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Chaos was ensuing secretly in Xi Ling City, but the people in Chong Xu Cabinet didnt care about this at all.

This was because their thoughts were all longing for Chu Liuyue and the rest.

Previously, they were already very worried when the main team returned from Dahuang Swamp, but their junior brother and sisters didnt come back.

Even though Jian Fengchi quickly came to explain the whole situation, such a long time had passed.

Yet, there were no signs of any of them returning, which made them anxious and worried.

If it werent because they saw the Cabinet Master peacefully staying on the mountain as if he were fishing stably, they wouldve long gone to Dahuang Swamp to look for them themselves.

Inside an ordinary room on the mountain, Qi Dahe lay on the bed as Weichi Song read his pulse at the side.

Two disciples looked on from the side and seemed rather nervous and curious at the same time.

After a moment, Weichi Song nodded and looked at the two of them.

“Thats right—his body is getting much better.

Even though half of his Yuan meridian has been damaged, its still lucky that we saved it.

Its all thanks to the two of you meticulously taking care of him during this period.”

The duo hurriedly said, “Its all because your medicine works, Cabinet Master.

We just did a small matter, and its not worth a mention!”

Weichi Song smiled and shook his head.

“I know very clearly what his body condition was like.

Its indeed not easy for him to make it through.

It has been hard on you.”

As he spoke, he took out two wooden boxes and gave them to the duo.

“These are two sixth-grade medicinal formulas.

Take it and study it in detail so that you can successfully produce it sooner.”

The two of them were shocked and glanced at each other.

One of them hurriedly said, “Cabinet Master, t-this is too precious…”

We just took care of Qi Dahe for a period of time and didnt do much.

This reward is too much…

“Just take it.”

Seeing that Weichi Song insisted, the two of them could only take it in shock and surprise.

The other person couldnt help but ask, “Cabinet Master, is it worth it for you to spend so much effort to save his life His mind isnt very stable.

Even if you can save him, Im afraid…”

Why would Cabinet Master care so much about a mute person that is severely injured and intellectually damaged

“I have my own plans.” Weichi Song glanced at Qi Dahe. This person is very important.

Jiang Yucheng willingly sent me a piece of evidence, so why shouldnt I take good care of it

The two disciples glanced at each other in confusion, but they felt that Qi Dahe indeed had his use since the Cabinet Master had said so.

After a momentary hesitation, one of them asked, “Uh… Cabinet Master, Little Junior Sister and the rest… havent come back yet.

Do you think…”

Weichi Song paused and gently shook his head.

“Dont worry.

Theyll come back safely.”

Red Moon Desert.

Under the bright sun, a figure was running quickly in the endless, golden desert.

A fist-sized ball of yellow sand kept chasing the figure from behind relentlessly.

“Stop chasing! Stop chasing!” yelled Mu Hongyu as she continued running.

In her panic, an idea popped up in her mind, and she instantly disappeared from the spot.

The next moment, she appeared at another location!

She hurriedly turned around to take a look but saw nothing.

But the moment she heaved a sigh of relief, she saw another ball of yellow sand quickly forming nearby and going toward her.


That ball of yellow sand directly hit her face.

Instantly, Mu Hongyus head and face were all covered by sand.

She dazedly stood rooted at the ground.

After a temporary daze, she started scratching her head crazily and yelling at the verge of breaking down.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Is there any end to this!”

Ever since she somehow came into this Red Moon Desert, she was directly separated from the rest.

However, this ball of yellow sand kept following her.

Initially, she didnt realize that anything was amiss.

But after she entered a sorry state from being attacked a few times, she then knew that this thing was targeting her.

Just like what Qin Yi said before, it was very hard for cultivators to move in this desert.

Every step would exhaust a large amount of their strength.

Mu Hongyu originally thought that it would be easier for her with her Faint Yuan Body, but after this thing caught onto her, she started her endless journey of running.

During this period of time, wherever she ran to, a ball of yellow sand would always come for her.

She wasnt exactly severely injured, but which girl could tolerate being dirtied by sand every day

Mu Hongyu felt that she was going crazy.

“Im begging you.

Please stop following me—ahh!! I really dont know how I offended you! I cant take it anymore…”

She was exhausted and had almost used up all of her force.

She really couldnt continue…

Then, she lay directly on the ground.

“Ow!” The moment she touched the ground, she was burned and jumped up like an eel. Its too hot! I actually forgot this was the Red Moon Desert!

Just as she was breaking down, she saw another ball of yellow sand gathering.

The key was that it was twice the size compared to before!

Mu Hongyu silently cursed in her heart as she resigned herself to her fate and turned around to run!

“Thats the way… If you cant even travel hundreds of miles with a Faint Yuan Body, why would you even have it” In the dark, Diwu Zhangze—who was controlling all of this—couldnt help but mutter. Rumors have it that people who master the Faint Yuan Body can instantly travel thousands of miles… What does this little bit count for

“The rest didnt even complain that much…” Diwu Zhangze looked at the other few peoples conditions.

Qin Yi and Lei Laosi need not be mentioned as their cultivation levels were higher and had a high tolerance.

As for the lady with the chubby face, her face was flushed as she crazily practiced producing her pills.

But that golden-haired youngster though…

“Pfft, he really can take it… With such a cold, harsh air in his body, its enviable when he cultivates…” Diwu Zhangze—who was very picky—couldnt help but praise Qiang Wanzhou.

“Sigh, I wonder how Yueer Girlie is now… Big Baby is personally training her… Si.” Thinking of Dugu Mobaos methods, Diwu Zhangzes eyelids twitched harshly. The few of them added up wont even be suffering more than that Girlie alone! Even though Dugu Mobao dotes on Girlie, he is really inhumane when he trains her!

“Ah-choo!” Chu Liuyue suddenly sneezed beside the sapphire-like lake in the center of Red Moon Desert and rubbed her nose. I wonder who is talking about me…

However, she didnt have any time or energy to think about that.

“You must be fast! Quick!” Dugu Mobaos voice coldly sounded.

Chu Liuyue turned her palm into a fist, and she hurled it out again.

The figure in front of her flashed, avoiding it again as it kicked its leg toward Chu Liuyue!

Chu Liuyue clenched her teeth and turned her waist to barely avoid it.

But her shin was still scratched, and it instantly burned!

She immediately squatted down and pounced toward the other party like a nimble fox.

The other party went for her neck.

Chu Liuyue avoided it and counter-attacked by clutching the other partys wrist and attacking it!


The two of them fell harshly on the floor.

Lan Xiao went for a leisure walk and was shocked when he saw this scene.

“Hm Big Baby, this doesnt seem to be the previous peak stage-six puppet that you used earlier”

Dugu Mobao coldly said, “This is peak stage-seven.”


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