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The crowd instantly fell silent.

This sentence contained too much information, and ordinary people really couldnt react in such a short time.

Even Chu Liuyue was taken aback as she glanced at her ancestor in shock. Hearing what Ancestor said… In the past, he had interactions with the Golden Wings Sect, and the other party even treated him carefully with respect This… Is this real or fake If he could even get the Golden Wings Sects ancestor to be so fearful, how strong was Ancestor back then 

Originally, she was rather doubtful.

But when she thought of the nine gullies in the Flood-Desert Northern Region and the few dragon skeletons, she felt that there might be this possibility.

Those people on the opposite side were clearly frightened by Shangguan Jings words.

That man who spoke was originally rather confident, but once he saw Shangguan Jing acting in this manner, he immediately wavered.

“Wh-who are you!”

Theres no such person in the God Residence Realm, right Even if we push a little forward, there doesnt seem to be such a person! 

The other party had capabilities.

If he didnt have any background or status, he wouldnt dare to say such words in front of so many people.

Shangguan Jing stood with one hand behind his back and said calmly, “My actual name is… Shangguan Jing! However, you might be more familiar with my other name—Mu Tianjing!”

“Mu Tianjing… I seem to have heard of this name before…” someone in the crowd mumbled.

“I think Ive heard of this name too… I just cant remember in such a short time!”

“Mu Tianjing… Mu Tianjing…”

Quite a few people recalled as they knitted their brows.

Chu Liuyue turned around and glanced at Rong Xiu.

She hadnt heard of her ancestors name before, but she didnt know if Rong Xiu had some understanding of it.

As if seeing through her thoughts, Rong Xiu smiled slightly and nodded.

Chu Liuyue widened her eyes slightly and was even more curious. Ancestor is—

“Mu Tianjing….

Venerable Mu!” Yao Bin muttered as a ray of white light flashed across his mind.

Then, he gazed at Shangguan Jing doubtfully.

“Youre Venerable Mu! Youre… still alive!”

He asked this very meticulously and carefully.

Quite a few people looked over strangely. Venerable Mu What does that mean 

“Wait! Rumors have it that there was a supreme Armory Refinement Master who was very formidable and challenged seven supreme Armory Refinement Masters without failing! Could it be—” Shi Ruier seemed to have suddenly recalled something as she widened her eyes in shock and stared at Shangguan Jing in disbelief.

After a temporary silence, the people in the square broke into an uproar! So its that person! So thats him! 

They had more or less heard of this person.

That was because this persons experience was too legendary!

Back then, he had no background and went around the God Residence Realm alone.

He was extremely arrogant! However, this person indeed had abilities.

Supreme Armory Refinement Masters were very rare existences in the God Residence Realm, yet he only found those people.

To put it nicely, hedueled with them.

To be it harshly, he tortured them.

They heard that the seven supreme Armory Refinement Masters were deeply agitated when they lost to him.

Some went into seclusion for hundreds of years and crazily cultivated.

Others respected and admired him very much.

They didnt even want their aristocratic families and wanted to follow him no matter what.

The last one was the worst.

As he was deeply affected, he directly became a monk.

The reason was simple—he realized that after cultivating hundreds of years, he was still not as outstanding as one that had cultivated for ten years.

He suffered too great a setback.

And back then, these seven competitions happened consecutively in three months.

They were almost considered back-to-back.

Right after the first match was the second.

That supreme Armory Refinement Master was the seventh one.

He originally thought that after Mu Tianjing became tired from the previous six matches, he would definitely not be his match.

He never expected to lose completely in the end.

He couldnt get past it, so he gave up on cultivation ever since and turned to the gods.

It was also because of this incident that a few top-tier aristocratic families had grudges against Mu Tianjing.

It was a pity that Mu Tianjing had already become famous back then.

There were many more people that wanted his help to refine weapons than those who wanted his life.

Hence, those people could only let it go.

Who knew that after some time, Mu Tianjing suddenly disappeared Many people tried all sorts of ways to find him, but they couldnt find his whereabouts.

Some said that he passed on, while others said that he changed his name.

All in all, there were all sorts of guesses.

As time passed, everyone gradually forgot about this incident.

After a thousand years, everything changed.

If it werent because this persons feats were too shocking back then, probably nobody would remember him if they talked about him now.

Shangguan Jing stroked his beard.

“What, are you very disappointed that I didnt die”

“I wouldnt dare! I wouldnt dare! We definitely dont mean this!” Yao Bin was the first to react and immediately denied it.

“Back then, my Yao familys ancestor had once received guidance from you, and weve been very grateful.

However, we were troubled that we couldnt repay the favor and felt very guilty.

I never expected to be able to see you today…”

Yao Bin wiped the sweat on his forehead and was sincerely anxious.

This wasnt fake.

The reason why he could recall Shangguan Jings identity so quickly was indeed due to his Yao family having interactions with the latter.

Back then, Shangguan Jing had offended quite a few aristocratic families.

However, his ability in armory refinement had helped many people.

The Yao family was one of them.

Shangguan Jing glanced at him, squinted his eyes, and thought for a while.

Then, he said, “Youre Yao Qingxins descendant”

Yao Bin hurriedly said, “Yes, Im Junior Yao Bin.

Greetings, Venerable Mu!”

Then, he politely cupped his fists toward Chu Liuyue and was filled with apology.


Shangguan, I offended you beforehand, and Im really sorry about that!”

Rong Xiu raised his brows slightly and reminded, “Yueer is now the Sky-Cloud Empires Princess Consort.

Master Yao, you can directly call herPrincess Consort.\'”

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