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Chu Liuyues sudden movement stunned everyone. Werent they talking about her identity Why are they suddenly fighting Besides, she isnt Jiang Hetians opponent! 

Without waiting for the crowd to think clearly, Chu Liuyue had reached Jiang Hetian in the blink of an eye!

Jiang Hetian also didnt expect Chu Liuyue to take action just as she spoke!

Tuan Zis figure rapidly expanded! Red-golden fire was spat out and instantly wrapped Jiang Hetian up!

The surrounding temperature rapidly increased, and Jiang Hetian immediately fell into a sea of fire!

The terrifying fire continuously burned around, causing Jiang Hetian to be frightened. I might not be this ancient legendary fiends match! 

“Shangguan Yue, are you crazy!” As Jiang Hetian rapidly moved back to avoid it, he questioned her with a harsh voice! There are so many people watching around us! She actually dared to take action in front of so many people! 

Chu Liuyue was too lazy to speak as she slashed her sword down!

When she was a stage-eight warrior previously, she could only unleash one sword attack.

Now that she had broken through to become an intermediate stage-nine warrior, she could basically fling out three sword attacks in a row!

She wasnt as capable as Jiang Hetian, but with Tuan Zi and Zi Chen around, she might have a chance to fight!

At this point, Zi Chen spread its wings and flew behind Jiang Hetian in the blink of an eye!

Jiang Hetian had no way to retreat! In front of him was the red-gold heavenly phoenix, and behind was the legendary three-eyed eagle…

There was also Shangguan Yue with strengthened abilities!

He waved his sleeves and set up a barrier around him!

At this point, Shi Ruiers legendary three-eyed eagle was completely free, and it flew back.

Shi Ruier checked it once carefully and nervously, discovering that most of its wounds had already formed a scab.

Besides, its aura seemed normal, and it had basically recovered.

She looked at the square complicatedly. Clan leader… Shangguan Yue…

“Father!” Jiang Zhiyuan gasped worriedly.

Baili Chun hurriedly pressed her shoulders.

“Yuan Yuan, dont be anxious first.

Chu—Shangguan Yue wont be your fathers match! Lets just watch from here!”

As he spoke, he looked forward with knitted brows.

“So this is the princess consort that His Grace chose… Hah!”

How ridiculous! What a joke! She disguised her identity, muddled into Ling Xiao Academy, and even caused so much trouble… This is Rong Xius taste! Today, in front of all the masters in the God Residence Realm, she has completely tarnished the Sky-Cloud Empires reputation! It was no wonder those people repeatedly stopped me when I wanted to go to Jishen Palace.

It turns out that she wasnt even there! 

Baili Chun suppressed his anger. This Shangguan Yue really thinks that shes a big shot and is very gutsy! She dared to lie to so many people! I want to see how Rong Xiu will settle this mess! Shangguan Yue… must give up her position as the princess consort! 

Jiang Zhiyuan knew that he was stating facts, but she was still filled with uneasiness for some reason. That Shangguan Yue… really has many tricks! During the few times weve exchanged blows, I have always lost terribly.

I have to be fearful of Shangguan Yue now.

Who knows what other trump cards she has…

Besides, no matter the outcome, my Yuan meridian is already broken.

From today onward, my entire person will be ruined! Thinking of this, deep hopelessness and vengeance surfaced in Jiang Zhiyuans eyes. If Father can settle Shangguan Yue, it would be great! 

This thought flashed across her mind.

She instinctively turned around and looked at Rong Xiu.

That person was sitting on his seat, and his demonically handsome face was calm.

It looks like… he doesnt care about everything that is happening before him.

Hes not going to take action Jiang Zhiyuan bit her lips, and secret happiness overwhelmed her heart. Of course, Rong Xiu wont take action.

Shangguan Yue is in the wrong now! Is he going to offend everyone present for such a woman! 

The crowd was actually very curious about Rong Xius attitude.

After all, that was his princess consort, and he chose her himself.

Even if one thought with their toes, they would know that he definitely liked this princess consort.

However, the current situation was rather complicated.

If Rong Xiu suddenly took action, it would definitely cause some people to be unhappy.

Quite a few people secretly exchanged glances. It seems like after Rong Xiu considered the pros and cons, he is still prioritizing his and the Sky-Cloud Empires benefits…

As for Shangguan Yue Even though the reputation of the princess consort is precious, she is still relying on Rong Xiu and the Sky-Cloud Empire at the end of the day.

How could Rong Xiu give up on the Sky-Cloud Empire for her For todays match, she is probably….

The elders on Ling Xiao Academys side were also filled with doubts. Rong Xiu has always treated that girl very well.

We can tell that he really likes her, so how could he just watch from the side 

Elder Wan Zheng couldnt hold himself back and stood up, wanting to help.

She was his disciple after all! How could he allow others to bully her!

But before he even took a step out, Rong Xiu looked over.

His thin lips curled up slightly with a few hints of smiling intent.

“Elder Wan Zheng, please wait for a moment.”

Elder Wan Zheng knitted his brows.

“Still wait Theres no time!”

Even if that girl has the help of two legendary fiends, Jiang Hetian is much stronger than her! I dont dare to take the risk. 

Rong Xiu smiled with deep meaning.

“Shes still angry.

You have to give her some time to unleash her anger.”

Elder Wan Zheng was dazed.


Rong Xiu didnt move just to let… that girl unleash her anger! Is he so confident that the girl will win He is too confident… Elder Wan Zheng was hesitant.

He glanced at Rong Xiu, hesitated again in his heart, and finally sat back down again.

After a temporary pause, he said in an upset manner, “Anyway, if my disciple loses even a strand of hair, you must take responsibility!”

Rong Xiu nodded and looked pristine, yet he had a high and mighty aura.

“Of course.”

Chu Liuyue indeed had a stomach full of anger. When I went to the Sky-Cloud Empire, I somehow offended Jiang Hetian and his daughter.

Now, even a Baili Chun is involved. 

She asked herself, and she felt that she didnt do anything to offend them.

She even let them go time and time again, considering that Fairy Water Mound was the Sky-Cloud Empires top division.

However, they were still relentless!

Now that theyve torn at my throat, I dont need to give them face any longer! No matter what, I have to win this round! 

The Chi Xiao Sword landed, and the barrier surrounding Jiang Hetian shattered suddenly!

The tip of the sword was pointing at Jiang Hetian!

The sharp sword aura reached over and caused a bloody wound on Jiang Hetians brows!

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