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Chapter 33: Proximity to Ink Makes One Black 


"But how did you know that he was carrying Qi Hui and that Qi Hui's head was facing his back"


"First of all, Sun Bufan's murder should have been a temporary intention, making it very unlikely for him to have brought a sack to put the corpse in.

Second, the purpose of his throwing the corpse down the mountain cliff was to prevent people from discovering her.

If not, he could have just thrown her body into the lake.

This showed that he felt very guilty and scared at the time, and wanted to dispose of the corpse as soon as possible.

Hoisting the body over his shoulder and carrying the corpse up the mountain was the most convenient and effective way.

The above are just my guesses.

I confirm everyday when I observed his words and actions during today’s court trial.

In addition, when a person is particularly nervous, his attention will only be focused on certain matters, and he will have no time to care about other things.

Therefore, Sun Bufan will not know whether the body really moved or touched his belt after the incident."If you can read this, it means this chapter was stolen from p uretl .



"Very well intertwined; link them to be watertight! An expert! You are a true master!" Tan Lingyin gave a thumbs up.

For the first time, she admired the county magistrate.


"You know," Tang Tianyuan smiled, "the reason why I didn't tell you this plan in advance was just to see how you would worship me." Miao Miao Sheng had always angered him to death, but seeing her like this now, Tang Tianyuan felt comfortable physically and mentally.

He’s finally recovered some lost ground.


Tan Lingyin praised sincerely, "Sir, although you are a lecher, you are quite smart."


Tang Tianyuan folded his fan and lightly tapped the stone table with the handle, "Stop.

Tan Lingyin, you are the lecher."


"You are a lecher!"


"You are a lecher."


"You are! You are! You are!"


Tang Tianyuan stood up and said, "Okay, since you always say that this official is a lecher, I will show you one!" As he spoke, he looked as if he was about to untie his belt.


"Ahhh!" Tan Lingyin got up and ran away.

Once bitten twice shy, this time she didn't cover her eyes.


Tang Tianyuan stayed on the spot and sneered.

Sure enough, to deal with a  rogue, he needed to act like one too.


Regret soon followed after a short period of gloat.

Tang Tianyuan held his forehead and reflected.

He was such a modest gentleman, how could he become such a rogue It must be because those who get too close to ink become black, and that Tan Lingyin was especially black.


Tan Lingyin didn’t go back to her own residence when she ran out of the county magistrate's courtyard, but went to find Tan Qingchen at Gutang Bookstore.

Facing Tan Qingchen, she spread out her hand with a smile, "Qingchen, look at what this is."If you can read this, it means this chapter was stolen from p uretl .



Tan Qingchen's eyes lit up when he saw a few lychees in her hand.

Lychees were delicate and difficult to preserve.

They quickly become stale during transport.

Therefore, it is necessary to expedite the shipment, which inturn will also increase the cost of transportation.

This was not something that ordinary people could afford.


"It’s from the county magistrate's place, I took a few of them when I came out.

Have some." Tan Lingyin put all the lychees in his hands.


Tan Qingchen shook his head.


"Don't worry, I've already eaten some.

It’s bad for the body if I eat more."


Hearing this, Tan Qingchen smiled and received the lychees with his hand, raised his other hand and patted Tan Lingyin's head lightly.

Tan Lingyin tilted her head to avoid him, "How cheeky!"


The two were talking when suddenly, someone in the backyard shouted, "Fire!"


The siblings were taken aback, and saw Xiao Zhuang rushing in from the backyard, "Boss, the woodshed caught on fire!"


As if to confirm his words, Tan Lingyin seemed to smell smoke.

She wanted to go to the backyard to have a look, but was stopped by Tan Qingchen.


Tan Qingchen went to the backyard by himself and led some guys to put out the fire.translat ed by pure tl.

com / do not re post


The back of the bookstore was actually a two layer courtyard; the front was the store, while the back was the living area.

Tan Lingyin was not at ease, so she followed, and saw the woodshed bursting in flames.

There was billowing thick smoke, and Qingchen was bringing a few guys with big wooden buckets filled with water.

The men in the neighbors saw the fire and rushed over to help.

Tan Lingyin's eyes were not good and her strength was weak, so she was not suitable for this kind of thing.

Afraid that she would cause trouble, she stood under the wall and watched for a while.

Just as she was about to go out to prepare some herbal tea, melons seeds, and fruits for everyone, she suddenly heard a whine in the midst of everyone’s shouting.

She thought she had misheard, so Tan Lingyin pricked up her ears and listened again.

Sure enough, there was a low-pitched whimper of a small animal.

She looked around confused; no one had pets here.

Where was the whimpering from


While contemplating, Tan Lingyin saw Qingchen suddenly rush into the woodshed.

She broke out in a cold sweat, "Qingchen!" She was about to rush up to stop him.


The men were caught off guard and weren’t able to stop Qingchen, but they couldn’t allow Tan Lingyin to also follow.

Two of them held Tan Lingyin back.

Xiao Zhuang comforted her and said, "The fire has been suppressed.

The boss will be fine."


"Tan Qingchen, get out of there!" Tan Lingyin roared.


Tan Qingchen really got out.

His face was gray, full of ashes, holding an equally ashy gray object in his arms.

Seeing his sister angry, he smiled apologetically and held the thing in his arms to her.


Seeing Tan Qingchen was safe, Tan Lingyin focused on the thing he was holding.

It was a puppy that was injured.

A patch of fur on its body had been burned, but it was still alive, showing its persistence.

The  puppy must have been frightened, and was still shivering.translat ed by pure tl.

com / do not re post


Tan Lingyin was even more angry, "Just for a dog!"


One person and one dog shrank their necks at the same time.


The fire had not been completely extinguished, and now was not the time to get angry.

Tan Lingyin grabbed the puppy and glared at Tan Qingchen, "Hurry up to work, I'll take care of you later." After saying that, she held the puppy by the back of the neck and walked away.


The puppy didn't struggle, it hung its limbs obediently.

As its small body swayed, it wagged its tail a few times.


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