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Chapter 472: Wait and See

Jian Fengchis expression became interesting. Pfft, if this guy finds out that Mu Qinghe brought Chu Liuyue here… His expression would be amazing.

He smiled and looked at Chu Liuyue.

“It seems like he really doesnt look up to you.”

Chu Liuyue glanced at him. His personality of fearing that the world doesnt burn cannot be changed.

Chu Liuyue looked at Chen Xiyuan and smiled lightly.

“Since I could come, I naturally am good enough.

Young Master Chen, you dont have to worry about this.”

Chen Xiyuan was suddenly dazed, and surprise flashed across his eyes.

He had previously focused all his attention on that man, so he didnt notice that the woman in red beside him was extremely beautiful.

Zhao Yunzhi—who was at the side—was also stunned when she saw Chu Liuyues appearance.

She was pretty herself, and many handsome and talented young men liked her.

But compared to this woman, she paled in comparison.

She almost instinctively looked at Chen Xiyuan, and as expected, his expression was amiss.

His eyes landed on that woman for quite some time, and he didnt retract them.

Her heart instantly felt suffocated, and her expression turned ugly.

“Cousin, one less matter is better than creating more matters.

Why dont we just… leave it We can let them go first.

Anyway, it wont take too much time.”

She pulled Chen Xiyuans sleeves, bit her lips, and talked.

Her eyes had a tinge of grievance, and she looked pitiful.

Chen Xiyuan then recovered his senses and instantly felt his heart ache when he looked at her.

He had liked Zhao Yunzhi for many years, and he finally managed to bring her over to the Tianling Dynasty after making a little name for himself after much difficulty.

But he made her suffer when they had barely crossed into Heavens Canopy.

If I really take this lying down, what kind of a man am I He patted her hands.

“Dont worry.

I wont let you get bullied.”

Then, he suppressed his thoughts and looked at the duo again.

Initially, he wanted to mock them, but he didnt expect the two of them to not care at all. Its fine with the tall man as he should have some capabilities.

But that girl…

“Hah, I really dont know since when a mere stage-three warrior could be so cocky,” teased Chen Xiyuan.

Chu Liuyue sighed in her heart. My cultivation level is indeed rather eye-catching in the Tianling Dynasty.

“Im just speaking the truth,” said Chu Liuyue straightforwardly with a calm expression.

Chen Xiyuans blood was originally boiling.

Since he decided to help avenge Zhao Yunzhi, his tone wouldnt be good at all.

“Oh Since youve said so, why dont you report your name When we get to Xi Ling, well see if youre as formidable as you mentioned.”

“Country Yao Chens Chu Liuyue.” Chu Liuyues eyes sparkled. I normally dont cause trouble for others, but if it comes knocking on my door, I will not be afraid.

“Country Yao Chen Cousin, why havent I heard of this place before…” said Zhao Yunzhi in a seemingly accidental manner, but she was quite jealous of the womans beautiful appearance.

“Its just a lowly country not worth mentioning.” Chen Xiyuan laughed out loud. The person sent to such a place wouldnt have a high status.

I was just being overly worried previously.

Thinking of this, he was even more fearless.

“Ill give you a chance.

If youre willing to kowtow and apologize, Ill let this thing pass, and I wont take it to heart.

If not—”

Jian Fengchi laughed out loud as if he had heard a joke.

“Hahaha, what did you say! You want me to kowtow and apologize”

Chen Xiyuan—who was interrupted—felt offended again and felt that the laughter was piercing to his ears.

“Why Are you reluctant”

Chu Liuyue couldnt help but laugh out loud. I havent come back in more than a year, but why did the Sky-Soaring Clans disciples become so arrogant and brainless Even the Sky-Soaring Clans clan master wouldnt dare to speak to Jian Fengchi in this manner, yet a mere disciple climbed all over his head.

The ignorant are truly fearless!

Jian Fengchi said, “What a coincidence.

I was just about to say that, but it seems like you wont do it.”

Who does he think he is How dare he speak to me like that Chen Xiyuan just felt that the man in front was unreasonable.

“It seems like this negotiation isnt working out.

The strong ones are respected, so lets exchange blows and see who is capable!”

Chen Xiyuan then jumped up and flew toward Jian Fengchi.

Beginner stage-seven warrior! He looked like he was around 28 or 29 years old, and it was indeed decent for him to reach such a level.

But to Chu Liuyue and Jian Fengchi, he was just so-so.

Chen Xiyuan crossed his arms, and orange force quickly gathered.

Very quickly, a giant force ball appeared in front of him.

“Thousand Earth Jun!” Following this roar, he raised his hands above his head and threw the ball out.

That circular ball rapidly flew toward Jian Fengchi, and the thick suppression came for him.

The surrounding air seemed to be much heavier.

Chu Liuyues shoulders seemed to be suppressed by a hill.

A stage-seven warriors suppression was indeed quite unbearable for the current her.

Jian Fengchi waved his sleeves, and that heavy suppression instantly disappeared.

That circular ball stopped around three steps in front of him.

Chen Xiyuans face changed. This mans cultivation level is above mine!

Jian Fengchi raised his arm and opened his palm.

Then, he gently clenched it.


That circular ball immediately reversed and went toward Chen Xiyuan.

In addition, its speed was even faster than before.

Chen Xiyuan had a bad feeling and immediately moved backward.

But that circular ball was even faster than him, and the distance between them shortened very quickly.

It was as if an invisible hand kept moving it to fly ahead, and the suppression around it was even stronger than before.

Chen Xiyuans chest felt heavy, and his movements became much slower.

He felt uneasy and immediately drew out the knife from his waist, slashing it forward.


The circular ball suddenly exploded, and the terrifying force spread in all directions.

Chen Xiyuan was very close to it and unavoidably felt its effects.

His chest vibrated, and his body uncontrollably flew backward before falling onto the floor.


He held his chest with much difficulty and spat out blood.

“Cousin!” Zhao Yunzhi gasped and hurriedly ran forward as she picked him up worriedly.

“Cousin, are you okay!”

The corner of Chen Xiyuans mouth was bleeding, and his face was way paler than before.


The other partys attack had directly broken his ribs.

The most important thing was that his internal organs seemed to be injured as well.

Upon seeing him like this, Zhao Yunzhis heart ached, and her blood boiled.

She couldnt help but turn around and angrily yell, “You guys are too much! You hurt my cousin like this, so the Sky-Soaring Clan will definitely not let you off!”

She clenched her teeth and looked at Chu Liuyue.

“Chu Liuyue, right Dont be delighted! When we reach Xi Ling, just wait and see!”

Chu Liuyues lips curled up.

“Ill wait for you.”

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