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It was the first time Tuan Zi ever saw Hong Yao in this state.

The former was used to seeing the latters proud and willful side.

When Hong Yaos tears continued to pour down nonstop, Tuan Zi flapped its wings in irritation and looked at Chu Liuyue for help.

Sighing inwardly, Chu Liuyue wiped Hong Yaos tears away and said, “Alright, alright.

Stop crying; I wont kill him.”

W-what does that mean Because of a green sparrow, the Crown Princess isnt going to sentence Mu Qinghe to death! Everyone was surprised to hear that, and whispers broke out among the crowd.

“No way! Is she really going to spare his life, all for the sake of a green sparrow!”

“You dont know about this, do you Although that green sparrow is Mu Qinghes contracted fiend, it was under the Crown Princesss care most of the time… I heard that she dotes on it as much as her own fiend! If Mu Qinghe dies, that green sparrow will surely die too.”

“I see… Still, this is… Her contracted fiend is now a legendary fiend, so why does she have to care about that green sparrow”

“We wont know whats on her mind… Then again, Mu Qinghe is really lucky! His life is spared because of his fiend!”

Most people were rather shocked by Chu Liuyues decision, but they had no right to say anything since it was her own affair, and it was up to her to deal with Mu Qinghe however she wanted.

Chu Liuyue looked at Mu Qinghe.

“With immediate effect, Mu Qinghe will be stripped of his post as Black Guard lieutenant and grounded at the Mu Residence! Nobody is allowed to visit him without my permission!”

Jian Fengchi finally settled down as he exhaled in relief. Thank goodness… Otherwise, I wouldnt know how I should help him plead for mercy… But whats wrong with him anyway Why would he ask to be sentenced to death I have to ask him about this when the chance arises!

Mu Qinghe, on the other hand, was shocked.

He thought he would surely receive what he was waiting for, but in the end… A hint of struggle surfaced from the depths of his eyes as he said, “Your Highness—”

“Take him away!” ordered Chu Liuyue.

The burly Black Guard standing next to her stepped forward and grabbed Mu Qinghe immediately.

Nobody noticed his existence earlier, and it was only when he came forward that everyone realized with a start how powerful his aura was.

Mu Qinghe knitted his eyebrows together and looked back to see a familiar face in front of him.

This very face belonged to none other than Lei Laosi.

Somehow, he had managed to sneak and blend himself in with the Black Guards without anyone discovering him.

“Thank you, Si Jing,” said Chu Liuyue.

Si Jing smiled.

“You can rest assured that I do my duties well, Your Highness!”

The crowd was shocked. Si Jing Isnt that the person who ranks fourth in the Thirteen Yue Guards When did they return to Xi Ling, and without anyones notice! Jiang Yucheng previously utilized a lot of manpower and resources to hunt them.

Yet, not only did he fail to find any of them, but they even followed the Crown Princess back to Xi Ling!

The frown on Jiang Yuchengs face deepened. I knew it! The Thirteen Yue Guards have returned with new faces! I thought something was off when Xiahou Rong told me that the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill was stolen, but I didnt manage to find anything even after sending my men to search for them in the city.

It turned out that theyve snuck into the palace! Chu Liuyue has planned everything right from the start! Shes determined to turn things around and eliminate any chance of us escaping!

He kept trying to think of a way to get out of this sticky situation. The Thirteen Yue Guards are back, His Majesty has awakened, and even the Ancestor has appeared! This is basically a deadlock! I have to think of another way to get out of this situation…

Completely restrained and unable to say a word, Mu Qinghe was escorted back to his mansion by Si Jing.

Hong Yao—who was nestled in Chu Liuyues shoulder—glanced at Mu Qinghe reluctantly and retracted its gaze quickly.

When Mu Qinghe was passing by Jiang Yucheng, the latter looked up and cast the former a meaningful glance.

The formers heart thumped hard as a hint of worry surfaced in his eyes.

“Father,” said Chu Liuyue all of a sudden.

“Shangguan Wan plotted for power and tried to usurp the throne.

An insidious and ruthless woman like her should be sentenced to death! What do you think about this”

Although Shangguan Wan had committed a lot of crimes, Chu Liuyue thought it was better to seek her fathers opinion regarding the formers punishment.

Shangguan You frowned and regarded Shangguan Wan with a heavy look.

An intense feeling of unease surged within Shangguan Wan, for she didnt want to die.

She begged for mercy repeatedly.

“Father, I only committed those mistakes during a moment of folly! I was instigated by someone! Please forgive me this time, Father!”

Shangguan You shook his head.

“Dying a hundred times isnt even enough to pay for the crimes you committed in the past two years! The Tianling royalty doesnt have a descendant like you!”

Shangguan Wans heart sank fast.

“From today onward, youre no longer worthy of being a member of the Shangguan family, and you wont be buried in the Imperial Mausoleum when you die! Your birth mother was an orphan with a humble origin, so her family wont be implicated.

However, the servants working in Huayang Palace and Qingfeng Palace will have to be executed as well! Ill take it as I never had you as a daughter!”

With each word Shangguan You said, the color on Shangguan Wans face faded a little more.

Eventually, she completely collapsed on the ground, her face looking ashen. My existence will be completely wiped off from the Tianling royaltys genealogy!

“No! You cant do that, Father!” She moved forward on her knees but was stopped by Elder Chen Ke with a wave of his sleeve.


Shangguan Wans body flew backward, and she landed on the ground with a crash.

She was already injured in the first place, so this blow worsened her condition.

She coughed up blood several times in a row.

As she lifted her hand to wipe the blood off her mouth, she saw the glaring red clothes on herself.

She was suddenly reminded that it was her wedding day today and that she was still wearing the phoenix coronet and the ceremonial robe. I was just one step away from sitting on that throne.

I was supposed to become the Tianling Dynastys most esteemed woman from today onward, but all that is gone now! My years of hard work have been for naught!

Feelings of hatred, jealousy, and resentment consumed her from within, and a black symbol faintly appeared on her glabella. Its all gone… I have nothing left! No matter whether shes Chu Liuyue or Shangguan Yue, that woman has snatched everything away from me! She must be feeling very smug to be standing above the masses!

Shangguan Wan slowly lifted her head and stared at Chu Liuyue as she said, “You own too many things.”

Chu Liuyue had a vague feeling that something was off about Shangguan Wans behavior, but she sensed the latters aura intensifying as soon as the thought appeared in her mind.

A black blade suddenly cut through the air and headed straight for her.


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