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It was permission and also a promise.

After Chu Liuyue said this, she fainted in Rong Xius arms.

She was already exhausted and was just forcefully relying on her last bit of willpower to support herself.

Seeing that the Heaven-Locking Formation trouble was settled, Chu Liuyue relaxed.

Finally, she couldnt hold on and fainted.

This sleep lasted for a month.

Jiuheng Peak.

In the room, the few of them sat on both sides.

“Yueer has been in a coma for so long.

Why hasnt she woken up” Nan Suhuai couldnt help but sigh with eyes filled with worry.

Shangguan Jing paused and said, “Too many things have happened recently, so she has used up all her energy both mentally and physically.

Now that she can finally rest, its normal that shes asleep for a little longer.”

Among all these people present, he knew the clearest about how much she had suffered.

Perhaps others would think that Chu Liuyue had heaven-defying luck to be able to break through from an intermediate stage-eight warrior continuously to become a legendary warrior.

However, who knew what exactly she had gone through in between!

Especially when she summoned her God Realm and forcefully became a true god… Normal people might not even be able to do this in decades, yet she completed all of it in a mere few months.

How could she not be tired

Lets not mention that she even repaired the Heaven-Locking Formation at the end and used up all her force.

it used up everything she had.

Upon hearing this, Nan Suhuais expression became warmer.

“Thats true.

These few years… that girl mustve suffered quite a bit.

Anyway, they can deal with all the matters in the academy, so we can just let Yueer rest.”

However, it was rather worrying that she didnt wake up.

During this month, they would come over and sit for a while every day.

However, they had used many pills and tried all sorts of methods, yet she still showed no signs of waking up.

They didnt know how long she would sleep, which caused them to be uneasy.

Elder Bo Yan stood at the side, looked at Shangguan Jing and Nan Suhuai, and silently sighed.

Actually, he wanted to ask about too many things, yet Yueer had been in a coma during this period of time.

These big bosses had also placed all their focus on her, so he couldnt ask further.

And these people clearly had an unspoken mutual understanding and didnt talk much about that girl.

For example, the reason for her leaving her God Realm in Fengmin Mountain and the reason she suddenly left and disappeared without a trace.

When she appeared again, she had a completely different identity, and she was even missing a part of her memory.

After the eruption in Million Wine Mountain, she said she wanted to go down no matter what.

Was it really just because she wanted to make up for her mistake of the red-gold heavenly phoenix swallowing the lightning force

Besides, the directors whereabouts in the past few years… Where exactly did he go How did he come back at such a crucial time

Finally, the most worrying thing for Elder Bo Yan was: Did that person come back that day

Ever since the incident ended, there were no additional people in the academy.

The many mysteries caused one to be uneasy and filled with doubts.

However, he could only temporarily suppress these curiosities and confusions.

Familiar footsteps sounded from outside the door.

The few of them looked up.

The person who came in wasnt anyone else but Rong Xiu, who had been taking close care of Chu Liuyue during this period of time.

Nan Suhuai stood up first.

“Rong Xiu, hows Yueer”

Rong Xiu looked calm.

“She hasnt woken up yet.”

Upon hearing this, the few of them looked disappointed.

Even though they had already guessed it, they couldnt help but feel empty when they heard this.

“However, her injuries have basically healed.”

Even though her wounds were severe, she had become a true god again, so her recovery speed was much better than before.

The reason she was in a coma for such a long time was really like Shangguan Jing had said—she was too tired previously and had to rest.

“Thats great; thats great…”

The few of them exchanged glances and heaved sighs of relief.

Even though she hadnt woken up, this was considered good news to them.

“Since this is so, we can rest assured.

Continue taking good care of her; well leave first.” With Rong Xiu around, there was basically nothing much to worry about.

Rong Xiu nodded.

“Ill send you off.”

The few of them stood up and walked outside.

The moment they walked to the door, they heard a ripple coming from outside.

Rong Xius brows moved slightly as he raised his arm.

Jiuheng Peaks barrier silently opened.

A familiar figure quickly flew in.

“Director!” The incoming person was in a hurry and looked rather worried—it was actually Elder Wen Xi.

“Wen Xi, why are you here” Nan Suhuai walked out and found it strange when he saw him. Calculating the time, Elder Wen Xi should still be cleaning up the mess in the academy. 

Elder Wen Xi quickly walked forward and passed over a palm-sized red-golden feather with furrowed brows.

“Director, the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan sent a letter.”

“Red-gold heavenly phoenix” Nan Suhuai took the feather.

It was totally red and gold, and it was as hard as metal.

It was covered in a layer of faint suppression.

It was indeed a letter from the red-gold heavenly phoenixes.

“Yes, and it states that only you can open the letter,” added Elder Wen Xi.

“They barely have any interactions with humans.

Why did they suddenly think of writing us a letter” muttered Elder Bo Yan strangely.

However, Nan Suhuai suddenly thought of something as his expression turned solemn.

He used slight force in his fingertips, and the feather glowed brightly.

Then, a few lines of words floated in space.

Nan Suhuai looked over.

When he read it halfway, he knitted his brows.

When those few lines of words completely disappeared, his expression totally turned harsh and was covered in a layer of coldness.

Not long later, those few lines of words slowly disappeared.

The red-golden feather silently turned into powder and went with the wind.

“Director, what did they say” asked Elder Bo Yan rather worriedly.

They stood at the side, so they couldnt see its content.

Nan Suhuai paused for a moment.

“This is written personally by the red-gold heavenly phoenixs clan leader.”

The few of them were shocked.

“Clan leader Hasnt that person not come out in a few hundred years Rumors have it that his temper is very arrogant, and he hardly ever interacts with humans.”

As an ancient legendary fiend, the red-gold heavenly phoenixes had pride in their bones, especially this clan leader.

They heard that a legendary warrior was once injured and needed a herb that only the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan had in order to treat himself, so he went forward to ask for it.

In the end, he waited outside the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan for three days and nights, yet the other party refused to see him.

In the end, this legendary warrior could only leave in disappointment.

Later on, his injury became permanent, and he couldnt improve his skills for the rest of his life.

Upon hearing this, the crowd sighed.

They didnt even give face to the legendary warrior, which showed how proud the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan was!

Therefore, why did this person suddenly send a letter now

Nan Suhuai coldly said, “It wants Yueer to break her agreement with that red-gold heavenly phoenix and apologize in person!”

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