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Chapter 31: Cough


Tang Tianyuan shook his head, hating iron for not being steel, "Forget it, pour me a cup of tea."


Tan Lingyin hurriedly poured the tea and held it to Tang Tianyuan with both hands.

Tang Tianyuan didn't want to see her smiling face, let alone her hand.

He turned his face away and picked up the tea bowl with one hand, but his fingers touched hers inadvertently.

Like a poisonous snake, Tang Tianyuan quickly retracted his hand.

At this time, Tan Lingyin had also let go, so teacup fell.

It landed sideways on the table, and the tea poured out and ran down the edge of the table.

The liquid spilt all over Tang Tianyuan’s legs and in between.


Tang Tianyuan: "!!!"


Tan Lingyin saw that the county magistrate's face changed.

Feeling a bit concerned, she asked "What's the matter, my lord"


"Who told you to pour hot tea!" Tang Tianyuan roared, clutching between his legs.If you can read this, it means this chapter was stolen from p uretl .



Tan Lingyin shrank her neck, "Hot tea is more sincere..."


But the hot tea will burn his PP!


But who the hell thought that hot tea would burn his PP! !


Tang Tianyuan weakly pointed to the door, "Get out!"


"Oh." Tan Lingyin turned and left in frustration.


"Guard at the door, no one is allowed to come in!" Tang Tianyuan added worriedly.


When Tan Lingyin left, Tang Tianyuan hurriedly took off his pants, ignoring the burnt part of his thighs, he first checked his little brother carefully.

It's okay, probably just frightened.

When the hot tea reached the edge of the table, some of the heat had dissipated.

Although his clothes were thin, it also helped block.

Therefore, when it reached his little brother, there was no longer any lethality, but only hurt a little.


Since the pants were already wet, Tang Tianyuan didn't plan to wear them back for the time being.

His little brother was still in pain, so he just held up his robe and let his PP hang out.

He seriously contemplated whether or not to find a physician to take a look.


Tan Lingyin waited outside for a while, but couldn't hear the county magistrate's movement, so she asked, "Sir, are you okay"


"Not okay."


"Where are you not okay"If you can read this, it means this chapter was stolen from p uretl .



"..." She must have asked intentionally, what a rascal.

Tang Tianyuan ignored her, raised his hand and fanned his little brother to speed up the cooling.


Tan Lingyin didn’t hear his answer, so she changed the topic, "Sir, are you hungry"


Tang Tianyuan said impatiently, "I'm full of anger."


"How about I ask someone to bring our meals over"


"No need."


Tan Lingyin paused and asked again, "Can I go eat then"


Eat, eat, eat! All you ever want to do is to eat! Tang Tianyuan was very unhappy, he was hanging his PP out like a pervert, but the culprit only thought about eating.


So Tang Tianyuan deliberately held Tan Lingyin as hostage.

After cooling for a while, he finally got hungry himself, so Tang Tianyuan put on his still damp clothes and walked out of the Retreat Hall.


Tan Lingyin pondered for a while in hunger, and finally had an epiphany.

The magistrate didn’t just get his clothes soaked, he should have been burned.

She lowered her head and dared not look at him, "Are you alright"


"Do you think I'm alright!"


Tan Lingyin lowered her head and her eyes naturally stopped downward - she saw a large water mark left on the hem of the county magistrate's clothes, so she shook her head and said in a sincere tone, "It doesn't look like it."


Tang Tianyuan followed her gaze and looked down, the watermark was below the waist; this position, this shape, no matter how he looked, it looked like...

he peed himself...


Tang Tianyuan's face darkened, he ignored Tan Lingyin and went back to his courtyard to change his clothes.


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