyagi follows, her teeth on her tongue lighter than a bite of fudge.


Our lips that are touching each other are so hot that they seem to melt.

I am dizzy, not knowing how to breathe.


I separated my lips and pushes Miyagi down.

Miyagi’s back is on the bed so easily that it’s a bit of a letdown.


When I brought her face close to mine, her open eyes closed and I kissed her deeply once more.


I guess the condition of a “proper kiss” is still in effect, because Miyagi responds when I extend my tongue to her.

The tips of our tongues touch, then separate, and our breathing becomes a little raspy.


I unbuttoned Miyagi’s blazer and loosened her tie.

She pressed hard on my shoulder and I pulled my face away.

My eyes met Miyagi’s, who was trying to say something, but nothing was said.

I unbuttoned her blouse and touched her sides, and she finally opened her mouth.


「This is not a kiss.」


Miyagi says as she adjusts her breathing, which is almost disrupted, and grabs the hand that rests on her side.


「Miyagi didn’t give me a proper kiss, so I included this in the exchange.」

「Don’t just decide for yourself.」


With a low voice, the hand at her side was removed.


But now I can chant the magic words that only Miyagi can hear today.


「You want me to teach you how to study during winter break, right」


I whispered in Miyagi’s ear as she was trying to button up her blouse, and she stopped moving.

This time, she strokes her side and doesn’t grab my hand.


Today’s only magic was very good.


「——It’s not fair to put that out after.」

「Even Miyagi was postulated before this.」

「Yes, but this is too much.」

「You’re right.

I’m overdoing it.」


Miyagi’s voice was not very flattering, but she didn’t bite or kick, so she must’ve not hate me.

If she really wanted it to stop, I would have already been bitten and kicked.


So, even if I know I’m was overdoing it, she cannot stop.


「If Miyagi says she really doesn’t want to do it, I’ll stop, just let me know—— How far will you allow me to go today」


At summer vacation, she allowed me to go a little further.


So, what about today


I slowly slide my hand on her side.


Miyagi’s body trembled a little as I stroked her ribs from below, as if counting them.

As if to cover it up, a hand reached out and grabbed my shoulder.

But I know that its power is weak and allows me to go on this way.


When I look at Miyagi, her cheeks are lightly stained.


I want to kiss her, but I can’t because I’m afraid that doing so would make Miyagi change her mind.


This is different from the summer when we touched each other as if we were floating in the heat.


With the impurities of exchange conditions mixed in, we are both looking for a compromise, instead of going forward on emotion alone as we did that day.


Though not consciously aware of it, we touch each other slowly, step by step, as if exploring.


I slid my fingertips over that silky, touchable skin.

I stop my hand a little below the breast and exhale.

Miyagi’s body moved slightly when I touched her breasts over her underwear.


But that was all it took for me to hear her say,「Stop.」


Her heart is pounding loudly.

Only the palms of my hands feel burning hot.

Miyagi doesn’t grab my hand.


So I unhook it and shift the underwear covering her breasts.

Miyagi’s body stiffens as a little of the modest bulge is revealed.


I want to know what expression she has on her face now, but I can’t look at her face because I feel like I would be stopped if I saw her face.


I push her bra up and immediately her breasts, which are not large but well-shaped, are revealed.


I have seen people’s breasts at hot springs and on school trips.

It was natural, but I didn’t think anything of it at the time.

Today, it was different.


I want to touch Miyagi’s chest.

I strongly feel so.


Slowly move your hand closer to her chest.

I felt body heat on my fingertips.

——I feel as if I am.


The reason I say it vaguely is because Miyagi pulled me to her and hugged me without even a moment to confirm the feeling, no, I didn’t even know if I really touched her.


I lost my balance and had to put my hands on the bed to support myself instead of on her chest, and I couldn’t move because Miyagi’s body was so tightly attached to me that there was no space left.


It is always hot in this room, and today I am taking off my blazer.

I can feel Miyagi’s body heat and the touch of her body through my blouse, but even that thin cloth is disturbing me.

Without clothes, I wish I could feel Miyagi’s body more.


I pecked at her side for direct contact, and something warm and raw touched my neck, and soon a hard object was thrusting against me.




Needless to say, the thing on my neck is a tooth, and the pain is due to the bite.

Perhaps, Miyagi is biting me without restraint.

The evidence is a burning pain in my neck.


Learn more



「Miyagi, hold on! If you chew too much, I’ll get marks.」


After a floppy tap on the side, I finally get relief from the pain.


「Sendai-san’s erotic fiend.

Lewd, pervert.」

「What do you mean, by erotic fiend」

「Because I’m right.

I didn’t say you could look at it, I didn’t say you could touch it.」


She clawed me hard in the back.


「Hey, it hurts!」

「Sendai-san is wrong.

I didn’t allow you to do what you’re doing now.」



I was about to say that she didn’t resist, but then I stopped talking.

If I told her, Miyagi would be even angrier.



「It’s nothing, and I won’t do anything else, so let me go.」



Absolutely not doing it.」


When I assured her, the arm around my back loosened.

Freedom returns to my body and I left Miyagi a little.


My gaze naturally moves down, and my focus almost falls on the chest, but before I can see it clearly, it is interrupted by Miyagi’s hand.


「Don’t look.

Close your eyes one more time.」


Miyagi, covering my eyes, says in a miffed voice.


「It’s closed.」


I do as I am told and the hand covering my eyes comes off.


「Turn your back.」


If I open my eyes here, I’m going to be kicked out of the room, so I raise myself up and turn around with my eyes closed.


I cannot see what Miyagi is doing.


But I can tell that she is probably getting dressed.


「Is it okay already」


I waited three minutes before asking.


「You can’t.

Look away for the rest of your life.」


She seems to be in a bad mood, and I can hear her voice.

In addition, I am hit on the back with what seems to be a pillow.


「You’re not going to tell me that I’m not doing enough after all this, are you You promise me you’ll keep your word.」


Miyagi said in her grumpiest voice of the day.


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