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Chapter 64: Blessings

Chu Xianmins entire body trembled, and her face was pale as if she had just seen a ghost.

Her lips moved slightly, but she could not say a word.

The sword had previously flown right across the top of her head.

If it had deviated slightly, she would have died.

Everyone had their mouths agape.

Since when did Chu Liuyue become this strong

“Her sword had force in it!” muttered a teacher in shock.

If not, there would be no other explanation for why the sword had such tremendous strength.

Chu Xianmins abilities were nearing that of a stage-four warrior.

An average person definitely couldnt push her to this stage.

“This means that… She has a Yuan meridian!”

All the other teachers looked at each other in confusion, and their eyes filled with doubt.

“No wonder…” Bai Chen let out a deep breath.

When he first exchanged blows with Chu Liuyue, he already felt that something was amiss.

In hindsight, this seemed to be the only explanation.

“It seems like this girl has many tricks up her sleeve…” Sun Zhongyan was dazed for a moment before he smiled.

He looked at Chu Liuyue with shock and admiration.

Even he did not feel that anything was wrong.

If Chu Liuyue had not battled Chu Xianmin, nobody would have known when the public would find out about this secret.

“What happened I thought Chu Liuyue didnt have a Yuan meridian.” The crowds shock could not be appeased.

“If Chu Liuyue is a warrior, why did nobody notice her”

If Chu Liuyue showed a trace of her force movement before, the others would definitely notice it.

Chu Xianmin would also not be so arrogant and lose this badly. Sun Zhongyan looked at Chu Liuyue calmly and stroked his beard with a smile before saying, “Thats because shes still not a warrior.”

“What” The teachers were stunned when they heard his words.

“The Heaven and Earth Force her body has absorbed is plentiful, but she did not take that final step to become a true warrior.

Thats why no one noticed her.”

Ling Zhu sighed softly and looked at Chu Liuyue with a completely different gaze than before. She is so young, but she already knows how to keep a low profile.

Her mindset is already much stronger than that of other people her age.

“However, Director had once checked for her before, and she really did not have a Yuan meridian.


“I heard that Chu Liuyue bought numerous herbs from Zhen Bao Pavillion after she sold the Crown Princes hunting ground earlier on.

This piece of news spread like wildfire back then.

Could it be that was when she recovered her Yuan meridian”

“However, there are only a few heavenly doctors in the entire Country Yao Chen.

Who has such capabilities”

In their eyes, recovering a Yuan meridian was an impossible task.

However, Chu Liuyue—who stood in front of their eyes—was living proof.

They had to believe it.

“Surrender or continue” asked Chu Liuyue nonchalantly in the arena as she looked down at Chu Xianmin from above.

Continue Once Chu Xianmin heard that, her body started shaking violently.

The excruciating pain on her face and head kept reminding her of what happened previously.

If she continued… her entire body would probably be destroyed by Chu Liuyue.

However, she would be indignant until death if she surrendered to Chu Liuyue.

Chu Xianmin raised her head slowly and looked at Chu Liuyue standing in front of her.

The young girl—who was once trampled on, played with, and bullied by her—currently stared straight down at her from a high position.

Chu Xianmin never imagined that such a day would come.

If she surrendered, Chu Liuyue would get first place.

She would easily win everything.

Two strong opposing forces in Chu Xianmins body were tearing her apart crazily, making it hard for her to decide.

“Then well continue,” said Chu Liuyue.

She did not have that much patience to wait for Chu Xianmins answer, and she raised her right hand.

“I surrender! I surrender!” yelled Chu Xianmin out loud as if she was agitated greatly.

At the same time, she swiftly moved backward and stared at Chu Liuyues right hand in horror as if she were avoiding a humongous beast.

Chu Liuyue shifted the loose strands of her hair behind her ear with her right hand and chuckled.

“Why are you nervous I said I only wanted to come in first place during the assessment.”

As she was talking, she looked at the supervising teacher at the side.

“Teacher, can we announce the results now”

The teacher was dazed when he saw everything happening in front of him.

He only recovered his senses when Chu Liuyue spoke to him.

Even if he had never thought of this scenario in the past, the truth was right before his eyes.

He gulped some saliva down with much difficulty before saying, “Chu Liuyue, first place in the 453rd Warrior Assessment.”

Chu Liuyue came in first place!

The teachers voice immediately spread far and wide, echoing throughout the mountains.

It entered everyones ears crystal clear.

Chu Xianmins face immediately darkened, and her ears drooped down instinctively. Its over…

“The people in the Chu family are such fools! They will immediately regret this once they hear this news,” said a teacher while shaking his head.

Everyone saw the battle between Chu Liuyue and Chu Xianmin clearly.

They all knew who the stronger one was.

Chu Liuyue had also attained second place in the Xuan Master assessment.

Only a few people in the entire Country Yao Chen had such Xuan Master and warrior talent at the same time.

This type of person would be lovingly doted on in any household, but how did the Chu family treat Chu Liuyue all these years

They allowed her to be bullied and insulted by anybody and everybody.

Bai Chen chuckled and touched his chin.

“Pfft, Im afraid someone else will be the last to regret.”

When the teachers beside him heard that, they instantly looked in a certain direction as if they understood each others thoughts.

They did not forget that another key person was here—Crown Prince Rong Jin!

Of these two sisters, one was the fiancée he abandoned, while the other was the new love he doted on.

One sister got rid of hergood-for-nothing name with one move and became the talented one that everyone admired.

The other sisters reputation was ruined, and she had even lost to the other party in the competition she was most confident in.

Who would not regret when they realized they treated the dirt as treasure and had thrown the real treasure away

Rong Jin stood rooted to the ground, and his entire person became as stiff as an ice statue, exuding a cold and harsh aura.

His face was expressionless, just like the frozen floor—hard and stiff.

Only the hands in his sleeves were tightly clenched together as if he was about to crush something to death.

This entire battle didnt even take half an hour.

The conversation he previously had with Chu Xianmin still seemed to be echoing throughout the mountains, but Chu Liuyue had already given them a tight slap.

On the arena, Chu Xianmin remained collapsed on the floor, letting her mucus and tears flow on their own as her face was badly mangled.

A part of her scalp was even sliced off, making her look extremely ugly and disgusting.

However, Chu Liuyue was completely unharmed and looked just like the sun high up in the clouds as she stared down at them with her lips curved up into a gentle smile.

She looked very beautiful.

The people around Rong Jin were all as quiet as mice.

They did not dare move an inch, nor did they dare to look at his current expression.

However, Rong Jin could still feel countless gazes landing on him.

Mockery, teasing, and contempt—Chu Liuyue was the cause of all of this.

However, the culprit was already descending from the arena and did not even look in his direction.

He swiftly went forward, blocked Chu Liuyues path as if he could not control himself, and questioned her harshly.

“Did you lie to me on purpose You were acting on the day of the banquet.

You purposely wanted to dissolve the marriage agreement between us, right”

Chu Liuyue blinked.

“Crown Prince, how could you say that You were the one who wanted to dissolve the marriage agreement.”

Rong Jin was instantly stumped since he was indeed the one who made the request.

However, how was he supposed to know…

“I think you can save your efforts in preparing a celebratory banquet for my third sister.” Chu Liuyues smile became even more mesmerizing as she genuinely said, “However, I still need to give my blessings to both of you.

I hope both of you will grow old together and build a wonderful family.”

Rong Jins anger was stuck right in his throat.


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