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Xianggua was already full of anger after being slapped in the face by the shoe just now.

And after she heard the interrogating tone of her Young Master, she felt infinitely wronged.

She was loyal and meticulous in serving the Young Master.

However, her Young Master didn’t show any concern after she was attacked by this strange woman, and instead asks why she came here!


She lowered her face and replied, "Of course I came to inform the Young Master to eat.

The maid did not know that the Young Master and Head Commissioner Tan were chatting and laughing here.

This maid has disturbed the interests of the Young Master and Head Commissioner Tan.

Please forgive me, Young Master.

It is my fault, Head Commissioner Tan.


Tan Lingyin looked at the obvious shoe print on Xianggua's face, and shook her hand guiltily, "I won’t blame you! It’s not your fault.


Does your face hurt I still have medicine.

I just used it, and haven't put it away yet." She was about to turn around to grab it.


Xianggua stopped her, "We are just cheap slaves and do not have the previliage of Head Commissioner’s care." She said, bending over to pick up the shoe on the ground, "To be honest, I've also seen some young ladies, like Head Commissioner Tan, who are very special.

Yes, but it's the first time—" At this point, her voice suddenly stopped.


Tan Lingyin was embarrassed when she saw Xianggua staring at her shoe in a daze.

She reached out to receive her shoe, "Ex..Excuse me..."


Xianggua avoided her, looked at the two gold ingots on the shoe front, and said with a smile, "This is a very interesting work.

I wonder which clothing store Head Commissioner Tan bought it from"


Tan Lingyin scratched the back of her head, "I embroidered it myself."

Tang Tianyuan sneered, "The thought of money drove her insane."If you can read this, it means this chapter was stolen from p uretl .



Tan Lingyin twisted her face and glared angrily as she explained, "Flowers and birds are too troublesome.

This doesn't require any special stitching method, nor do I need to change threads.

Do you understand!"


"Dumb." Tang Tianyuan gave a precise evaluation.


The two of them were arguing with each other and failed to notice the difference in Xianggua's eyes.

She clutched the embroidered shoe tightly, and her face became distorted.


Xianggua finally returned the shoe to Tan Lingyin, who was embarrassed to put on the shoe in front of them, so she just carried it.


Tang Tianyuan saw her hooked the heel with her finger, and the shoe swayed; it was small and compact.

From the size of the shoes, it can be seen that Tan Lingyin's feet must be small and exquisite.

Her hands were good-looking, so her feet must be fine too...

Tang Tianyuan didn't dare to think about it any more, he pretended to calmly hit his palm with a folding fan.


Tan Lingyin sent off the county magistrate and Xianggua.

She closed the door, put on her shoe, and walked back to watch Tang Tang.

She grabbed the puppy to examine closely.

Tang Tang had finished drinking and his belly was stretched round.

At this moment, he was lying on his back and spreading his limbs, allowing Tan Lingyin to look.


"It's obviously a dog." Tan Lingyin poked its round belly and muttered.

translat ed by pure tl.

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After playing with Tang Tang for a while, Tan Lingyin entered her room,  and found a folding fan from the bookshelf.

She opened it and looked at the large words written on the fan.

She nodded with satisfaction.

She took the folding fan and went out to the Gutang Bookstore, looking for Tan Qingchen.


Tan Lingyin gave the folding fan to Tan Qingchen, "Here, has the last one been sold"


Tan Qingchen nodded.


"So soon" Tan Lingyin was a little surprised, "How much did you sell for"


Three hundred taels.


Tan Qingchen was not as shameless as his sister, and was embarrassed to call an imitation as a genuine good.

He just put the fan in the most conspicuous place in the bookstore, and put a sign under it: Friend’s work: 300 taels.


As for whether it was a genuine product or not, it depended on the buyer's eyes.


His calm and deep attitude probably satisfied the appetite of some buyers, and this folding fan was quickly bought at the genuine price.


Tan Qingchen felt guilty, but seeing his sister so happy, he put the guilt behind him and accompanied her to be happy together.

The siblings took the bookstore's staff to the restaurant for a meal, but Tan Lingyin was the one who couldn’t control herself.

She became so drunk that she staggered, jumped, and sang when she walked out of the restaurant.

Tan Qingchen followed her, helping her from time to time.


There was no moon tonight.

Tan Qingchen held his sister's shoulder with one hand, looked up at the deep and distant sky, and remembered the origin of his name.

His sister said that he had "bright features with starry eyes", so she named him Tan Qingchen.


He smiled and looked at Tan Lingyin: She was rocking her head with a pair of drunken eyes.


Tan Qingchen squatted down and carried Tan Lingyin on his back.


Tan Lingyin put her arms around Tan Qingchen's neck and rested her chin on his shoulder.

Qingchen looked thin, but his shoulders were broad.

Tan Lingyin tapped Tan Qingchen's shoulder with her chin, and suddenly asked, "Qingchen, do you miss home"translat ed by pure tl.

com / do not re post


Tan Qingchen stopped, thought for a moment, and shook his head.


He wanted to tell her personally: “You are my home.”


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