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Chapter 34: Tang Tang


Tan Lingyin thought that the little puppy broke into the firewood by mistake, but after Tan Qingchen put out the fire, he explained the origin of the puppy to her.

He told her the pupper was from a friend who went to Songjiang Prefecture to sell seafood a few days ago.

He had found it by the dock; it was a foreign breed dog and was maybe left by a foreign merchant.

His friend saw that the puppy was very cute and decided to keep it temporarily.

After keeping the puppy, his friend soon found out that the puppy had no teeth and could only eat porridge.

He has been feeding for some time, and the puppy gradually became thin and lethargic.

The man lost his initial interest and quickly got bored of the puppy.

When he came back, he saw Tan Qingchen and gave him the dog.


Tan Qingchen felt that this puppy was very good, and he wanted to fatten it up and give it to his sister to play with.

However, he didn't expect it to suffer on its first day here, and almost died in the fire.


Tan Lingyin tutted and shook her head, what an unlucky dog.

She opened its mouth and looked.

It really had no teeth, but it wasn't because some bad guy deliberately pulled its teeth.

It was obvious that he was a mutant and was born without teeth.

It's not easy for such a dog to survive until now.

When Tan Lingyin was carrying it, she felt that it only weighed about two kilograms.

Tan Lingyin felt some sympathy for this pitiful puppy and lightly stroked its head.

The puppy probably knew that she was the boss's boss, and rubbed its head on her palm meekly.translat ed by pure tl.

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Apart from having its fur being burnt, the puppy had no other injuries.

Tan Lingyin felt that since Qingchen wanted to give this dog to her, she had the responsibility to take care of it.

But the business of the bookstore might be affected if such an ugly thing was kept here.

So she found a piece of cloth, wrapped the puppy, and carried it back to the county office.


When passing by the Retreat Hall, Tan Lingyin looked inside and saw the county magistrate was there, working.

She walked in with the puppy in her arms, wanting to scare him.


Tang Tianyuan saw Tan Lingyin holding something in her arms.

He didn't know what was wrapped in the flowery cloth, but it was moving.

It must be a living being.

He shook his head, "Whose child are you holding"


"My son.

Sir, don't you think he's cute" Tan Lingyin said, walking closer.


Tang Tianyuan was accustomed to Tan Lingyin's thick skin, and only thought she was carrying someone else's child for nonsense.

Unexpectedly, a small black head stuck out from the flower cloth and stared at him with bright eyes.


"What is that!" Tang Tianyuan was startled, and moved his chair back unconsciously, "Take it away quickly!"


Tan Lingyin poked the puppy on the forehead, "This is my son, Tang Tang."


Tang Tianyuan was embarrassed, "Why does your son have my surname"


"Uh..." Tan Lingyin touched her nose, she really didn't mean that way.If you can read this, it means this chapter was stolen from p uretl .



Just as Tan Lingyin was about to explain, Tang Tianyuan waved his hand to stop her.

His face had a clear expression of: ‘You don't need to say anything, I know you, woman hoodlum, just want to take advantage of me.’ Tan Lingyin just wanted to slap him awake.


Tang Tianyuan was benevolent and didn’t quarrel with her as he said, "You can take my surname if you want, but this official wants to give him a new name."




"Tang Miao Miao," Tang Tianyuan said.

He then raised his hand and touched the puppy's nose with his fingertips, "Miao Miao, are you a cat or a dog"


Tan Lingyin had a dark face and said angrily, "It's not called Miao Miao, it's called Tang Tang."


"Miao Miao."


"Tang Tang."translat ed by pure tl.

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The two did not give in to each other.

They both called the puppy while trying to get its attention.

The puppy just closed its eyes and ignored the two lunatics.


Tang Tianyuan didn't know what was going on.

As soon as he sees Tan Lingyin, his intelligence quickly drops and he starts dooing stupid things.

They were even bickering over a dog’s name… He never did such a thing even when he was eight years old.

The older he got, the more he regressed.


"How did your puppy grow a mouse tail" Tang Tianyuan wanted to save his intelligence, so he stopped arguing, tugged at the puppy's tail, and changed the subject.


The little tail was thin and long, and it really didn't look like a dog's tail.


"Its hair was burnt off." Tan Lingyin explained.


As she spoke, she looked at a small bag spread out on the case.

In the bag were gold jewelry and gold bars, it was the very bag she had picked up from the lake.

Because it was evidence, it had been kept by the magistrate and has not been returned.

But now the case was about to be closed, this amount of money must be returned to the original owner.

Tan Lingyin was a little reluctant, picked up a gold brick, and sighed, "Sir, can you help me talk to Official Qi Since I helped him find the bag, he should give me a little reward, right"translat ed by pure tl.

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"Can not."


"..." Tan Lingyin pouted.

She threw a gold bar in the air and caught it.

She felt something was off, so she tried it again before putting the gold in front of her to observe carefully.


"Do you want to eat it" Tang Tianyuan asked quietly.


Tan Lingyin frowned slightly, and said in surprise, "Strange, isn't the Qi Family rich Why is the quality of this gold so bad"


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