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Chapter 582: You Didnt Say Youd Be Bringing Her

Chu Liuyue couldnt hide her glee as she looked at the two light points on her hand, which vanished when she lifted her fingers. Theres finally some progress! Although I only managed to split the starlight into two, its already a very good start!

After circulating her force for one Heavenly Cycle, she went to wash up before exiting her room to head to the medicinal garden alone.

Despite having stayed up all night, she was in great spirits and didnt feel sleepy at all.

The planted herbs in the garden were slowly growing and didnt wither quickly like before.

As she carefully tended to the garden, her seniors arrived one after another.

They werent here to see her this time but to check on the herbs.

Despite the Cabinet Masters assurance that the garden had returned to normal, they couldnt help but feel worried.

Thus, they came here to check on the herbs in the early morning.

They didnt expect Chu Liuyue to be here even earlier than them though.

On top of that, from the way she tended to the herbs, it was clear that she was very familiar and good at taking care of them! Amidst their delight, their admiration for her grew even more. It turns out that our junior is even more capable than we expected!

Even Elder Xia Yi had come to check the garden.

But unlike the others, he didnt comment on it much.

All he did was walk up to Chu Liuyues side and earnestly express his gratitude.

“Thank you, Liuyue.”

Chu Liuyue blinked in confusion, but she soon realized that he mustve learned about the Messed Yuan Gravel matter when she saw his expression.

Her eyes formed crescents as she said, “Theres no need to thank me, Elder Xia Yi.

I was merely doing my duties as a Chong Xu Cabinet disciple.”

Are we on our lucky break Did the heavens finally decide to make it up to us for the many trials and tribulations weve gone through wondered Elder Xia Yi.

Mixed emotions churned within him as he sighed, feeling slightly regretful that both Chu Liuyue and Qiang Wanzhou had chosen Weichi Song to be their master.

“To be honest, my cultivation is on par with the Cabinet Masters.

Why didnt you guys choose me” He stroked his beard and then added, “Hehe.

Before the two of you came, the Cabinet Master would stay up on the mountain for months in a row.

But now that he has gained two new disciples, hes always leaving the mountain…”

Only then did Chu Liuyue remember that she hadnt seen her master around ever since he went to the Jiang residence yesterday, so she couldnt ask him how the visit went.

“Hes going down again”

“Yeah, he just left! He should be halfway down the mountain by now.”

Did he fail to see Jiang Yucheng yesterday, so hes going there again wondered Chu Liuyue in puzzlement.

“Elder Xia Yi, do you know what my master is going to do today Is he… going to the Jiang residence”

Elder Xia Yi shook his head.

“No, hes going to Xin Li Garden today.”

Chu Liuyue was surprised to hear that. Why is he going there again

Upon seeing her look of astonishment, Elder Xia Yi explained, “Hes there to take some things.

As you probably know, he used to be on close terms with the late Crown Princess.

She placed quite a number of things there…”

Chu Liuyues eyelids twitched.

“Are you saying that hes going to the zither room”

“How did you know that” asked Elder Xia Yi in surprise.

Pausing, Chu Liuyue said lightly, “Uh… I heard him mention it before…”

Elder Xia Yi nodded, not doubting her words in the slightest.

“I see.

Youre right though—hes indeed going there.

I think he intends to take those items back… He mentioned this before, but because he was afraid that he might become sad and depressed seeing those things, he thought itd be best to just leave them there.

I dont know what made him change his mind though…”

A thought popped up in Chu Liuyues head right then. The legendary three-eyed eagle previously mentioned that the purplish-gold Buddha leaf was near the zither room! If I can tag along with Weichi Song… Ill have a valid reason to enter that place!

She then immediately said goodbye to Elder Xia Yi and left in a hurry.

Elder Xia Yi was confused as he watched her figure disappear into the distance. Why is it that both master and disciple are acting a little strangely

Chu Liuyue ran as fast as possible and finally caught up to Weichi Song when he was about to reach the foot of the mountain.


Weichi Song looked back.

“Liuyue Why are you here”

Chu Liuyue walked briskly to his side, her forehead dotted with beads of sweat.

“Master, I heard from Elder Xia Yi that youre going to Xin Li Garden today.

Is that right”

“Yes!” Weichi Song nodded.

Upon noticing her hurried look, he said, “Oh right.

I wanted to look for you and Wanzhou when I came back yesterday, but I didnt want to disturb the two of you since you guys seemed to be in the middle of cultivating.”

Chu Liuyue had given Qiang Wanzhou a few more pills yesterday, so he was indeed currently trying to expel the cold qi in his body.

She felt her heart squeeze when she heard what Weichi Song said.

“…So… How did the visit go”

Pausing for a short moment, Weichi Song lowered his voice and slowly said, “He concealed his aura, and his hand was injured… Although I dont have any evidence yet, hes likely to be the culprit.”

I was right! thought Chu Liuyue with bated breath.

She was already more or less certain that the culprit was Jiang Yucheng when the various pieces of evidence they found pointed to him.

Hence, she wasnt too surprised to hear this conclusion.

That said, mixed emotions arose within her. Jiang Yucheng didnt let the people around me off even after my death.

Chong Xu Cabinet was only implicated because of me.

After much deliberation, she finally said, “Master, Id like to follow you to Xin Li Garden.”

Weichi Song froze for a moment.

He wasnt too approving of her request.

“Liuyue, Im actually going there because—”

“I know.” Chu Liuyue looked at him firmly.

“Perhaps Ill be of help to you”

Weichi Song fell silent for a long while.

He could tell that Chu Liuyue really wanted to go with him. She probably knows that Im going to the zither room to take things… In that case, there must be a reason for her persistence.


Upon hearing the hint of eagerness in her voice, Weichi Song made up his mind.

“Alright! Ill take you there on the condition that you stay by my side and not rashly act when we get there.”

“Thank you, Master!” said Chu Liuyue immediately.

“Come on; lets go!” The last of Weichi Songs hesitation completely disappeared when he saw her sparkling, crescent eyes. Since she doesnt want to tell me anything, I wont ask her any questions then.

How can I not trust her when she has put her life at stake for Chong Xu Cabinet Regardless, I just have to do my best to protect her.

By the time Weichi Song and Chu Liuyue arrived at Xin Li Gardens entrance, Jiang Yucheng was already there waiting for them.

The latters brows slightly furrowed when he noticed the female following behind the elder.

Why is Chu Liuyue here too Looking calm and composed, Jiang Yucheng walked up to them and greeted, “Master Weichi.”

Chu Liuyues gaze landed on Jiang Yucheng for a moment before she quickly withdrew it. Just as I expected.

Hes using a Yuan instrument to conceal his aura, and the bandage on his hand has obviously been replaced with a new one.

I cant tell anything from the looks of it.

Standing in front of Weichi Song, Jiang Yucheng flashed a small smile at him.

“Master Weichi, I dont think you mentioned anything about bringing an outsider with you yesterday.”

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