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Chapter 24: New Discovery

The letters found were all placed in a small box.

In addition to the letters, there were some small knick knacks, handkerchiefs with poems inscribed in them, jewelry, and so on.

This small box was found in Yuhuan's storage box, and the officer brought it back directly and gave it to Tang Tianyuan.

All letters were signed by Wei Zitong.

Tan Lingyin took the letters and read them one by one.

He tsked and sighed, "Truly deep affection."

The last letter discussed the elopement to Qi Hui; Wei Zitong had told her when and where to do so.If you can read this, it means this chapter was stolen from p uretl .


The time and place in the letter matched the time and place of the incident.

This was enough to conclude that Qi Hui did take the initiative to disguise herself and leave the city that day in order to elope with Wei Zitong.

Tang Tianyuan instructed the arresting officer to arrest Wei Zitong first, and then he interrogated Yuhuan for the third time.

Such important letters were found in Yuhuan's box, which showed Qi Hui's trust in her.

The arraignment went unexpectedly well.

With the physical evidence, Yuhuan could do nothing, but confess.

She admitted that the Young Lady did have an affair with Wei Zitong, and that she had been the messenger for the two.

When the Master forced her Young Lady to marry Sun Bufan, unable to dissuade her parents, her Young Lady had to agree to run away with Wei Zi.

It was not easy to take away the private messages and items that were exchanged with Wei Zitong, so her Young Lady asked her to keep it temporarily.

Tang Tianyuan still had an emotionless face as he continued to ask, "Why did you hide the truth before"

"Replying to the lord, since the Young Lady went missing, the Master knew that it was not good.

He instructed us not to mention this matter, even in the face of the county magistrate.

He was afraid of ruining the reputation of the Young Lady.

Now that the physical evidence is at hand, this humble one will no longer dare to lie.

"f you can read this, it means this chapter was stolen from p uretl .


This is a tenable reason.

Official Qi repeatedly mentioned reputation when he was here that day.

He deliberately concealed his daughter's marriage contract for the sake of the so-called ‘reputation’.

It seemed that in his mind, fame and reputation was more important than his daughter's life.

Not long after Yuhuan’s trial, the police officer came to report that Wei Zitong had been arrested.

Tan Lingyin asked Tang Tianyuan, "Sir, are you going to hold the official hearing now, or tomorrow"

Tang Tianyuan lowered his eyes, his gaze fell on the table, he pondered for a while, and said, "The whole thing is strange.

Since they decided to elope, it showed that the two had a deep relationship, and there’s no reason to run halfway only to break up.

With Wei Zitong's feelings towards Qihui, for whatever reason, it is impossible for him to leave her alone in the wild late at night.

No reason for him to give the murderer an opportunity; Wei Zitong himself has no motive for murder," he said and glanced at Tan Lingyin, "What do you think"

Tan Lingyin touched her belly, "I think we should have dinner first."

After eating so much at noon, but hungry already, Tang Tianyuan glanced at Tan Lingyin's belly and shook his head.

Glutton!translat ed by pure tl.

com / do not re post

Tang Tianyuan was not in a hurry to hold the hearing, he had to figure out what happened that night.

Wei Zitong probably didn't meet up with Qi Hui, that would explain everything that followed.

But since that letter was there, and the time and place were determined, how could they not have met

After dinner, Tang Tianyuan interrogated Wei Zitong, and Tan Lingyin was still caught to work as the stenographer.

Before Tang Tianyuan could ask, Wei Zitong kowtowed and cried, "My lord, I lied that day.

My feelings are not just a brother-sister love for my cousin.

I have impure thoughts about her.

After knowing her death, I have trouble sleeping and eating, please catch the murderer and avenge my cousin!"

Tan Lingyin looked up at Wei Zitong while writing, and it seemed that this kid was a sincere person.

Tang Tianyuan nodded calmly and said, "This officer asks you, did you see Qi Hui on the night of the crime And when"

Wei Zitong shook his head quickly, "No, I haven't seen her.

My lord, although I live in Qi Mansion, there are differences between men and women, and I can't easily meet my cousin."

"So you could only communicate by letter"

Hearing this, Wei Zitong hurriedly denied, "No, sir, you misunderstood.

Although I like my cousin, we are innocent and have not violated any rules.

I have never written her a private letter."

"Look at what this is" Tang Tianyuan glanced over and the bailiff on the side hurriedly handed the prepared letter to Wei Zitong.

Wei Zitong's face became extremely ugly when he saw the letter, "This, this was written by me… No no no, this was not written by me..."translat ed by pure tl.

com / do not re post

Tang Tianyuan slammed the table, "Did you write it or not!"

"My lord, these words are mine, but I have never written this letter.

I have been wronged, my lord!"

Tan Lingyin and Tang Tianyuan looked at each other in surprise.

She turned her head to Wei Zitong and said, "Write a few words for me to see." Then she handed him a pen and paper.

Wei Zitong wrote two lines accordingly.

However, because he was too nervous, his hands kept shaking, and the words he wrote were a little crooked.

He was very embarrassed, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to write so ugly..."

"It's okay," Tan Lingyin interrupted him with a wave of her hand.

Holding the two pieces of paper, she swept her eyes back and forth over the two handwritings several times, and finally put the paper down and said to Tang Tianyuan, "Sir, Yuhuan's letter was forged."


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