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Chapter 1679: Guess

“I dont think so…” Nan Yiyi knitted her brows, and her tone was rather uncertain.

“Father didnt talk about this before…”

Originally, she thought that she just had to make a trip here and casually take the item away.

After all, not many people could detect that items whereabouts were left.

Who knew it would be so troublesome

They had been on this journey for so long, but they didnt even see a trace of it.

“But that item isnt an ordinary item after all.

Perhaps it really changed its location.” As Elder Wu Peng spoke, he glanced at Nan Yiyi.

“Second Missy, could you check it in detail and see if you can find any clues”

Originally, he should do such things, but he had activated the geomantic compass not long ago.

In such a short period of time, he couldnt use it twice.

Hence, he could only pin his hopes on Nan Yiyi.

Nan Yiyi pressed her lips against each other.

“Let me try.”

The reason her father insisted on her coming over was that she had a certain talent in this aspect.

Now, she indeed became useful.

But after she used this talent, it would take a huge toll on her strength and mental health.

For a very long time afterward, she would be uncomfortable.

Hence, she didnt really like doing this normally.

However, they didnt have any other choice now.

Nan Yiyi closed her eyes and made a strange gesture with her hands.

Then, a totem faintly appeared between her brows!

After a long while, she slowly opened her eyes and pointed in a direction.

“Over there!”

Nan Yuxing instantly looked satisfied.

“Yiyi is indeed amazing!”

Upon hearing this, Nan Yiyi couldnt hide the pride on her face.

“Of course!”

Even though she was a little stubborn, she was capable.

If not, she wouldnt be in favor for so many years.

After all, this was a world where the strong were respected.

“Since weve confirmed the direction, lets go!” As Nan Yuxing spoke, he wanted to move forward excitedly.

He really wanted to find the item immediately and leave the place!

However, Elder Wu Peng and Elder Bai Tong did not move.

Furthermore, the duos expressions were a little strange.

Nan Yuxing couldnt help but furrow his brows.

“Elders, why are you not moving”

The two of them exchanged glances and saw the complicated gaze in each others eyes.

Elder Bai Tong slowly said, “Eldest Young Master, didnt you realize that theres something amiss”

Nan Yuxing was confused.

Amiss Whats amiss Didnt Yiyi already detect it It proves that the item is nearby!

Elder Wu Peng said in a low voice, “The direction Second Missy pointed in… was the direction Rong Xiu and the rest left.”

Nan Yiyi was suddenly stumped.

Afterward, his first reaction was to look at Nan Yiyi with a doubtful gaze.


Even if he didnt ask anything, his gaze represented everything.

Nan Yiyi instantly felt aggrieved.

“Brother, what do you mean Youre doubting me I spent a lot of effort detecting that weak aura!”

Seeing her annoyance, Nan Yuxing instantly dispelled his doubts.

“No, no, I just feel that… its too coincidental…”

Even though my younger sister is wilful and stubborn, she doesnt have the guts to be unruly about such an issue.

If she didnt do it on purpose, it means that… the item has really teleported there

Once he thought of Rong Xiu and the rest at the front, Nan Yuxing felt especially awkward.

It could go anywhere else, but why that place

Elder Wu Peng did not doubt Nan Yiyis judgment, but this matter alerted him.

“Eldest Young Master, Second Missy, dont you find that the series of matters was all too coincidental after we came here Previously, I used the geomantic compass to detect, and it led us here.

Back then, Rong Xiu and the rest were here.

Now that theyve left, Second Missy detected that the item was in the direction they left…”

“Wu Peng, youre saying that… the item has been following Rong Xiu and the rest” Elder Bai Tongs eyes narrowed.

“Or are you saying that the item is actually… with them!”

Once he said this, the few of them fell silent.

Without a doubt, this was the outcome they were most unwilling to see.

“Thats impossible, right” Nan Yiyi also panicked.

“Why wouldnt there be any commotion if they wanted to take that item Besides, they came in for such a short time.

How could they do it…”

Before they came, her father was worried that she couldnt handle it alone, so he got her brother and two elders to follow her.

Additionally, he repeatedly instructed that she had to persist and bring the item back undamaged even if she would suffer a little in the process.

However… Whats going on now

Elder Wu Peng thought deeply for a moment and finally said, “No matter what, we have to follow them now.

If everything is a misunderstanding, itll be fine.

But if its really them…”

He didnt need to say his remaining words, but the other people were well-aware—at that time, it would be a harsh battle.

“I think theyre quite alert.

We have to be careful in our matters.

Unless we have to, lets not go against them.” Elder Bai Tong thought for a moment and said this.

Seeing that Nan Yuxings expression became increasingly ugly, he hurriedly added, “After all, our main objective of this trip is to find that item.

Everything else can be set aside for now…”

Nan Yuxing clenched his fists.

“Lets go!”

Chu Liuyue told Chu Ning about her true identity and whatever happened afterward honestly.

Even if she had made it very brief, Chu Ning was still stunned when he heard it.

Tianling Dynastys Eldest Princess…

The final disciple of Ling Xiao Academys director…

A true god warrior that isnt even twenty…

Everything came out nonchalantly from Chu Liuyues mouth, but Chu Ning knew that these seemingly calm words hid countless shocks.

He had long guessed that her identity was extraordinary, but when he heard it himself, he was still deeply shocked.

Rong Xius true identity caused his mood to be unable to calm down for a long time.

Sky-Cloud Empires His Grace… An absolute talent that is only stronger and not weaker than Yueer… The most shocking thing is that he already had feelings for Yueer a few years ago.

Its no wonder he took care of Yueer greatly from the beginning.

After Chu Liuyue finished talking, Chu Ning took a long time to digest all the information.

“…So this means that the person were finding is your real ancestor”

Chu Liuyue nodded lightly.

“Ancestor has always taken great care of me.

This time, he insisted on following us because he was worried about me.

But not long after we entered, we got lost and went separate ways.”

Hearing that it was someone who was nice to Yueer, Chu Ning immediately became worried.

“This is very dangerous.

Do you have a way to contact him”

Chu Liuyue smiled slightly and comforted, “Dont worry.

Ancestor has come here before, so there shouldnt be a—”


A loud sound suddenly spread from the distant horizon!

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