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Chapter 145: Spare its Life

The water droplet swiftly pierced through the black flying pythons belly.

It was clearly just a small droplet, but it had immense strength as it left a bloodied hole—the size of a fist—on the black flying pythons body.

The hard scales were easily shattered, and blood spurted everywhere.

The black flying python had never suffered such a loss.

It painfully shrilled, hating Chu Liuyue even more.

When the spectating fiends at the foot of the mountain saw this scene, they were all stunned.

To them, the black flying python was the strongest existence, and it was the king that they all had to succumb to.

However, it was actually injured by a human.

The fiends started to become uneasy.

The ones at the outermost area had started to move backward hesitantly.

They all had decent intelligence and naturally knew that Chu Liuyue was not that easy to deal with when they saw this scene.

Thus, they felt it was better for them to temporarily stay away from the battlefield in consideration of themselves.

Of course, most of the fiends still stayed there and closely watched the black flying python in the sky.

Feeling those gazes, the black flying python became even more furious.

It had been known as the king of Wan Ling Mountain for years, but its status was dropping just because of a Chu Liuyue.

If it lost to Chu Liuyue in front of everyone today, it would lose its authority.

Upon thinking of this, mania flashed across the black flying pythons eyes as it went straight for Chu Liuyue again.


It whipped its long tail, and Chu Liuyue barely managed to avoid it.

However, the rock behind her shattered into pieces, and the broken pieces flew everywhere.

Even though she had forcefully avoided the impact, her injuries felt even worse.

Chu Liuyue turned around to look at her left shoulder.

The other injuries did not matter, but the important thing was that her shoulder blade had shattered when she slammed against the rock.

She probably could not hold on for much longer.

I must quickly think of a way to escape! As she was thinking, she ran to the side to hide.

As if it was a psycho, the black flying python followed closely behind her.

The places Chu Liuyue went to were all shattered into pieces.


A low moan suddenly sounded.

The movements behind her suddenly stopped.

Chu Liuyue turned around to take a look and noticed that the black flying pythons injury had widened as if it was attacked again.

At this point, it curled up into a ball because of the pain.

Chu Liuyue tightly knitted her brows. So this is actually… the water droplets strength.

The black flying python painfully struggled, and its chaotic strength crushed all the surrounding rocks.

Now is the best time to escape! Chu Liuyue turned around.

However, when she took two steps forward, she suddenly felt a hand stretching over.

Her gaze darkened, and she immediately turned around to take a look.

Chu Liuyues eyes were like a sharp dagger, which made the other party fearfully stop moving.

However, Chu Liuyue had already clearly seen the other partys face.

“Gu Mingzhu”

Gu Mingzhus entire body was currently dirtied by dust and blood.

Her face was also scratched, and her hair was unkempt.

She seemed anxious and looked terrible.

She stared straight at Chu Liuyue and anxiously said, “Chu Liuyue! Chu Liuyue, help me! Take me with you!”

Chu Liuyue did not say anything, only scanning her appearance instead.

She could guess what Gu Mingzhu had been through.

However, Chu Liuyue turned around and walked away expressionlessly.

Gu Mingzhu did not expect Chu Liuyue to be so heartless and felt even more anxious.

“Chu Liuyue! You cant abandon me! Were from the same school! If you treat me like this, Ill…”

Chu Liuyue did not stop in her tracks and just ignored Gu Mingzhu.

It was already hard for her to save herself.

If Chu Liuyue added Gu Mingzhu into the equation, she was bound to die.

Therefore, why would she want to bring along this burden

Gu Mingzhu turned around and glanced at the black flying python—which was painfully struggling—as she bit her lips.

Even though she did not want to admit it, she knew that she would only have a slim chance of survival by following Chu Liuyue.

She tried finding her trump card for a very long time but still could not find her black Xuan formation crystal.

This was why she could only brace herself and go down the mountain, hoping that she would be lucky enough to avoid the fiends and escape safely.

However, after walking for a while, she was discovered by them and almost died in their hands.

Unable to do anything else, she could only choose to come back again.

It was then she discovered that the fiends no longer climbed up, probably because of the black flying pythons suppression.

However, though they could not come up, they could not leave as well.

Thus, they blocked the way down the mountain.

Chu Liuyue used some method and actually temporarily stopped the black flying python from attacking.

I must leave with her! When Gu Mingzhu thought of this, she quickly followed her, but Chu Liuyue suddenly turned around and coldly glared at her.

“I may be injured now, but its as easy as ABC for me to kill you.

If you want to live for a while longer, you had better leave me alone.”

Gu Mingzhu was stunned by the obvious murderous intent in Chu Liuyues voice.

She only recovered her senses after some time. How dare Chu Liuyue threaten me like this Chu Liuyue has completely disregarded our relations at this point and actually said that sort of thing!

“Chu Liuyue! Are you pushing me to my death” yelled Gu Mingzhu in disbelief.

Chu Liuyue sneered.

“You shouldve expected this day to come when you lured the golden mane bear over.”

After saying her piece, Chu Liuyue did not stop again when she turned around to leave.

Gu Mingzhu was furious, and her hatred for Chu Liuyue had reached its peak. Nice one, Chu Liuyue! You clearly have a way to help, but youre still so cruel! You want to push me to my death! Thus, dont blame me for being heartless when youre like this towards me.

Chu Liuyue only walked two steps forward when she suddenly felt a cold gush of air coming from behind.

She swiftly avoided it, and a rock flew past her ear.

The rock was one of the broken pieces from before.

It had sharp edges.

The point was that this rock was thrown towards her back injury.

If she had not avoided it in time, the rock would have smashed against her crushed shoulder blade.

Chu Liuyue knitted her brows and turned around.

“Gu Mingzhu! You—”

Before she could finish her sentence, Gu Mingzhu suddenly lunged at her.

Chu Liuyue raised her leg and harshly kicked Gu Mingzhus chest.

Gu Mingzhu fell backward and spat out blood.

However, she clenched her teeth and climbed over to grab onto Chu Liuyues legs tightly.

She turned around and yelled to the black flying python, “I-Ill help you to hold her back! C-can you spare my life You just want her life anyway, right Can you not kill me”

Coldness appeared in Chu Liuyues eyes.


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