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After revealing their dark thoughts to one another, Xie Jie and Wei Lan quickly established a revolutionary friendship.

And Xie ZIchen who had already made preparations to prevent Xie Jie from harming him, couldn’t help but feel worried.

In his previous life, Xie Jie used the simple trick of inserting poisoned needles into the horses during the spring outing.

However, now with the addition of Wei Lan, who has killed people at the frontier and made meritorious contributions and who at first glance doesn’t look like a man of good character, I am afraid the situation has changed.

Xie Jie wasn’t much of a threat to Xie Zichen.

Even though killing him wasn’t easy but blocking his schemes was not much difficult.

But with the appearance of Wei Lan, this situation may evolve into a matter of life or death.

No one knows better than him how insignificant a human life could be to those who have blood on their hands.

Any trouble that can be solved at the root level, will not be left alive.

Thinking of this, Xie Zichen couldn’t help feeling a little frustrated.

Closing his shop’s book of accounts, he called Xie Tong and said,” Now that the flow of funds has stabilized, and the groundwork for secret informants has almost been laid, it’s time you and Jin Zi build the Intelligence Unit.

Also, Ask the informant to keep a close eye on Wei Shizi.”

“Yes.” Xie TOng answered respectfully.

Xie Zichechen waved his hand tiredly, asking him to retreat.

After he left, Xie Zichen looked at the beam and thought in despair—how about a little compromise

Once this thought came to mind, many thoughts sprang up one after another.

For example, Wei Lan appears to be quite attractive;

For example, he can also compromise with the other party for a short period without letting him get close;

For example, even if he gets close, as long as they don’t do anything too crazy, he can treat it as if Wang Ning went crazy.

Another example is that Wei Lan would be very helpful if he was on his side.

After all, he is the only one among all the noble families with multiple advantages like scheming, private soldiers, emperor’s favor, and whose life and death in the future are not known to him.

Moreover, they had no mutual contradictions in their past life.

These advantages appeared one after the other, and Xie Zichen sighed and asked himself a question: after all of this thought, do you have the ability to play with or reject a person who resembles a prodigal son

When reflecting on his 30 years as a bachelor, Xie Zichen has no confidence in himself when it comes to relationships.

He has never liked anyone in his previous life, and the only person who seemed to pique his interest, in the end, stabbed him to death… ……

This kind of emotional experience, I guess no one wants to experience this.

But now that things have developed to this point, he has to force himself to make more efforts, After all, no one is born with the ability to do everything.


So Xie Zichen thought about it and finally decided to stabilize Wei Lan first, at least till he enters the palace as a companion.

He is a man of action, so he immediately asked Xie Tong to prepare his clothes and went directly to Wei’s mansion.

It was already midnight at this time, Xie Zichen did not go through the main entrance, and went directly over the wall from the backyard of the Wei residence, but just as he jumped onto the top of the wall, he saw a jade-colored figure with wide sleeves standing in the yard, holding a jade flute in his hand, Looking at him with some surprise.

The starlight fell in her eyes, and the peach blossoms were about to scatter when the wind blew over and swirled around her.

The young man stood alone among the peach blossoms, smiled calmly, and said lightly,” Fourth Young Master Xie, long time no see.”

Xie Zichen pondered for a moment, the psychological preparation that he had made with so much difficulty, seemed to have disintegrated at this moment.

No matter how he thinks about it, he never feels like he is the type of man who would commit to another man.

However, he is used to forbearance and dormancy.

In his previous life, to climb up, he went through all kinds of suffering and difficulties.

Now it’s just a few months of hypocritical dealings with a man, a good-looking man with a gentleman-like temper, he can endure.

So he made up his mind, looked up at the teenager who was looking at him quietly, and said seriously, “What Wei Shizi said before, does it still count”

Hearing Xie Zichen’s words, Wei Lan immediately understood that she and Xie Jie had gotten too close which might have made Xie Zichen anxious.

She couldn’t help but smile, her eyebrows curled as she gently said, “I always mean what I say to Fourth Young Master Xie.”





T/N: I am so sorry for the inconsistent updates.

I know it’s not ideal to update some chapters as a whole and some in 2 parts and some in 3.

But I am currently crunching time to get things done and uploading as soon as I finish.

I don’t want any week to go by without posting at least a third of a chapter, hence the inconsistency.

Moreover my laptop broke a while ago and i have to borrow my sister’s laptop and make do.

Honestly that’s such a bummer.

It’s not that my sister is not generous enough, but she has her own assignments that she needs to work on.

And you know how when it rains, it pours.

Currently I am in a bit of a financial crunch but right now all expenses seemed to be multiplied.

Even my charger which I was so happy to have because it charged my phone super fast broke because we had a short-circuit at home today.

Ugh, sorry for the rant, I just hate the feeling of pinching pennies but it seems like no matter how much we work, the education system is bent on razing all the savings to the ground.

Back to the story, I don’t know if I should feel distressed or upset for XZ.

Him having to do something against his own ethics to achieve a purpose seems bad enough but when people are surviving in nooks and crannies, it doesn’t seem so bad.

It’s really uncomfortable for me to see a person who is forced to push his own boundaries to survive.

Putting that aside, I am really looking forward to see how they’re gonna work together, clashing and banging till they reach a zone where they can work in harmony without doubting and plotting against each other.

Honestly that’s the thing i look forward to the most when it comes to romance novels.

Power couples is a tag I search for the most.

I know I’ve bored you enough.

Good bye from this chatter box.

see you in the next post.


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