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This sentence stumped Song Luan! His face flashed white, green, and then red, and his change of expression was amazing!

He suddenly stood up and angrily said, “What did you say”

He was originally already very frustrated.

Hearing this, how could he hold himself back He was instantly ignited, and he exploded!

However, Weichi Song still had a calm expression.

“Everyone present shouldve heard what I said clearly.

Why are you the only one who didnt hear it Could it be that your ears arent working anymore”


“It seems like your ears are the same as your mouth—theyre just for decoration.

Its fine if you just throw them away.” Weichi Songs simple words scolded Song Luan to no end.

The audience was dumbfounded. Weichi Song has always been a respected character and did everything in a very discreet manner.

This was even more so after Chong Xu Cabinet was continuously impacted more than a year ago.

The entire Chong Xu Cabinet became transparent, and this was also the reason why many people gradually disregarded Chong Xu Cabinet.

They originally thought that the Chu Liuyue trios deaths would have a grave impact on Weichi Song and the rest.

Some even suspected that he wouldnt come to the palace.

However, they didnt expect that not only did he come, but he was also very authoritative! How many people in the entire Xi Ling City dared to talk to Song Luan in this manner

Quite a few people exchanged glances, and they saw the shock in the other partys eyes. Could it be that… he suffered too heavy a blow

Weichi Song sat on his seat and allowed the countless gazes to scrutinize him as he stayed motionless like a mountain. Why wouldnt I know about the life or death of my own disciples Those three kids just didnt come back with Shangguan Wan and the rest, and I know very clearly that theyre still fine.

However, I have no plans to spread this news.

Coming here, he knew that someone would definitely bring this up and cause trouble for Chong Xu Cabinet.

If they said something else, he would turn a blind eye to it and would be too lazy to calculate it against them.

However, Song Luan had to say that about those three kids and even cursed that they were dead.

How could he take this lying down

Song Luan was mocked until he was confused.

In his memory, Weichi Song had never been this rude to anyone.

He was so angry that he laughed and coldly mocked, “Hah! Cabinet Master Weichi, were all the four biggest clans, and I was just being concerned about you.

Isnt it beneath you to talk in this manner”

Weichi Song glanced at him as if he were looking at a joke.

“I heard that seven outstanding disciples from Purple Xiao Sword Sect have died.

I didnt expect that you, Master Song, still have the leisure to care about our Chong Xu Cabinet”

Song Luan was stumped, and he couldnt say anything.

They did have seven disciples that died.

Other than his own son—Song Qingnian, whose condition was still decent—the remaining two out of the surviving three suffered from severe injuries.

This would very likely affect their future cultivation.

One could almost say that their entire team went down!

One had to know that those who went to Dahuang Swamp this time were all the most outstanding disciples from the Purple Xiao Sword Sect.

Now, they had to spend another two to three years recovering from this loss!

At this point, Jian Shuye suddenly spoke from the side.

“I heard that Chu Liuyue helped quite a few people in the Mystic Forest.

Not only my Dragon Teeth Mountain disciples, but the other clans also received her help more or less, right”

He spoke as he glanced at Song Luan and purposely asked, “Song Luan, it seems like your precious son was also saved by them, right”

Song Luan immediately retorted, “Impossible! That didnt happen!”

Jian Shuye looked shocked as he turned to the people beside him.

“Oh May I know if anyone present heard about this”

The entire hall fell into an eerie silence.

Everyone had a different expression.

Song Luan sneered continuously.

“I know Chu Liuyue is capable, but its hard to even protect herself with her bit of skills, let alone help other people.

And even so many Jian Shuye, youre being ridiculous!”

Then, someone suddenly spoke.

“Dragon Teeth Mountain Master is right.

My disciples were indeed saved by Chu Liuyue and the rest.”

Song Luan immediately knitted his brows and looked over, realizing that the one who spoke was Sheng Yan Harems master.

He chuckled and was about to mock them when someone beside him said, “My Tian Ji Residences disciples did bring this up when they came back.”

Song Luans expression froze. Its fine if Jian Shuye said it on his own, but the crowd is admitting to it gradually

All the other clans kept quiet, and they clearly didnt intend to retaliate.

This stunned the family heads sitting opposite them.

As they werent very involved in this matter, they didnt know much.

They previously knew that many had died during the Dahuang Swamp journey, but they didnt expect that this had happened.

Jian Shuye stroked his chin and broke the peace.

“Song Luan, it seems like your precious son didnt tell you on purpose, right Then, he also wouldnt have said that the Yang Qiner from your clan chose to self-destruct because she was detected to have problems, right I heard she almost harmed quite a few people back then.”

Song Luan suddenly looked up and was shocked. I really didnt know!

After Song Qingnian and the other two disciples returned, he immediately rushed over to look at them.

Those two severely injured ones were quickly sent for treatment, and Song Qingnian didnt say much.

He only said that he was very tired and wanted to rest.

Song Luan couldnt even dote on him in time, and he was only glad that his son was still alive.

What other things could he care about

He quickly reacted, and his voice was stern.

“Dragon Teeth Mountain Master, you cant say these kinds of things freely!”

At this moment, a voice was suddenly heard from far away.

“Whatever he said is true.”

The crowd turned around and saw Jiang Yucheng arrive.

Nobody announced his arrival, and they didnt know how much he heard outside.

Jiang Yucheng walked into the hall, and everyone gradually kept quiet.

Song Luan became nervous. Jiang Yucheng was present then, and his identity is special.

Since he already said this…

He hurriedly retracted his gaze.

“After Qingnian came back, he looked dispirited.

Hence, I told him to rest and didnt understand the situation further…”

Jiang Yucheng lightly shook his head.

He actually didnt care much about these things; his attention was mostly on Weichi Song.

Before he came, he coincidentally saw Weichi Song stepping in, and he heard Song Luans mockeries.

He decisively wanted to listen for a while.

What made him feel strange was that Weichi Song looked like he knew that Chu Liuyue and the rest hadnt come back, but he didnt look too sorrowful.

Its fine for Qiang Wanzhou and the rest.

Perhaps Weichi Song knows that theyre just searching for someone in the Mystic Forest.

But Chu Liuyue… Shes dead.

Weichi Song shouldnt have this reaction…

“Prince Consort!” This anxious shout attracted the crowds attention.

The crowd looked up together.

A figure was seen quickly entering from outside the hall.

Jiang Yucheng furrowed his brows.

The person who came was Chan Yi.

Why isnt Shangguan Wan here

He walked over, and before he could say anything, Chan Yi said, “Prince Consort, something happened to the Third Princess suddenly.

May I trouble you to make a trip to Huayang Palace”


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