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The Trick to Teasing a Noble Family’s Son- Chapter 6 (2/3)



Wei Lan, Wang Xi, and others are fighting and making trouble.

For people like Wei Lan who had been on the battlefield, she could play the game of archery and pot throwing better than most people blindfolded.

Wang Ning and Xie Zichen were hiding in the shadows and talking but Wei Lan was paying attention to them.

Seeing that she seems to be forgotten, she can’t help but feel a little sour in her heart.

Happened that She ended up winning too much, and Wang Xi yelled: “No, no, Ah Lan is too slick to play the pot, she needs to make it harder to compare with us.”

“But you have already blindfolded Ah Lan,” Xie Jie said dissatisfiedly, “what else do you want”

“It doesn’t matter,” Wei Lan waved.

She liked Wang Xi very much.

Such a beautiful and frank man won her heart.

Although she had no courage to marry her back, fearing that her head would turn green, Wei Lan was still very comfortable with him.

“It Doesn’t Matter”, Wei Lan waved.

Wang Xi, this handsome and frank person was very much to her liking.

Although she had no courage to marry him back for fear that her head would turn green, she still found it very comfortable to be with him.

To the men she liked, she has always been more indulgent, so she said, “What does Ah Xi want”

After playing for a while, she had become very intimate with the crowd.

So she called Wang Xi by his name, in a gentle and doting tone, but everyone was so excited that they failed to notice anything different about Wei Lan.

Only Xie Zichen, who seemed to be the only woke guy, watched all this, silently mourning for the chastity of the men present.

(T/N: Poor XZ, he seemed to be the only one to see the dumb lambs dancing with the wolf)

Wang Xi took the fan and circled around the blindfolded Wei Lan, clapping his hands and saying, “That’s good, Ah Lan, you can’t shoot yourself, you have to blindfold yourself and hold someone else’s hand to throw the arrow into the pot, this is how you win!”

That’s a bit too much ……” said Lin Che, the son of the Minister of Justice next to him, “How is that possible!”

“What’s wrong with that” Wang Xi was a little excited and said, “Everyone stands still! Don’t move!”

Xie Zichen had a bad premonition.

However, everyone is now standing still and if he moves, it’ll be a bit too conspicuous.

The crowd watched the blindfolded beauty walk with eyes wide open with excitement.

They couldn’t help but feel their hearts beat a bit quicker as they hoped to be picked.

They also felt they were in an unusual state of mind, wanting a guy to choose them.

(T/N: Mating Induction Mate Attraction Why do these words keep popping into my mind as I edit the paragraph)

Wang Xi was also very nervous.

He couldn’t help but feel his heartbeat quicken as he watched Wei Lan groping towards him.

As a result, Wei Lan continued walking straight ahead, looking in the direction of Lin Che.

Lin Che’s heart also hung up; he couldn’t help but gulp, looking at the beauty walking in front of him, his heart beating fast.

However, Wei Lan stopped in front of him but slowly smiled.

That smile was like the breeze brushing the calm lake in the night, cool but also soft.


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