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Chapter 484: He Will Come

She instinctively wanted to deny that assumption, but the fine print was clear!

Dragon Teeth Mountain, Jian Fengchi!

There was only one Dragon Teeth Mountain and one Jian Fengchi in the entire Xi Ling City!

Zhao Yunzhi only knew this person because her cousin had brought it up while they were chatting.

The Sky-Soaring Clan and Dragon Teeth Mountain had been feuding for years, and they couldnt stand one another.

In his description, Jian Fengchi was arrogant, had no regard for the rules, and even yelled at the Sky-Soaring Clans elders!

Everyone in the Sky-Soaring Clan hated Jian Fengchi.

But he was Dragon Teeth Mountains young master, so he was of high standing and really strong.

Most of the noble families in Xi Ling City had to be respectful toward him, not to mention the commoners!

Could the young man we ran into that day be… Zhao Yunzhi drifted to the side uneasily.

Elder Qiuxi and Elder Duan Muchun were stunned when they saw Jian Fengchis name.

They now looked at Chu Liuyue differently.

Chu Liuyue took the pearl back.

When she noticed that they were looking at her differently, she asked with a smile, “Is there anything else, Elders”

Elder Duan Muchun shook his head.

“Nothing else.

Youre number 53.

Go down and prepare.”

“Yes.” Chu Liuyue responded before she turned and walked to the side.

The two elders eyed each other and saw the confusion in one anothers eyes.

“I dont think they sent him out this time…”

“But Liu Xingyi put that down after he met them in person.

There cant be a mistake.

Maybe… We just didnt know.”

There really didnt seem to be any other explanation.

The people further down the line had come forward.

The two elders stopped speculating and continued lining up the competitors.

Zhao Yunzhis mind was a jumbled mess as she walked to the Sky-Soaring Clan disciples from earlier.

Noticing that her expression was off, the others hurriedly asked, “Yunzhi, whats wrong”

Zhao Yunzhi scrunched her fingers together and asked uneasily, “Th-that… Jian Fengchi, what does he look like”

Everyone paused.

“Why are you suddenly asking about him”

Zhao Yunzhi forced a smile.

“I heard Cousin mention him, so Im a little curious.”

“Him He looks like trouble!” said a girl with round eyes angrily, with grudges in her eyes.

Another girl on the side smiled.

“Dont scare Yunzhi; shes just asking.

Besides, dont let others see you this way.

It might bring up bad memories.”

The girl with round eyes stomped her feet before she reined herself in.

“Jian Fengchi is taller than most guys, and he has a pair of ice-blue eyes.

These are the characteristics of anyone with Dragon Teeth Mountain blood.

If you see him, you will recognize him at a glance, but that Jian Fengchi has too many grudges with our Sky-Soaring Clan.

Theres nothing to see.”

The more Zhao Yunzhi heard, the colder her heart got. It really was… It really was him! Not only did I see him, but I really offended the guy! Thats Dragon Teeth Mountains young master, an existence that is level with the clans elders! Even the Sky-Soaring Clans clan master has to put up with him!

And Cousin… Hes just one of the almost 200 disciples in the clan.

Its like hitting a rock with an egg! Not to mention me! Zhao Yunzhi closed her eyes in despair. Even if Cousin had never seen Jian Fengchi before that, he shouldve known! What do we do now!

“Yunzhi, are you okay” asked the others worriedly.

“Is it the nerves Dont worry.

The Chu Liuyue that youre up against is only a stage-three warrior.

Shell never be your match!”

Zhao Yunzhis expression looked a little better after that. Thats right! The way things are, Chu Liuyue and Jian Fengchi will never give in even if I apologize! Since thats the case, I might as well defeat her first! As long as I perform well at the Wan Zheng Competition, they cant do anything to me!

“Thank you, brothers and sisters.

Ill work hard.”

“Sigh, that opponent of yours is called Chu Liuyue, right” a teenager asked quickly as if he had recalled something.

Zhao Yunzhi nodded.

His face turned rather strange.

“Its her!”

Zhao Yunzhi and the others were confused.

The teenager clapped his hands and reminded her urgently.

“Did you all forget There was a rumor in Xi Ling City city that a stage-three girl had defeated a stage-five warrior! I just remembered that the girl was called Chu Liuyue!”

The others were stunned.

Zhao Yunzhi was shocked.

“Theres such a thing How can that be! Even though some warriors can fight above their level, thats a little much.”

She had been busy preparing for the Wan Zheng Competition, so she didnt know about this rumor!

“Its true! It was at Ping Liang Square, and many people saw it!”

The others went silent and looked toward Zhao Yunzhi. Zhao Yunzhi is a stage-five too…

Zhao Yunzhi clenched her fists.

“So what if that rumor is true Who knows if its a coincidence, or maybe she used some underhanded tactics No matter what, Chu Liuyue will never be able to defeat me!”

I can only win today!

While Zhao Yunzhi was feeling anxious, Chu Liuyue was feeling at complete ease.

Only the people standing near them saw Jian Fengchis name.

It didnt spread, so the others still saw her the same way.

She stood by herself, looking calm and collected.

However, she was paying attention to what the others were saying.

“So… the Third Princess isnt coming today”

“Yeah! All the Tianling Dynastys matters are piling on her now.

This is only the first round, so of course, shes not going to come personally! But I heard… that her fiancé, the Jiang familys Young Master, is coming!”

Chu Liuyue immediately looked up.

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