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Wei Lan had trained in martial arts since she was young.

Her stealth skills were remarkable.

She had followed Xie Zichen all the way, but his guards had failed to detect her.

However, just because Xie Zichen’s guards didn’t find out doesn’t mean that the gentleman in the palanquin was unaware.

Since Wei Lan followed, Xie Zichen noticed that someone was following him.

He pretended to inadvertently lift the curtain and saw Wei Lan crouching in the shadows and staring at him.

His hand shook in fright, and he let down the curtain.

He took a couple of deep breaths, trying to calm himself down.

After reliving a lifetime, he had thought that Wei Lan who was different from the past life would bring unexpected surprise to him, but who would have thought that it would be such a shock……

He was a Cut sleeve[1].

‘A genuine Cut Sleeve’!

Moreover, this Cut sleeve even invited him to Linglong Pavilion for dinner.

And he has been stalking him all the way! It was simply unbearable, yet he had to endure……!

Xie Zichen took another deep breath.

He hated himself for his incompetence.

He had reincarnated too late.


Being a Shu son, he had many friends.

However, without any exchange of interests, he dare not trust anyone’s sincerity.

He lacked silver and couldn’t establish his dark division like those first sons.

Furthermore, he had been locked up in his home, making access difficult.

So far, he has secretly opened a few shops, saved some money, and developed a few informants, which is the extent of his abilities.

However, he was well aware that Xu Qing would defect to the enemies in the future.

However, he was well aware that Xu Qing would eventually defect to the enemies.And the more Xu Qing is aware of his scandals today, the stronger the backlash will be when he defected in the future.

He’s been reborn for two years now, but he still has no reliable helpers, which is very sad.

Xie Zichen took a few deep breaths while opening and closing his fists.

He resolved to take a short break and make detailed plans for the future once he returned to his house.

After sending Xie Zichen back to his residence, Wei Lan turned back to the Marquis of Chang Xin’s residence.The beauty was pleasant, and after sending him back to the house, Wei Lan’s heart couldn’t help but feel a little lighter.

Although it wasn’t visible on the surface, even Wei Zhong could see that Wei Lan’s aura was much more relaxed.

 Having settled on a candidate for her future husband, Wei Lan solved a major problem, and immediately had the dark guards bring all of Xie Zichen’s information, and also sent someone to inquire about his daily life (T/N: spy on him), and specifically appointed someone from the dark division to go and send Xie Zichen a love poem that she wrote every day.

(T/N: Harass him)

Although, from what the secret guard said, Xie Zichen never even looked at it and burned it directly.

Wei Lan’s heart felt depressed.

no matter what, her words were pretty, and her poems well written, so the act of burning them straight away without even looking at them was really a bit hurtful.

But it didn’t matter because she kept sending it to him and went to read Xie Zichen’s daily life report, which the Dark Guards brought over whenever she was free every day.

As a shu son, Xie Zichen was really having an extremely difficult time, but even under such difficult circumstances, Xie Zichen managed to open a shop and developed a bunch of secret informants.

Wei Lan couldn’t help but admire him a little bit, looking at Xie Zichen’s dossier, Wei Lan sighed and said to Dian Mo, “Dian Mo, ah, the man I chose is really different, truly worthy of being my fiancé!”

Dian Mo’s hand shook as she was grinding ink, reminding Wei Lan, “Shizi, please be more reserved. 

Isn’t it too soon to call him your fiancé when the Ba-Zi haven’t even been written”[2]

  Wei Lan hooked the corner of his mouth and said meaningfully, “Earlier or later …… isn’t it all mine”

    “Where on earth did you get the confidence Young Master Xie doesn’t look like he’s happy about it at all, are you sure you’re okay with it”

    Of course, there’s no problem.


She’d been courted by hundreds, if not dozens, of her world’s sons, but who hadn’t rejected her at first and then followed her Even though they didn’t go all the way, her charisma was still confirmed!

The fact that these sons never forgot her after they got married, and that they even met from time to time to recite a poem, lamenting the old days and their misguided love, how could she not conquer a single Xie Zichen when she had such a brilliant record

But Dian Mo’s words still make Wei Lan wake up a bit.

After all, Xie Zichen, this young man, seems to be a bit too reserved.

Maybe, he isn’t too fond of her straightforward approach.

Wei Lan gave it some serious thinking before deciding that it was time to switch up the plan of attack.


References↑1which means Gay/ Homosexual.

Story:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cut_Sleeve↑2The Four Pillars of Destiny, as known as “Ba-Zi“, which means “eight characters” or “eight words” in Chinese, is a Chinese astrological concept that a person’s destiny or fate can be divined by the two sexagenary cycle characters assigned to their birth year, month, day, and hour.-

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