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Heng Jingchuo immediately backed away without thinking to avoid that thing.

However, ardor and zeal courses through Tuan Zis blood after it ate the sphere of force, and its actions became too fast for Heng Jinchuo to even avoid it.

In a panic, Heng Jingchuo anxiously raised his arm to try to stop it.


The crowd saw the blood ferret spit out a small black ball, which later bore a hole through Heng Jingchuos arm.

Bright red blood splattered everywhere.

A bloody hole immediately appeared in Heng Jingchuos arm.

“Ah!” The excruciating pain made Heng Jingchuos entire face turn white.

Compared to being in pain, his face was filled with horror more!

His other hand lifted his injured one as his entire body greatly trembled from being petrified. No! No! I cant touch that thing!

A sinister cold aura started spreading from that wound.

Heng Jingchuo looked defeated.

Then, he actually took out a flying dagger, directly pierced his wound, and harshly sliced it.

A piece of bloodied meat dropped out.

Everyone was stunned when they saw the scene unfold. Heng Jingchuo actually sliced off a part of his arm!

“What is he doing” Cheng Han suddenly stood up and saw that Heng Jingchuo did not stop in his actions.

Instead, he continued to scrape off the meat around the wound.

He scraped off one chunk after another, and some of the chunks even had skin attached to it.

It looked gory and disgusting.

If it were someone else, they would probably not be able to endure the pain.

However, Heng Jingchuo kept repeating his actions without pausing as if he had gone crazy.

In the blink of an eye, a third of his originally fine arm was sliced off.

One could even see his white bones clearly.

“Jingchuo, stop!” hollered Cheng Han, but Heng Jingchuo seemed unable to hear it.

His body trembled, and he looked like he was going to scrape off all the meat in his entire arm.

The more cowardly people had already covered their eyes and refused to watch on.

Even taking his life in one shot seemed to be much better than this.

Heng Jingchuos actions were even more frightening than killing somebody, sending chills down everyones spines.

Cheng Han furiously looked at Chu Liuyue and hollered, “Chu Liuyue! What is going on What did you do to Jingchuo”

Chu Liuyue spat out a mouthful of blood and later wiped away the stains around her lips.

Noticing that the messy aura seemed to have been appeased, she slowly looked at Cheng Han and smiled mockingly.

Her eyes were filled with ice.

“Director Cheng Han, you should ask Heng Jingchuo about this yourself.

He knows what he did clearly.”

“What nonsense are you saying” Cheng Han pointed at Chu Liuyue and looked terrible.

“Everyone can see what you did to Jingchuo.

How dare you try to push the blame on him If you dont give me a satisfactory answer today, dont even dream about leaving!”

Sun Zhongyan nonchalantly laughed upon hearing that, but the suppression around his body gradually intensified.

“Brother Cheng Han, why cant you talk to her nicely Why do you want to threaten the child”

Cheng Han took a deep breath in, but he saw that Heng Jingchuo had no intentions of stopping from the corner of his eye.

He eventually could not endure the anger boiling in his heart.

“Sun Zhongyan, do you still want to protect Chu Liuyue”

Sun Zhongyans smile faded.

“Liuyue is a student of my Tian Lu Academy.

How can I let her be bullied by anyone Cheng Han, youre an elder after all.

Before you find out what happened, you shouldnt talk nonsense.”

“Are you threatening me”

“How would I dare to Im just stating facts.”

One after another, their conversation immediately made the squares atmosphere stiffen.

Chu Liuyue hugged Tuan Zi, but she saw Tuan Zi stare at her.

Tuan Zi then tilted its head as it concernedly and dotingly rubbed its face on her palm as if it did not notice the shocking thing it had just done.

Her heart was warm. If it werent for Tuan Zi, I really wouldve been in trouble today.

Patting Tuan Zi, Chu Liuyue looked at the duo.

“Elder Sun, I started this incident, so I should handle it.”

Cheng Han will definitely not take this lying down.

How is she going to handle it Sun Zhongyan looked at her hesitantly.

“Okay, but dont worry.

The academy will never let its own students suffer any grievances.”

Chu Liuyue nodded.

“Thank you, Elder Sun.”

Cheng Han harshly whipped his sleeves.

“I want to see what kind of explanation you can give me!”

Chu Liuyue did not immediately answer his question.

She walked to Heng Jingchuo instead.

At this point, Heng Jingchuos attention was all gathered on his arm.

He did not even care about anything else; he didnt even know that Chu Liuyue was right in front of him.

In actual fact, he wouldnt care about her even if he knew.

Chu Liuyue looked at him determinedly, and her gaze quickly swept past his badly mangled arm.

She seemingly smiled.

“Oh, it touched your blood.

Then, I dont think theres any use even if you cut off your entire arm.”

Upon hearing this, Heng Jingchuos body stiffened, and his eyes looked hopeless. I know that too, but its just my last strand of hope…


Just as he was in a trance, Chu Liuyue suddenly raised her leg and harshly kicked him.

Heng Jingchuo had no defenses up, and he did not have any fighting intentions at this point.

Hence, he directly flew back because of Chu Liuyues kick.

Chu Liuyue had used all her force in this kick.

Originally, the two of them were not very far away from the edge of the arena, so Heng Jingchuo was directly kicked out of the arenas boundaries and harshly landed on the ground.

His body left a line of blood on the path he had slid across, and it looked extra gory.

“Chu Liuyue!” hollered Cheng Han.

“What are you doing”

Chu Liuyues eyes curved up, and she smiled politely.

“Oh, nothing much.

I was just thinking that it would be better to end the match first since things have already come to this stage.”

After all, she really wanted to win.

Cheng Hans chest felt like fire was scorching it, and he almost uncontrollably went forward and taught Chu Liuyue a lesson.

But Chu Liuyue had already predicted what he wanted to do and spoke first.

“Director Cheng Han, dont you want to know why Heng Jingchuo suddenly became like this Take a look at him.”

Cheng Han turned and looked over.

Heng Jingchuo had fallen down from the arena, but he still seemed to be immersed in his strange condition.

Before Heng Jingchuo could even stand up from the ground, he hurriedly picked up the flying dagger beside him.

He clenched his teeth as if he had made a huge decision, and he harshly chopped at his shoulders.

It looked like he was planning to cut his entire arm off.

Cheng Han raised his fingers and sent out force, which hit Heng Jingchuos flying dagger. If Heng Jingchuo cuts off his arm, his future cultivation path will be filled with difficulties.

However, Heng Jingchuo anxiously picked up the flying dagger and seemed like he was about to continue.

Chu Liuyues lips curved up slightly, and her tone was scary as she said, “Once the Seven Coldness Poison meets with blood, it will rapidly enter his limbs.

If you stop him like this, youre actually pushing him to his death even though it seems like youre helping him on the surface.”


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